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cedkebanders: you miss encoding part00:00
cedkebanders: I don't know Debian enough to tell you where to add it00:00
paepkecedk, you mean that?:
paepkeits about reinit the db00:04
cedkpaepke: I don't think00:06
cedkpaepke: the error message clearly says that UTF-8 is not allowed because of locale "en_US"00:06
cedkso locale must be set to "en_US.UTF-8"00:07
paepkeah. thats "dpkg-reconfigure locales". mentioned in the link, too.00:07
ebandersI've been working within gnome, so environment variables seem to be static within at least this X session.00:10
cedkebanders: I guess it is the locale of the user running postgresql that needs to be changed00:11
ebanderswhere is that stored?00:12
paepkeebanders, use "dpkg-reconfigure locales". is there a special need not using utf8 systemwide?00:13
ebandersno reason.  currenlty the default is set to en_US.UTF-800:14
ebandersand I receive the same error from a tty which reports that default when running 'locale'00:15
ebandersIs there a locale specified somewhere for the postgres user?00:16
paepkeebanders, it could be that those template1 db is not on utf8. thats why i posted that link. but i'm not sure00:17
cedkebanders: are you sure it is en_US.UTF-8 because you said locale returnd only en_US00:18
ebanders seems to indicate that.00:18
paepkeebanders, cedk: i assume the template1 database was created on your system before generating that utf8 locale.00:20
cedkpaepke: yes perhaps00:20
cedkwhat is the -l options in createdb ?00:20
ebanderscedk: locale00:21
cedkebanders: it is not part of option of my createdb00:21
ebandersit seems to be in mine (man createdb)00:22
ebanders"Specifies the locale to be used in this database. This is equivalent to specifying both --lc-collate and --lc-ctype."00:22
cedkebanders: which version?00:23
cedkI create my databases with: createdb db_name -E utf-800:23
cedkebanders: so it is new options00:24
ebandersdone.  working.00:29
cedkebanders: what have you done?00:29
paepkeebanders, how? i don't wanna die dumb.00:30
ebandersThe create database function in the client doesn't seem to work, but the -i option of trytond worked and I can get the client to connect.00:30
ebandersspecifying the locale via createdb -l en_US.UTF-8 did the trick to create the database.00:31
ebanders(using --template template0 per the web page that you linked to, paepke)00:31
ebandersI still don't understand the nature of template000:33
paepkere-init that database did not work?00:34
paepkepurging postgres and reinstalling would do the trick, too ;-)00:35
ebanderspaepke: you mean re-initing template1?00:36
yangoon_rmebanders: hi00:36
paepkeebanders: /usr/lib/postgresql/8.3/bin/initdb -D <postgres data directory>00:36
paepkeyes, template100:37
ebandersyangoon: Hi :-)00:37
yangoon_rmebanders: could you login with psql and do 'SHOW server_encoding;'00:37
ebandersyangoon: LATIN100:38
yangoon_rmebanders: thats it, your cluster was initialized with LATIN00:38
yangoon_rmebanders: thats why you have to declare diffenrent encoding for the database if you want it to be different from initdb00:39
yangoon_rmebanders: if you want avoid that you should reinit your cluster00:39
ebandersit looks like I can specify an encoding with initdb00:39
yangoon_rmebanders: yes00:40
yangoon_rmebanders: is this a default debian install?00:40
ebandersyangoon: yes/upgraded from lenny00:41
ebandersthe data directory must be empty, so should I wipe out the existing data directory and re-create the tryton database after calling initdb?00:46
ebanders(of course retaining the permissions of the original for the new empty directory)00:47
paepkesorry, have to go. good night00:47
ebanderspaepke:  thank you very very much.00:47
ebanderscedk, yangoon: I do appreciate your help.00:48
yangoon_rmebanders: yes, now that you have installed utf8 locale, recreation of the cluster via initdb should take it automatically00:49
yangoon_rmbut to be sure you can also give it as apram00:50
yangoon_rmafterwards of course you have to recreate all databases of this cluster00:50
yangoon_rmebanders: so take care to make a backup of your databases, if necessary00:51
ebandersthis has been my introduction to postgres.  a cluster is just a storage unit for postgres?00:54
ebandersyangoon_rm: thanks for the help.  I'm going to lurk for a while.00:56
yangoon_rmebanders: a cluster is the container for the dbs of one server00:56
yangoon_rmebanders:  man pg_createcluster00:58
yangoon_rmebanders: and have alook to the link paepke posted01:03
yangoon_rmit is exactly about your problem01:04
yangoon_rmseems that you can even re-init01:04
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oliver__Hi there.07:45
oliver__Can anybody help me? I just downloaded Tryton 1.6 and installed is. works fine so far. after unpacking all the modules in the modules dir, i tried to install them using the client. This does not work.....07:46
oliver__i.e. when i install the module currency, I get that the field model on modell access is missing :(07:48
cedkoliver__: how did you create the database ?07:53
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oliver__with the tryton "create database" on a new postgres database07:58
cedkoliver__: from the client ?07:59
oliver__i started the trytond then tryton .... i closed the login window and went to file->DATABASE->create db08:00
cedkoliver__: could you put a link of copy/paste of the server log08:02
oliver__ok... moment08:02
oliver__does that help?08:11
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cedkoliver__: you have leave the module version in the directory modules08:12
cedkoliver__: per example, the module currency directory must be named "currency" and not "currency-1.6.0"08:13
oliver__ok. good hint. i will try to correct it....08:14
oliver__btw great software!!!08:14
oliver__cool! works! Thank you very much.08:33
oliver__Do you know, where i can find the module mrp2 ?08:34
cedkoliver__: there is no mrp2 module that I know08:36
oliver__hmmm. I saw an information on wiki -
oliver__perhaps it is still under work ...08:40
cedkoliver__: yes nothing is working08:41
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