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cedkTimitos: my account is activated10:27
Timitoscedk: ok. i added you to the project10:30
cedkTimitos: thx10:33
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gordon_geekoquick question: any plan for adding a groupby function for views?11:06
cedkgordon_geeko: no why?11:06
gordon_geekoits a good feature to have in a view, no?11:07
gordon_geekofor when you have lots of data11:07
cedkgordon_geeko: I don't think11:07
cedkgordon_geeko: I don't understand why it is good in this case11:08
gordon_geekosay you have a multicompany situation, you'd like to get results per company11:08
cedkgordon_geeko: which results?11:09
cedkgordon_geeko: in fact we already have this with a tree view11:10
gordon_geekooh, ok... i just started looking at it11:10
cedkgordon_geeko: and also the implementation of OE is really dirty11:13
cedkbut if someone comes with a clear and clean concept, we are opened to discussion11:17
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cedkI would prefer to improve the read method to get a syntax closer to SQL11:24
cedkgordon_geeko: more over, the group_by doesn't work per example if you got number linked to a unit11:25
cedkgordon_geeko: like quantity on stock move etc.11:25
cedkgordon_geeko: you will get a sum that has no meaning11:25
cedkgordon_geeko: or like summing sale order with different currencies11:26
cedkso as you see it will bring a lot of issue and question from the end user11:28
cedkbut we can achieve the same result but writing an Model that make the correct compution of grouping11:28
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gordon_geekocedk: i see your points, i'm at the stage of considering switching from OE12:11
gordon_geekoto convince management, i'd need to have clear what would be missing in terms of features12:12
cedkgordon_geeko: we work in a difference way than OE, we don't try to make development to get a new but ugly feature12:13
gordon_geekowe're right in the middle of a fairly important project, so this is not easy12:13
cedkgordon_geeko: what are your requirements?12:13
gordon_geekocedk: this is exactly the reason that attracted me12:13
gordon_geekoan important one is a web interface at some point12:14
cedkgordon_geeko: what is the purpose of the web interface?12:16
gordon_geekocedk: to avoid having to install/update clients12:16
gordon_geeko... and for consistency - future apps in the company will be web-based12:17
cedkgordon_geeko: I realy think the install/update is not a real issue12:18
cedkgordon_geeko: in company there is always mail client, browser etc. that needs to be installed/updated12:18
cedkgordon_geeko: so the Tryton client should go in the same pipe12:19
gordon_geekocedk: perhaps, but i'm talking about 100's of clients12:19
cedkgordon_geeko: the thin client will always be more user friendly and faster encodeing than a web site12:20
cedkgordon_geeko: the size is not an issue12:20
cedkgordon_geeko: especially with large number of clients, you must have those kind of stuffs already in place by the network admins12:20
gordon_geekocedk: with linux it's not an issue i agree, i don't know windows12:21
gordon_geekocedk: ... and happy to keep it that way12:21
cedkgordon_geeko: in every large windows network, I saw, there was scripts to deploy/update application12:22
cedkgordon_geeko: without that the network admins are completly overloaded12:22
cedkgordon_geeko: the web app way can not be justify by this because you still need a client app on the client workstation which is a web browser12:23
cedkACTION bbl12:23
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gordon_geekois there an equivalent of OE "attrs" method of setting view attributes dynamically?14:03
gordon_geekoEqual/Get methods i'm guessing14:08
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gordon_geekoprint form doesn't do pdf?14:27
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kingsnakehi, is possible to generate form views based on dynamic key/value properties?14:42
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phellergordon_geeko: You can generate pdf's, but you'll need openoffice with python bindings to do it.  There is some potential for using openoffice in headless server mode to make the process a little more scalable.14:57
gordon_geekopheller: thx, i kind of liked the print-screen function in OE to display the form in pdf15:00
gordon_geekobut i understand that this module is not GPL15:00
phellergordon_geeko: oh I understand (it has been awhile since I've used OE)15:00
gordon_geekopheller: what made you change ;)15:01
gordon_geeko... switch to tryton that is15:01
phellergordon_geeko: well, I haven't gone to production with any projects based on either, yet.  I'm still mostly just an enthusiast, but I do have a few things in the planning stage.15:02
phellergordon_geeko: what made me change was a very specific bug.  I proposed a merge with a complete fix for the bug.  OE implemented their own vision of a bug fix, which wasn't a fix at all.  I complained.15:02
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phellergordon_geeko: bug went unfixed, is still unfixed, and they just closed it as wont_fix or similar, because it's in 5.0.15:03
phellergordon_geeko: so much for "community".  I guess you're only a part of the "community" if you've paid them for a partner contract.15:03
gordon_geekopheller: ic, they don't seem too cooperative with the community then15:03
phellergordon_geeko: contrast that to Tryton, where I have been welcomed.  I helped convert probably 1/4 of the modules for the Transaction manager change, fixed another 2 or 3 bugs, and submitted improvements for the Mac client.  All reviewed via rietveld, accepted, and released in 1.8.15:04
gordon_geekopheller: i like the code review approach15:05
gordon_geeko... seems to be lacking in OE15:05
phellergordon_geeko: it's quite good.  And, cedk is always reviewing as if he is a human manifestation of "pylint".  :-)15:06
