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wedo__what deos this means plz "maximum recursion depth exceeded in cmp"13:29
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Timitoswedo__: there is an issue open:
Timitoswedo__: maybe you can test the proposed patch13:32
wedo__thank you Timitos, that happens when I try to open the accounts list13:34
cedkwedo__: thx to report if the patch works13:48
cedkwedo__: I think you have still some data inconsistency13:49
cedkwedo__: could you resend me your database?13:52
cedkwedo__: zipped this time :-)13:52
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wedo__cedk: hello, I sent the database .. compressed :)14:29
cedkwedo__: received14:31
cedkwedo__: could resend me the password14:56
cedkwedo__: and which version are you using ?14:56
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cedkwedo: I send you how to fix15:42
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cedkthe issue is that you have a recursive tree on account type15:42
cedkI will add a constraint to prevent this issue15:44
wedothank you cedk its working now15:48
wedois there anyway to display the balance sheet in columns15:49
cedkwedo: in report menu15:50
wedoyes but it display it as a tree15:50
cedkwedo: open all the tree :-)15:51
wedois it possible to edit the posted data or to cancel the posting status15:53
cedkwedo: once a move is posted, you can no more modify it by the GUI15:55
wedoso I have to use the SQL15:59
cedkwedo: yes15:59
cedkwedo: but normally when you post a move, you must no more edit it15:59
wedothank you cedk15:59
cedkwedo: it is not allow by many countries16:00
wedocedk: yes its not allowed mostly16:03
wedoI want to create an analytic account but is asks for root and parent and there is no one16:04
cedkwedo: you must create an analityc plan16:05
cedkwedo: with a root account16:05
wedois the analytic accounts included in the accounts tree? I mean if i can do moves on an analytic account directly16:08
cedkwedo: analytic account lines must always be linked to an account move line16:09
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wedocedk: actually the accounts tree scheme is confusing me16:10
wedodo I have to use the minimal account chart to create accounts or i can begin with a new tree?16:13
cedkwedo: you do like you want16:18
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wedocedk: is account type required only to direct the accounts into the balance sheet?16:20
cedkwedo: yes16:21
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wedoso that means the balance sheet amounts is depends on which account has what type16:23
cedkwedo: yes16:23
wedoin other words if I did not specify the Assets account type as Assets it will not be included in the balance sheet - the title will be there but the amount will be 0 - true?16:24
cedkwedo: yes16:25
wedonice to know that16:25
wedowhat the deferral option refers to cedk?16:26
wedoand what does the difference between the account kind and type?16:27
cedkwedo: it is for closing fiscalyear16:27
cedkwedo: account kind is just for easy encoding16:28
cedkwedo: it eases the selection of account by filtering on kind value16:28
wedocedk: but it does not affect anything?16:29
cedkwedo: it is used per example on account receivable on party16:29
cedkwedo: or on account expense on product16:31
wedoI did not use Party module yet16:31
wedois it to define the Customers and Suppliers and link them to a perspective account in the account chart?16:33
cedkwedo: yes16:34
cedkwedo: but it is not mandatory to define one account per party16:34
cedkwedo: you can use the same for all16:34
wedooh yes16:35
wedoso back to the account type, if i define the account type for the parent account isit mandatory to define it for the child too?16:37
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wedocan i define a child account type as a different type of its parent?17:03
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cedkwedo: yes but not sure if it makes sense17:46
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