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plantiancedk: okay, I am wrong a lot, the design of tryton takes a very long time to understand00:05
cedkplantian: the xxx2many field in wizard is something that need to be improved00:38
plantiancedk: Okay, could I help ?  It seems pretty internal.00:48
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cedkplantian: it is difficult because right now we are busy on other core stuffs01:51
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hoRnhi cedk - are you awake?22:04
hoRnanybody else is also asked ;) - in my project i have the need for a different One2Many-widget: a widget without the posibility to add or remove lines. i will try to write it ...22:07
hoRnor can i handle this with permissions?22:08
cedkhoRn: you can configure model access but the buttons will still be there22:17
hoRncedk: but the user can not add ore remove lines? that would fit my needs22:18
cedkhoRn: if it does he will have an error message from the database22:24
hoRncedk: ok - thats enough in this moment. but i think about the widget. this is more usable ...22:26
hoRnooops - a error in my code deleted all the records of a table. 2000 Products are gone ...  Thanks God is a copy22:28
hoRnbut what happend?22:28
cedkhoRn: this could be a good improvement to the widget22:29
hoRncedk: i will do ...22:30
hoRnwhat happend in my database - i have cleaned up a table with relation to product_product and all records of product_product are gone :[22:42
cedkhoRn: be careful with the ondelete parameter22:44
hoRncedk: there was only one active relation but all the records are gone22:45
cedkhoRn: how did you delete?22:46
hoRncedk; with pgadmin22:46
hoRncedk: after this i get the error "record not found" in the client  -than clicking 40 times  drinking a beer > all the records are gone22:49
cedkhoRn: are you sure you got only one real foreign key related?22:50
hoRnor 10 - i dont know - but much more less than the entries in the other table22:52
hoRncedk: i don't know the code behind cascade - is it possible, that the transaction looses the id of the tragetrecord?22:54
cedkhoRn: I don't think postgres did an error22:56
hoRncedk: don't know - but a little paranoied now22:57
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cedkhoRn: you got perhaps an other foreign key somewhere23:14
hoRncedk: need to check carefull - and doing a cron for backup every 5 minutes ;)23:16
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hoRngoog night all!23:34

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