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hoRnhi wekendworkers13:45
paepkehi hoRn13:47
paepkewelcome to the club13:47
hoRnwhere is the setting of report bugs - i want that my clients first complaining to my tracker ...13:48
hoRni will grep it ;)13:48
cedkhoRn: you must create a section in the config file14:09
cedkhoRn: an fill url and xmlrpc parameters14:10
hoRnok - thank you14:10
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hoRnis there a posibility to reload a window after adding something in a popup (one2many)?16:15
hoRnthe parent view16:16
cedkhoRn: it makes no sense: if you reload you loose what you do in the one2many16:16
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hoRncedk: i mean - i do a action in the popup which saves the values. this writes a line and generates an other line in a different page of the parent view. everything is fine, i can reload the parent view and everything is written. can i trigger the reload programmaticly?16:20
cedkhoRn: I don't understand. What do you call popup16:21
hoRnthe form of a one2many. in this form i have a button, which writes something in the parentview16:24
hoRncedk: i know this is a little bit strange ;)16:24
cedkhoRn: this is wrong design16:24
cedkhoRn: the parent could be not saved16:25
hoRncedk: a reload says, that my action is stored. the usecase is: in a one2many-relation the user is filling some informations. after a while the informations are complete and now he creates a other object with this informations. seems strange, but is a usefull thing in production requests. first line is the specification of a product which not exists. if all parameters are asked from the...16:28
hoRn...client, the user can generate a product and a sale_line.16:28
hoRnthats because of the client don't know all about the product at the first contact. so the company and the client are talking more than one time.16:30
cedkhoRn: I don't say that the business is wrong. It is the design in Tryton that is wrong16:31
hoRncedk: ok - but it works ;). my claim is to hold all in one view. i know that this is strange, but i do not have a better idea ...16:32
cedkhoRn: there will never be something that will trigger a reload of the form from a one2many16:33
hoRncedk: so he needs to do a reload manual - its ok in this case16:34
cedkhoRn: if you want but you could have issue with this design like concurency update or lost of user changes16:36
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hoRncedk: i have seen that the form of a one2many writes the lines 'in realtime' - so i was thinking about how it works and if i can do the same in an other page of the same view16:41
cedkhoRn: not sure what you mean by "in realtime"16:41
hoRncedk: example: when i add positions to a sale, the positions are written in the same time i write something in the opened window16:43
cedkhoRn: what do you mean by "written"?16:44
hoRncedk: i open the addview of the one2many > than i put some values in the fields > in the mainframe this values are shown in the tree ...16:47
cedkhoRn: ok this is because they have the same Model16:47
cedkhoRn: but it is not written on the server16:48
hoRncedk: yes - and i was thinking about how to force this for a other model - stupid? ;)16:48
cedkhoRn: don't understand16:49
hoRnhorn: is it than crazy? there are to one2many fields in one view but on diffrent pages. the user writes something to one of this both. If he decide that the stuff is good, he can push a button to write a set to the other model16:51
hoRncedk: i will rethink the general use of this ;)16:52
cedkhoRn: what is a page?16:53
hoRnnotebook > page16:53
cedkhoRn: so I don't know why you talk about page16:53
hoRncedk: its a page on a notebook16:57
cedkhoRn: but it is just diplaying, it doesn't change anything to the design16:59
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cedkhoRn: you can perhaps use an on_change17:04
hoRncedk: i will think about - thats true. i can return the actual browserrecords. yes! for having an idea:
cedkhoRn: what is running behind the button?17:10
hoRncedk: a method which generates a line of the other model17:12
cedkhoRn: so it should not work if the line is not saved17:12
hoRncedk: when i push the button, the actual form is saved and the action in the other model is done17:15
cedkhoRn: I think this is a bug17:17
hoRncedk: nice bug and usefull ;)17:18
hoRncedk: no - is not saved17:19
hoRncedk: need to save it - ok17:19
hoRncedk: it only validates the form17:20
cedkhoRn: could you be more precis?17:20
hoRncedk: when i push the button, the actual form will be validated, the method in the other model is done but if i cancel the action, there are no changes in the actual model17:23
hoRncedk: i think this is the right behavior17:23
cedkhoRn: which method? What is "cancel the action"?18:04
hoRncedk: everything works as espected. the method behind the button does the stuff he should. if i cancel the form, everything in the actual model get a rollback. Thats works like it should.18:10
cedkhoRn: I don't understand18:27
cedkhoRn: what is "cancel the form"?18:27
cedkhoRn: what is rollbacked?18:27
hoRncedk: press cancel button18:27
cedkhoRn: which cancel button?18:29
hoRncedk: in the one2many - form . i have to rethink my model. thats the fact i know now.18:30
hoRncedk: i will go to empty my dog and smoke a cigarette - than i will refactor everything ;)18:31
cedkany way, I filled an issue1809 for this18:34
hoRncedk: sorry for driving you nuts - but i think, there is no issue ;) take a look at - there is a screencast.19:31
cedkhoRn: I'm pretty sure you got coating lines in the database that are not linked to main document19:38
hoRncedk: yes - a lot19:40
cedkhoRn: so there is a bug19:43
hoRncedk: ok19:45
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plantianHi, when I'm using a one2many or a many2many in a wizard I always get the fields in the [('add', []), ('create', {}), ...] format.  Is there any kind of helper for converting these from this format ?22:47
plantian -- this is what I'm doing now but it seems wrong22:48
cedkplantian: not for now22:49
plantiancedk: Okay thanks.22:56
cedkplantian: there is a plan to use a BrowseRecord in the future22:56
cedkplantian: but it will first require to merge BrowseRecord and Model22:57
plantianThis will work for non-storage models ?22:57
plantianOh so instead of using dictionaries for non-storage models browse records will be used.22:58
cedkplantian: that's the idea23:01
plantianI thought the add/update/remove functionality was to lower the amount of data sent between the client and the server?23:01
plantianOr all models to be modified but all saved at once.23:01
cedkplantian: it is not the case of wizards23:07
plantianIs this the correct way to extend the price list?    Ie. by overloading the match method.  The module product_grouping is another thing I wrote to group products arbitrarily.23:32
plantiancedk: Sorry, its the ModelView only Models that I use with wizards that I think cause most of my problems.  It seems that the add/remove/update stuff is for ModelSQL regardless of if its in a wizard or not.  Is that wrong ?23:41
cedkplantian: it is wrong23:43

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