phellergordon_geeko: but it's good.  the style is pretty consistent, and there is excellent direction here.  The biggest problem for Tryton as a project is probably that people shy away from it because it doesn't have the module coverage or web client that OE has.15:07
phellergordon_geeko: but things will come in time15:07
gordon_geekopheller: i've got a fairly big project that started in OE but i'm not happy about the quality15:08
gordon_geekoso i'm seriously trying to push for a switch to tryton15:09
gordon_geekothis is a project from scratch, just using the framework so lack of modules is no issue15:10
phellergordon_geeko: ah ha.  what industry?15:10
gordon_geekopheller: retail15:10
gordon_geekopheller: not a full-blown erp - mainly accounting15:11
phellergordon_geeko: so you will not use any modules beyond the base install modules?15:11
gordon_geekopheller: exactly...15:11
phellergordon_geeko: is it not possible to adapt the existing modules?15:12
gordon_geekopheller: no, the needs are totally different15:12
phellergordon_geeko: ok.  I only ask because making modules public, when possible, gains you the advantage that other people will review the code, possibly use the module, and you gain from community support.  The negative side being the hurdle to acceptance, and the community timeframe.15:14
phellergordon_geeko: but I understand.15:14
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gordon_geekopheller: one concern here is professional support and development resources15:25
kingsnakei would like to see tryton go into the direction like a web framework where everybody builds his own thing and where it's the framework itself that get built upon15:35
kingsnakei say that because i was following your discussion a bit15:36
bechamelkingsnake: IMO tryton is more a framework than an ERP15:38
kingsnakeyes definately15:38
kingsnakethat's what i like about it15:39
bechamelactually one of the first thing whe have done when forking oerp, it's removing business concept from the core (mainly base/partner module)15:39
bechamelas cedk told me, it's a meta-erp: it allows to create differents ERP :)15:41
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phellerI agree, Tryton should be totally severable from the modules..... I think Neso should implement something that is comparable to quickbooks -- usable out of the box for small business.  And, I think the full blown ERP packages (including some manufacturing at some point) really are to demonstrate the Tryton framework....15:48
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bechamelkingsnake: about the dynamic view, it's not documented but it's doable with the method fields_view_get which is defined in model/ and there an example of overloading in account/ (line 1171)15:52
kingsnakethank you i'm gonna look into that16:00
bechamelkingsnake: so it's basicaly creating on the fly the xml of the view16:02
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cedkbechamel: there is also the key/value from sharoon17:00
bechamelcedk: yes, I forgot it17:04
cedkbechamel, sharoon: I don't know at which state the general implementation is17:05
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gordon_geekone1 know the reason for having separate label elements in form?22:10
udonogordon_geeko: Hi, I do not understand your question22:18
gordon_geekoudono: i'm evaluating tryton, comparing it to OE and just wondering what the thinking is for having separate labels instead of using the string in the field definition22:19
udonogordon_geeko: with this we are more flexible in layout22:20
gordon_geekoudono: what about translation?22:20
udonogordon_geeko: We can do stuff like:22:20
udonoName [_________]22:20
udonogordon_geeko: translation is very wonderful in tryton I find.22:21
gordon_geekoudono: makes sense.... :)22:21
udonoYou can translate everything the user can see. views, reports, content22:22
udonogordon_geeko: and a german user can write invoices to english company completely in English language...22:23
udono... report is created depending on the language of the party addressee22:24
gordon_geekoudono: so far i really like what i've seen22:24
gordon_geekoi need to build my case for going with what i think is quality-wise much better than OE22:25
gordon_geekoare companies integrating this in production environments?22:27
udonogordon_geeko: yes, of course22:28
gordon_geekoudono: would it be possible to find developers on the short term you think?22:30
gordon_geekoi'm trying to get an idea of the ecosystem so to speak, with regard to tryton22:32
udonogordon_geeko: yes, I think you will find. Just ask your question to the mailing list or if you prefer self-proclaimed experts ;-) show here:
udonogordon_geeko: What ecosystem?22:34
gordon_geekoudono: support, services22:34
udonogordon_geeko: Ah, ok, that's easy. This all is done in free individual contracts between you and the consultant you choose.22:36
gordon_geekoudono: i'll make some calls tomorrow, thx for the link22:38
udonogordon_geeko: welcome22:38
cedkgordon_geeko: we (B2CK) sale support contract for devs
gordon_geekocedk: i'd like to discuss my project with you, perhaps i can call you tomorrow?22:49
cedkgordon_geeko: no problem22:52
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gordon_geekocedk: excellent!22:53
cedkgordon_geeko: not to early :-)22:54
gordon_geekocedk: no worries ;)22:55
cedkgordon_geeko: it can be done with sip or skype if you want22:55
gordon_geekocedk: i'll call from the office, so it's not on my dime :-)22:57
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cedkgordon_geeko: the phone number on the website is for a mobile so the sound could be not hi-fi23:00
cedkgordon_geeko: by the way, do you speak french?23:01
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gordon_geekocedk: i don't speak french unfortunately23:25
gordon_geekocedk: i'll see if i can setup the sound to use skype, last time i tried it wasn't working23:26
gordon_geekocedk: is dutch an option?23:28
cedkgordon_geeko: no23:30
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