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svakshahas anyone installed tryton in a virtualenv wrapper environment07:58
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plantiansvaksha:  Yes, but for development.08:05
svakshaplantian: yes, same here. I've got virtualenv setup but i'm unsure about whether i have to reinstall tryton via virtualenv, or not.08:08
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svakshaIs there any documentation i can readup08:08
plantiansvaksha: Have you read over this -- ?08:09
svakshaplantian: thanks for the link.08:11
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plantianI run "python develop" for trytond within the VE but not for the modules.08:19
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svakshawhy not for the modules?08:27
svakshaare modules not supposed to be developed under VE?08:29
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plantiansvaksha: I think trytond is able to find them and import them itself.08:30
plantianWhen you pull repo with hgnested the come in as a subdirectory of trytond.08:31
svakshaoh, that explains it :)08:34
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sisalphi, looking for account_fr, any pointer ?11:08
sisalpmeurci biociou cedk11:09
sisalpany hg-friendly repository ?11:15
cedksisalp: not yet, I'm waiting for some more reviews11:16
cedksisalp: but you can use: hg import --no-commit
sisalphg import --no-commit
sisalpabandon : There is no Mercurial repository here (.hg not found) !11:17
cedksisalp: yes create an empty hg repo first11:18
sisalpok got them manually, not so many ;-)11:21
sisalpare localized account modules supposed to include official reports ?11:28
sisalpby the way official reports are modified every year11:31
cedksisalp: why not but it is a shame to modify it every year11:34
cedksisalp: I think I need to see it to see how to handle it11:35
sisalpit cannot be different11:35
sisalpit means that y2010 must be printed with format 2010 and y2011 with format 201111:35
cedksisalp: why does France behave like that, they need to give work to IT ?11:36
sisalpofficial templates are downloadable from the administration11:36
sisalpit is the same everywhere I guess11:37
cedksisalp: in Belgium, reports change only when something new happens11:37
cedksisalp: the VAT report did not change at least during 10 years11:37
sisalpin France a new law or European directive happens every year that's it11:37
sisalpEuropean law about VAT changed a lot during past ten years, how this can be ?11:38
cedksisalp: the law is different then the report11:39
sisalphe report implements the law11:39
cedksisalp: it is not because this kind of product has a different rate that the report should change11:40
cedksisalp: have you some example of reports for different years?11:40
sisalpI checked tva annual recap, and it looks pretty stable indeed12:14
sisalpnevertheless it includes the date :-(12:14
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sisalpfor 2010 :
sisalpdescriptions change between 2010 and 2011 (page 3-4E for ex) but field code doen't12:30
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cedksisalp: I guess the layout doesn't change often14:00
cedksisalp: so you can imagine to create a report that just fill the field and print it on the template14:00
sisalpcedk: it changes in the examples I gave14:01
sisalpcedk: The right way would be to fill it a form, wouldn't it ?14:01
sisalpas a form14:02
cedksisalp: I don't understand14:05
sisalpcedk: what don't you understand ?14:05
cedksisalp: "fill it a form"14:06
sisalpthese pdf embed forms which should be filled by the program14:07
sisalpI don't remember the name of the format of answers to fill a pdf form14:07
cedksisalp: oh oh my pdf reader doesn't show any thing :-)14:08
sisalpyou need acrobat or an advanced one indeed14:08
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sisalpxpdf is ok14:10
sisalpevince too14:11
cedksisalp: I use epdfview :-)14:13
sisalpthis is a pointer jcm provided me :
sisalpfdf is the name, pdftk is the product14:15
cedksisalp: looks good14:15
cedksisalp: I think the module could have a wizard for the report that ask for the template14:16
cedksisalp: with the hope that France doesn't change the field name every year ;-)14:16
sisalpcedk: a per year module publication can be done too , to embed or download templates from a repository14:18
sisalpfields changed last year regarding annual documents.14:19
sisalpIt would be better to get a field descriptor (meta-data) along with each document14:19
cedksisalp: but it will require an update of the database which is prohibited in series release14:19
cedksisalp: if you want to update each year the report, you will need to update the database14:20
cedksisalp: but it is perhaps possible to manage it in pure Python14:21
cedksisalp: but this design link user to the publication of an update of the module14:21
sisalpcouldn't it be kept outside the database ?14:22
cedkI would prefer that the user is able to process new report by it self14:22
sisalplet's say he got 1.8, woldn't an update of 1.8 complement his trytond every year ?14:23
sisalpI guess we say the same14:25
cedksisalp: yes but it doesn't make user really free :-)14:25
sisalpfree from what ?14:26
cedksisalp: if he must wait for update of the module14:26
cedksisalp: if he is able to add his own template pdf, this will make less release for devs, freedom to update or not for the user14:26
sisalpor he can integrate the new pdf and meta-data in his existing module, can't he ?14:26
sisalpor we get modules fr_2010, fr_2011, ... which contain the relevant docs and he can install the years he needs14:28
cedksisalp: yes but this mean, we need to publish each year a module for every series maintained etc.14:28
cedksisalp: now it is 4 series14:28
cedksisalp: I think we need to collect pdf for some past years and analyse the changes14:29
sisalphow can we keep in synch with administration without an annual release ?14:30
cedksisalp: and see how we can make it generic and workable without the need to update the code14:30
sisalpeven if it works for past years, we'll never know if it will pass the next year14:31
sisalpcedk: thinking about this : wouldn't pdf forms be a new popular way of making reports for any purpose in tryton ?14:38
cedksisalp: why not14:39
cedksisalp: I think we can make something generic enough to work for almost case and those that will not be supported then it will be because the tax reporting has been completly changed14:40
sisalpI never generated a form with openoffice, but seems possible. Then only fdf values seems to be formated14:40
cedksisalp: it is possible but only for page fix reports14:41
sisalpwith opene-office ?14:41
cedksisalp: ???14:42
sisalpI mean openoffice proposes to create a pdf form document, so why pages shoud be fixed ?14:42
sisalpI think I understand "no iteration" is it ?14:43
cedksisalp: if the template is a pdf form then there will be no iteration14:44
cedksisalp: the fdf lib just append the value of each field in the pdf file14:45
sisalpdo you mean fdf is not able to fill cells of arrays ? or tryton won't be able to ?14:46
sisalpof course we shouldn't invent here, if fdf is limited, we will be limited too14:48
cedksisalp: I think it is only key-value replacement from the code I see14:48
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sisalpcedk: this will limitate interest to this kind of administrative form. It is ok for official documents since format is static per definition. so I understanf page_fix_report14:55
sisalpdo other countries have similar pdf documents to fullfill ? Belgium, Germany ?14:57
sisalpI think it would be usefull for dta/bvr in Switzerland14:58
cedksisalp: Belgium there was something similar but now it is all e-xxx14:58
sisalpI might check if the same happens here too15:00
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predatellAre there some tutorials for work with workflow and access models ?15:39
cedkpredatell: not yet16:09
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sharooncedk: what about existing issues in ? should they be moved to the tryton codereview ?16:12
cedksharoon: no otherwise you will lost the history16:13
sharooncedk: thanks16:21
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