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appollodxhekko all01:25
appollodxi need help please guys,01:25
appollodxi couldnt find an installation help anywhere01:25
appollodxnot in the documents, not anywhere,01:26
appollodxplease can someone help here here??01:26
appollodxafter i installed tryron, it doesnt want to connect to the demo server, always shows me ( couldnt connect to server)01:30
appollodxeven the neso version,01:31
cedkappollodx: neso version don't connect01:31
appollodxi even installed local database to my win7, and still couldnt connect to server01:31
appollodxi mean locally01:31
appollodx( for neso)01:31
appollodxi want to concentrate on tryton01:32
appollodxit always writes ( couldnt connect to server) and the connect button is always faded01:32
cedkappollodx: did you put a server address?01:33
appollodxand localy the same01:34
cedkappollodx: which port?01:34
appollodxlocaly 5432, my server port01:34
cedkappollodx: demo server is 807001:34
appollodxbut for demo 807001:35
appollodxi know01:35
cedkappollodx: the server is working so you must have a network issue01:36
appollodxi want to ask you another q. please01:36
cedkappollodx: perhaps firewall01:36
appollodxi want to understand something,01:36
appollodxtryton works on 2 sides, client and server01:37
appollodxclient is the client i downloaded from the website, tryton 1.4.1, right? (windows version)01:38
appollodxnow where can i find the server side?? or is it only the posgresql database is the server?01:38
cedkappollodx: you can download the source code of the server
cedkappollodx: there is no windows exe01:39
cedkappollodx: you must setup a python environment01:40
appollodxu mean i must install the server first, rights? what can i do to setup the server on shared hosting?01:40
cedkappollodx: I don't understand01:40
cedkappollodx: I suggest you to first try with the demo server01:41
appollodxannd if i want to install server for my work on a shared hosting service i am currently registered to?01:42
appollodxit has python and postgresql,01:42
cedkappollodx: you need to requires define in INSTALL file01:43
appollodxi dont understand,01:43
appollodxone more q.01:47
appollodxi have installed the windows version ok, now to make the server side, i must download trytond and install it, right?01:48
cedkappollodx: yes01:48
cedkappollodx: but you must install python first01:48
appollodxon the place i will make server, right?01:49
appollodxdo you know places where i can host the server so i can access it remotly,01:49
appollodxso my company users can use it with diffrent privlage and diffrent places?01:50
cedkappollodx: we use for demo server ovh01:50
appollodxis it a vps or normal shared hosting?01:51
appollodxi mean to install trytond, do i need shared hosting (normal hosting package) or vps?01:53
cedkappollodx: we use
cedkappollodx: it depends of what you have access01:54
cedkappollodx: you must be able to install python package01:54
cedkappollodx: have a postgresql database01:54
cedkappollodx: allow to open a listen socket01:54
cedkappollodx: allow to write in /tmp and in a data directory01:54
appollodxok, my hosting is can you check it for me if it has the required?01:55
appollodxas it says it hase python, and postgresql installed,01:56
cedkappollodx: I don't think you can open a socket01:57
cedkappollodx: it seems it is only a apache server01:58
appollodxwhat do you mean open a socket? and for what excatly?01:58
cedkappollodx: having a python process that listen on a port01:59
appollodxhmm, i cant follow you, it says it supports python, right? and is already installed on thier server02:01
appollodxand has posgresql installed,02:02
cedkappollodx: I think it is support for python for cgi02:02
appollodxwhat is the diffrence?02:03
appollodxi dont understand02:03
cedkappollodx: but I'm not sure, you must ask her if you can run a "service"02:03
cedkappollodx: cgi is for webserver02:03
cedkappollodx: CGI:
appollodxi see, so it must be a service to install it,02:04
appollodxso i need to get a vps server02:05
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