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udonohi, does someone try out to deploy a trytond behind an apache? AFAIK there seem no way to let Apache work as a proxy for Tryton, since it does not implement a web protocol. Is this right?12:57
paepkeudono, what are the benefits of running trytond behind apache?13:09
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paepkeudono, i assume you have to write an own application layer proxy. youre right with that http-base. even when running tryton as a wsgi application, it has to be http13:12
paepkeudono, for webdav it should work.13:13
udonopaepke: The benefits could be using an unique URI for all resources to provide. Like --> Maps to the tryton server on specified port, --> Maps to a wiki, etc.13:18
udonopaepke: But I guess this has to be done on TCP layer with iptables?!13:21
paepkeudono, there is a possible solution in net-rpc. you could use a http-gateway for net-rpc. wait a sec, i have to search in my wiki for that.13:22
yangoonudono: I don't see how iptables could manage URIs neither subdomains13:22
paepkeudono, do you want to provide a lot of trytond's on a single ip?13:23
udonoyangoon: but it is able to forward ports...13:23
paepkeyangoon, is right. the request for the domain is in the http-protocol. not ip-based.13:23
paepkeudono, take a look here
udonopaepke: yes, many trytonds behind a single ip13:24
paepkeudono, but you have to patch the client for that.13:24
paepkeudono, at least to allow the url for it. but it doesn't look that complex13:25
udonopaepke: you mean to allow 'http://' in server address field?13:31
paepkeudono, yes, and pipe that in the right way to the import of netrpc client (tryton)13:33
paepkeudono, but it would be a nice patch to the framework to allow a http-based netrpc as alternative.13:34
paepkeudono, http will have a lot of advantages: you can use a lot of mature tools for security and performance. like WAF (Web application firewall) and load-balancer.13:49
paepkeand https-offloading.13:50
udonopaepke: yes, sounds interesting. I try to investigate deeper.13:52
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udonothis feature request seems to be related to netrpc:
udono... over http15:05
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cedkudono: this issue is not related19:56
cedkudono: it is simply a rewrite of the current implementation to use standard library19:57
cedkudono: there is already http based protocol -> json-rpc19:57
udonocedk: but I can not use jsonrpc to connect the tryton client to the server.21:30
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cedkudono: no and you will never be able to do through http as it is a statefull connection21:52
udonocedk: But Trytons communication is statefull too. Or isn't it?21:54
udonocedk: Ah, I understand, http is stateless...21:56
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