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cedkudono: not yet00:34
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trifonhello eveyrone.11:09
trifonit looks this room is much better then OpenERP channel.11:09
trifonwhat is going on? people moving from OpenERP to Tryton now?11:09
udonotrifon: hi and welcome11:13
trifonudono: hello11:13
udonotrifon: in the moment we are working on the next tryton release. And we are late...11:13
udonotrifon: if you find time to give Tryton a hard test, it would be great.11:14
trifoni just recognized from tweets that OpenERP is changing rule sof the game for partenrs.11:14
trifonwell i'm working on next ADempeire relseaec. i'm java dev.11:14
trifoncan't help with coding but political suport11:14
udonotrifon: ah, yeah. Good!11:14
udonotrifon: having a link for the tweet you talk aboout?11:15
trifonit looks like time for Tryton is coming now.11:15
trifonand this is my last tweet:
trifoni got answer from : Carlos Liebana11:16
trifon@trifonnt you mix pears and apples -> OpenERP logo guidelines are there before VC invested, but I agree it's not fair with @sharoontomas.11:16
udonotrifon: thanks for information.11:19
trifonyou are welcome!11:19
cedktrifon: this is a common issue when there is only one company behind a "open source" project11:20
trifonit is realyl a pitty that companies do not recognise value of developers contributionsw and push only for monetary suport.11:20
trifoncedk: i know it very very well.11:20
trifonthis was the reson we forked compiere.11:20
cedktrifon: they want to keep "control" but don't realize that you don't control open source project11:24
trifoncedk: yes, exactly.11:25
cedktrifon: tryton still misses some feature to be a complete alternative to openerp11:26
trifonimportant is to be able to attract devs who can build this featrues.11:27
trifonand to be able to attract users who can suport devs.11:27
cedktrifon: agree11:31
cedktrifon: most of the time, we only require that a openerp devs read some tryton code to be attracted :-)11:31
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Mayank_OLhow can i put a domain on a field based on the user id15:27
cedkMayank_OL: explain a little more15:32
Mayank_OLi have a field designation in a model,15:33
Mayank_OLi want to see all the fields of this module according to domain on userid15:33
Mayank_OLso that i can see all the records created for a particular user15:34
cedkMayank_OL: you want to limit read access of records of a model?15:35
cedkMayank_OL: so it is a record rule15:36
cedkMayank_OL: like
Mayank_OLi think the example have static read access.15:46
Mayank_OLi want to limit read access "dynamically".15:46
Mayank_OLi tried use this <field name="domain">[('designation','=',user)/>15:49
Mayank_OL 15:49
cedk[('designation', '=',]15:52
Mayank_OLcedk: i am getting this error now15:59
Mayank_OLNameError: name 'user' is not defined15:59
cedkMayank_OL: oops sorry, you must use:16:04
cedk<field name="operand">User</field>16:05
cedkMayank_OL: in fact, I don't understand why you speak about domain16:06
Mayank_OLcedk: i want to use domain so that the user can see only the records that he have created.16:09
Mayank_OLthese can be filtered acc. to domain, i think16:09
Mayank_OLcan you please tell , what this operand is for?16:10
Mayank_OLi am new to Tryton16:10
cedkMayank_OL: look at
cedkMayank_OL: field + operator + operand = a domain16:11
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udonohi all, did someone have a recent windows client for testing?17:21
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