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paepkecedk, do you have an 1.6 osx client to test?08:58
paepkecedk, good morning btw :-)08:58
cedkpaepke: no08:59
paepkecedk, will you provide a package to test? i'd like to insert my test result in the testing_1.6 wiki page09:00
cedkpaepke: I don't think09:28
paepkecedk, but will you release a package for download, or will it be dropped from 1.6?09:31
cedkpaepke: will release one09:35
paepkecedk, ok. never mind.09:35
cedkpaepke: you can test it without a bundle09:45
paepkecedk, ok i'll clone it from the hg repo09:48
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paepkecedk, i got the osx client working via macports and hg version of tryton.15:23
paepkecedk, it shows no issue.15:23
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woakascedk: there is some documentation for analytic accounts in general?22:11
cedkwoakas: no but it is a general concept22:40
udonocedk: What do you think about release date?22:42
cedkudono: I was sick this we so I take some delay22:43
udonocedk: ok, a votre sante :-)22:44
cedkudono: I really want to finish the doc before release22:45
udonocedk: finish means?22:45
cedkudono: at least having almost the same converage then previous but up todate22:46
udonocedk: ok, understand22:47
udonocedk: so we need to work on:
cedkudono: yes22:51
udonocedk: but it is hard to review, because of the missing autodoc stuff like in
cedkudono: yes it is not yet finished22:57
udonocedk: and main target is to fix the examples to the api?22:57
cedkudono: yes22:58
cedkudono: I will push this night my last update22:59
udonocedk: How can we help you best? Just review?22:59
udonocedk: I can check and fix easily the doc of the client and the report part, because I worked on this in the past.23:00
cedkudono: yes you can23:01
cedkudono: or if you want you can write a page about domain23:01
udonocedk: yes, but I need some time for this, because of other work...23:02
udonocedk: where is the place to put the domain doc inside the doc tree?23:04
cedkudono: in doc/topics/domain.rst23:05
cedkudono: I already create an empty file, you will see when I push to codereview23:05
cedkudono: I just finished the modelstorage.rst file23:06
udonocedk: yes, so I will take a look tomorrow. And when you give me a little bullet list about the topics, I will have an more easy start to write.23:07
udonos/bullet list/headword/23:10
cedkudono: by the way, there is still some bugs on roundup that should be fixed before release23:17
cedkso patch are welcome23:17
udonocedk: I know ...23:17
udonocedk: but not today :-) I need sleep. see you tomorrow23:18
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cedkudono: for domain, the topic must explain what is a domain, how is it composed and what are the operators23:25
cedkudono: etc.23:25
cedkudono: I refers to this topic each time a domain is showed in the doc23:26
udonocedk: is there a pyson explanation?23:37

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