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plantianWhat is the best way to add a sale-wide discount?  Just add a product with negative amount?05:35
cedkplantian: it depends of the kind of discount07:02
plantianpre-tax, for returned packaging07:03
cedkplantian: and what will be the account moves excepected07:03
cedkplantian: I don't know what is that07:05
plantianpackaging, like the boxes/wrapper that prior goods were delivered in, customers get a discount for returning them so we can use them again07:06
plantianyeah i have no idea what hte account moves would be either, i don't know anything about accounting07:07
cedkplantian: ok, it is returnable07:08
cedkplantian: I think it must be a product07:10
plantianwith just a negative price?07:10
plantiancedk: ^(sorry forgot to prefix)07:12
cedkplantian: I suppose but you should check with an accountant07:12
cedkplantian: and I will use a negative quantity instead of price07:14
plantiangood idea, thanks, i'll try it and find more information07:16
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cedkplantian: you should also define what to do with returns about packing07:56
plantianyou mean supposed the sale is returned so that they end up hypothetically taking the "packaging" back ?07:58
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cedkplantian: no, if you put product on sale for returns then they will be put on the packing generated by the sale08:38
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plantiancedk: but not if the product is stockable right ?09:10
cedkplantian: it is the opposite, if the product is service then it will not be on packing09:10
plantiancedk: oh right, that is what I meant09:38
plantianalthough it seems like a total abuse of the idea09:38
plantianusing a service product to provided a discount09:38
plantianha but if it works i guess that's good09:38
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ebandersI'm struggling with getting the Tryton server running.22:47
ebandersI have 1.6 installed on Debian squeeze.  My client will connect just fine to the Tryton demo server, but says 'Could not connect to server!' when trying to connect to my own machine.22:49
paepkeebanders, shows netstat a running server?22:51
paepkeebanders, maybe its bound only to ipv622:51
ebandersall iptable chains are empty.  I can verify that trytond is running by ps | grep.22:52
ebandersi set the interface to the only ip address of the machine22:52
paepkeok, and you gave your tryton-client that ip to connect?22:52
paepkeebanders, is a first failsave config22:52
ebandersI did.  it is a ipv4 address (  I also tried
paepkehow did you installed it?22:54
ebanderssupplying -v to the daemon doesn't appear to give any more output to /var/log/trytond.log.22:54
ebandersstraight from the debian squeeze repository (no modifications)22:54
paepkeebanders, with debian packages or from source22:54
paepkeebanders, ok22:54
ebandersbinary package.22:54
paepkeebanders, does it run as user "tryton"?22:55
ebanderswhenever the tryton client tries connecting a log message of "INFO:database:connect to "template1"" shows up in the log.22:55
paepkeebanders, thats perfectly22:56
ebandersps -Alf | grep tryton verifies that it is running as the user 'tryton'22:56
paepkeebanders, strange error message anyway. can you post you trytond.log to or something similar22:57
paepkeebanders, looks good. and it doesn't say "create new database?23:02
ebandersoh shoot.  for good measure I tried removing all modules and caught a message from dpkg that I missed before.23:02
ebanderspaepke: it does not.23:03
paepkeebanders, ok. now you install that missing package?23:03
ebanderspaepke: give me a few minutes.23:03
paepkeebanders, no problem23:04
ebanderspaepke: I'm trying to work out a problem with postgresql and unicode23:21
paepkeebanders, what have you done?23:22
ebandersthe setup scripts for debian squeeze do not perform any database creation/configuration.  There is a supplied readme in the debian binary package for performing that configuration manually (which is what I'm working on).23:24
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paepkeebanders, yes, thats right. that is not already done.23:25
paepkeyou can use postgres, sqlite or mysql as database (postgres is the more mature one for tryton)23:25
ebandersthe postgresql database creation statement specified --encoding=unicode and the postgresql server is complaining about that statement.23:25
paepkeebanders, one moment. can you paste here the whole statement?23:26
ebanderscreatedb --encoding=UNICODE --owner=tryton tryton23:27
paepkeare you the user postgre?23:27
ebandersby way of su - tryton -c ...23:28
ebanders^^ misread questions23:28
ebanderswas using su - postgres -c23:29
paepketry that:  sudo su postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-adduser -P tryton"23:30
paepkedon't create a database via the command line. you can do that via the client23:31
paepkeebanders, did you already created the user tryton in postgres?23:32
paepkeebanders, and you have to start trytond as user "tryton" - when using user root it won't connect to the postgres user as username tryton.23:33
paepkeebanders, cause of the pg_hba.conf delivered by debian23:33
ebanderstrytond is run by tryton-- correct.23:34
ebandersI think I just need to manage the database creation and then initialize it before running the daemon normally.23:35
paepkeadding a database is done via the tryton client. the user tryton has to have the "--createdb" permisson23:36
paepkepls paste trytond.conf and pg_hba.conf23:37
ebandersOk.  I've got an option to create a database.23:40
ebandersI had fubar'd some locale configurations with postgresql that took several minutes to fix.23:41
paepkeebanders, ok. so its working now?23:42
ebandersnope.  I wasn't clear about which password was requested on the create new database page, so I reset the password of the tryton postgresql user to be sure that I had the correct one (I didn't already know how to change passwords in postgres).23:52
ebandersI realize now that it was asking for the admin_password.23:52
ebandersand I get the same message I received when trying to create the database manually from the command line.23:53
ebanderserror message: createdb: database creation failed: ERROR:  encoding UTF8 does not match locale en_US \ DETAIL:  The chosen LC_CTYPE setting requires encoding LATIN1.23:55
cedkebanders: tryton database must be utf-8 so you must generate utf-8 locales23:56
ebandersI have generated en_US.UTF-8 locales _after_ receiving the message the first time.23:56
ebanderslocale -a shows: C, en_US, en_US.iso88591, en_US.utf8, POSIX23:58
cedkebanders: and locale23:58

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