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oliver__Hi there. Has anybody accessed the trytond using php and rpc ???17:59
oliver__I just tired the xmlrpc  libary and it did not work :(17:59
oliver__I get the error : No data received from server.18:02
oliver__I think, the connection parameters are wron. I use : $sock = new xmlrpc_client("/", "localhost","8070");18:03
oliver__the port must be correct. I changed it and get the error : no connection.18:07
oliver__OK. I found out to start xml rpc  ... but still not working ...18:13
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oliver__Didn't receive 200 OK from remote server. (HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized)  ... Any body knows what is wron ???18:30
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oliver__Cool. Login is working :) Now to some SQL requests ...18:51
oliver__Has anybody seen an php howto to access tryton?19:00
cedkoliver__: there is some example in Python
cedkoliver__: you can put a link to a copy of your code, we could perhaps help you19:01
cedkoliver__: it makes a while since I have wroten PHP code :-)19:05
oliver__Since the code is not so long, I will paste it here, ok? ( 14 Lines )19:06
oliver__ include('');19:06
oliver__  $dbname = "neu";19:06
oliver__  $user = "admin";19:06
oliver__  $password = "neu";19:06
oliver__   $url = "localhost";19:06
oliver__   $port = "8069";19:06
oliver__$sock = new xmlrpc_client("/".$dbname, $url, $port);19:06
oliver__$sock->setCredentials ($user, $password);19:06
cedkoliver__: use
oliver__   $msg = new xmlrpcmsg('execute');19:06
oliver__   $msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($dbname, "string"));19:06
oliver__   $msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($user, "string"));19:06
oliver__   $msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($password, "string"));19:06
oliver__   $resp =  $sock->send($msg);19:06
oliver__$val = $resp->value();19:06
cedkoliver__: which version of Tryton?19:07
oliver__After I found out, that the URL was the Database Name, I managed to procede a bit :)19:08
cedkoliver__: what are you trying to do19:09
cedkoliver__: which method do you want to call?19:11
oliver__Actually right now, I try to understand how I can access Information in Tryton unsing PHP. ( I know i am just in the beginning)19:11
cedkoliver__: to search for parties like in example:19:11
oliver__I try to understand how I can translate the Python example of the page you send me to PHP.19:12
cedkoliver__: this should work19:18
oliver__Looks better. I will test it. Pls. wait a minute....19:21
oliver__Cool. It works.  How did you figure out the parameters? That was my problem.19:24
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chainsaw3can anyone help me configure tryton 1.6 with mysql instead of postgres?19:42
cedkoliver__: without cursor, user19:42
cedkchainsaw3: what is the issue?19:43
chainsaw3tryton 1.6 works fine with postgres19:43
chainsaw3unfortunately when i try mysql, the clients could not connect19:43
chainsaw3i noticed on the configuration file that tryton needs to now the location of the postgres executable but there's nothing for mysql19:44
cedkchainsaw3: this is only for backup19:45
cedkchainsaw3: you must configure a mysql user to connect to the database19:45
cedkchainsaw3: and update trytond.conf according to it19:46
chainsaw3ah yes. it's already configured. i have the right port, username, password19:46
chainsaw3i see.19:46
cedkchainsaw3: if you create database from the gtk client, the mysql user must also have database creation right19:47
chainsaw3what do you mean by "only for backup"?  when i first installed tryton, the clients could not connect.  i set the path for the postgres executable and the clients were able to connect. isn't that a necessity?19:48
chainsaw3ah i see. i will check it out again19:48
chainsaw3i even tried root, though i know it's bad practice to do so.19:49
cedkchainsaw3: no trytond doesn't require postgres executable19:49
chainsaw3i'll double check my settings19:49
chainsaw3really? that's odd.  the server is installed on ubuntu.19:50
chainsaw3i kept getting could not connect messages til i've set that line.19:50
chainsaw3maybe i'm doing something wrong. i'll double check my settings19:51
cedkchainsaw3: I don't know but it is realy strange19:58
oliver__cedk .... Tank you for the help :) nice!19:59
cedkoliver__: ur welcome19:59
chainsaw3im still trying to get mysql work on tryton. btw, where can i get the crm modules for tryton 1.6?20:12
cedkchainsaw3: which crm module?20:13
chainsaw3all crm related modules20:13
cedkchainsaw3: all modules are on the website20:14
chainsaw3brb 1 min20:18
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chainsaw3i dont see any crm modules listed under ver 1.6.  are there other places where i can these modules?20:48
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cedkchainsaw3: sale_opportuny is not yet released20:59
chainsaw3oh i see. is there an eta for those modules?20:59
chainsaw3sale_opportunity... is this the same as the crm modules above?21:00
cedkchainsaw3: yes crm was wrong name for the page21:01
cedkchainsaw3: I will change it21:01
chainsaw3I see. Does that mean tryton doesn't have any Customer Relationship Management capabilities?21:02
cedkchainsaw3: eta in 1 or 2 weeks21:05
cedkchainsaw3: it depends of what you named CRM21:05
chainsaw3my assumption is that CRM module would be used for managing a company's interactions with clients and sales prospects21:08
cedkchainsaw3: that says all and nothing at the same time21:09
chainsaw3are you familiar with open erp's crm modules?21:10
cedkchainsaw3: you mean OpenERP ?21:10
chainsaw3ah yes21:10
cedkchainsaw3: yes I know it and it sucks21:11
cedkchainsaw3: i can say it because I worked on his devs21:11
chainsaw3would sale_opportunity be the all-encompassing replacement for OpenERP's crm modules?21:13
chainsaw3i would like a functionality to track my interactions with customers and prospects21:13
cedkchainsaw3: no21:14
cedkchainsaw3: only management of sale opportunities21:15
chainsaw3I see.  In order for us to make a sale, we have to talk to a lot of people (phone, emails).  It would be nice to be able to track these.21:20
cedkchainsaw3: you can extend it21:21
chainsaw3Anyway, thank you for clarifying that.21:21
chainsaw3extend it?21:21
cedkchainsaw3: take sale_opportunity and adds what is missing for you21:22
cedkchainsaw3: and can even ask to have your custom module be part of Tryton if it is generic21:23
chainsaw3would sale_opportunity cover current customers as well as prospects?21:26
cedkchainsaw3: in Tryton we take the choice to put every customers, prospects, suppliers etc. into party21:27
cedkchainsaw3: so sale opportunity could be used for customer and prospects21:28
cedkchainsaw3: as soon as you had a name for the prospect21:28
chainsaw3Interesting.  The nomenclature for some of the fields in Tryton is quite different from the ones here in the USA.21:32
cedkchainsaw3: which one?21:32
cedkchainsaw3: if you have suggestion, don't hesitate to send it to mailing list21:33
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chainsaw3I'll have to collaborate with my fellow employees to come up with a comprehensive list.  If I may, calling the module CRM would attract more potential users for Tryton.   At least for some companies,  CRM is essential in ERP systems.21:37
cedkchainsaw3: for me, CRM is a name which means nothing because you can put anything in it21:38
cedkchainsaw3: it is like ERP21:38
cedkchainsaw3: most people use it only for marketing21:38
chainsaw3I understand.  I was just expressing an opinion.21:39
chainsaw3  <--- It's what we're currently using.  We're looking forward to testing sale_opportunity.21:40
chainsaw3Btw, crm and sale opportunity is part of the nomeclature differences.  Anyway, I know it's just a name.  Thank you for your time.21:51
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