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wedo_I'm trying to change an account type but i got this message "need more than 1 value to unpack"11:43
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bechamelwedo_: you should add an issue on the bugtracker that details the steps to reproduce the bug (and the version of tryton you are using)12:55
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pigsterhello everyone, i am just now playing with demo, trying to decide if it is better to go with tryton or openerp for new installation, up to now, i found tryton more suitable, but i am missing something, in openerp, i can set Analytical account for sale/invoice/shipment and use it to group all documents that goes to one "Bussiness case" - in tryton there is analytical accounts too, but i see no way to use them? probably just overlooked something, can somebody14:55
cedkpigster: you must have analytic_sale and analytic_purchase installed15:01
pigsterwhich is probably missing on the demoserver hmmm, ok thanks15:01
cedkpigster: you can install it :-)15:02
pigsterhmm, nope, they are installed, so it is something else missing15:05
cedkpigster: it is because there is no root analytic account15:09
pigsteryes, found it, that is it, thank you15:10
cedkpigster: Tryton is multi analytic chart15:10
cedkpigster: and some chart can be mandatory and others not etc.15:10
cedkpigster: and the fields are generated on the fly depending of root accounts15:11
pigsterunderstand, and also analytics goes to lines, not to whole sale (quotation ets...) as in openerp, but that's ok15:11
cedkpigster: it is more flexible15:12
cedkpigster: but it can be customized easily this way then the other15:13
pigsterthat's no problem for me, btw there is a bug probably, when i try to add new account from sales line form, i receive Application Error15:16
cedkpigster: did the product is salable ?15:20
pigsteri tried with sellable product and without any product selected, same thing seems like some protocol mismatch: error is TypeError: expected string or buffer15:22
pigsterand stack trace:   File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\form_gtk\many2one.pyc", line 261, in sig_key_press File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\form_gtk\many2one.pyc", line 188, in sig_new File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\form_gtk\many2one.pyc", line 184, in get_screen File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\screen\screen.pyc", line 73, in __init__15:23
pigster File "tryton\gui\indow\view_form\screen\screen.pyc", line 304, in a0dd_view_id File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\screen\screen.pyc", line 356, in add_view File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\widget_parse.pyc", line 39, in parse File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\form_gtk\parser.pyc", line 443, in parse File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\form_gtk\parser.pyc", line 486, in parse File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\form_gtk\parser.pyc", line 52715:23
pigster il5e "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\form_gtk\selection.pyc", line 40, in __init__ File "simplejson\decoder.pyc", line 402, in decode15:23
cedkpigster: please don't copy/paste in irc15:27
pigsterok ok15:27
cedkpigster: use a website like pastebin.ca15:27
cedkpigster: strange I just tried on demo server and I have no issue15:31
pigsterhmm, what client version do you have, my is Windows 1.6.015:32
cedkpigster: same15:34
cedkpigster: explain exactly what you do15:35
pigsterOpen Sales Management - Click New Sale - Choose Party (Customer A) - Click New Line - Choose product (Product A) - focus Analytics Account line (Test) - press F315:38
cedkpigster: ha on analytic account15:39
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cedkpigster: I will check this tonight. I'm busy now15:53
pigsterok no problem, don't worry15:54
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