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sharoonanybody here who is applying for GSOC as  a student ?01:21
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Guest80024Hi Everyone.09:44
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caravelwhat's up on your side gentle(wo)men ? I am intetested in two things in particular, 1) POS and 2) Magento link. I thought I remembered 1) was already there, but I was mistaking apparently (? cf. wikipedia). As per 2), are these the latest devs ?
yangooncaravel: hi13:28
yangooncaravel: for magento connector you should ask sharoon13:29
caravelyangoon: thanks for your answer13:29
caravelACTION has a XML/Perl/Linux guy, tries to help out (for free ^^) a tiny food retail w/physical and online stores, the latter based on Magento & Joomla, and all desperate for some proper stock management, at last ;-)13:29
yangoonACTION wondering if a *tiny* store running magento is the best choice13:31
caravelACTION had not been involved when this decision happens, unfortunately :)13:32
caravel*was taken, I mean13:32
caravelhoping to "save the bizz from the crisis" they have opportunities for b2b platforms, and myself I'd rather all this go built upon Tryton than OpenERP even if it was more work... as long as the target is reachable ?13:32
caraveltoday they upload xls to mage using "some" script, you know ^^ time to make it manageable13:33
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yangooncaravel: welcome anyway, since magento is hyped all over and a connector for tryton would be a fine feature13:34
caravelas per the POS, p+ at least seems to advertise for some achievements ? is there anywhere I can find any sort of POS info around ?13:39
caravelACTION has yet another silly question : has anyone tried to get Tryton run on a low consumption box e.g. a linutop 2 ? :D or should I "just forget it!!" ?13:41
caravel(Lenny running on that one)13:42
cedkcaravel: I guess you can have the server starting but it will depend of your usage13:42
cedkcaravel: request/s, amount of data etc.13:43
caravelcedk: 3 people connecting via gtk clients + 2 pos, one of the lightest duty I guess ?13:43
caravelACTION assumes that mage sync would happen periodically eg nightly13:44
caravel(anyone from p+ around, or should I look at #tryton-es I guess?)13:46
caraveland today I can see "only" 836 products in mage backend, which is maybe half of the total refs to enter13:56
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cedkwe got a requets here to improve the one2many dialog box management13:59
cedkthe request is that when you add a new line to a one2many looping on creation of line is not always desired14:01
cedkwhat do you think about having 3 buttons in the dialog for Cancel, Ok&Close, Ok&New14:01
caravelACTION would say this is best practice, suggest also eg. Enter/Ctrl+Enter shortcuts ^^ (and will keep quiet, sorry folks)14:12
caravelbefore I leave you in peace, is the Spanigh community any active ? is offline, was it abandoned ? Is P+ still in the loop ?14:12
cedkcaravel: shortcuts already there :-)14:14
cedkcaravel: don't know about trytonerp.es14:14
bechamelcedk: +1 for the new button14:15
cedkbechamel: other possibility is to have a attribute in xml view to define the behavior of the Ok button14:16
cedkcaravel: be the one to reactivate the spanish community ;-)14:16
cedkbechamel: but I don't like it14:17
caravelcedk: yeah right, -- if you guys ever need "bullet" professional pdfs or eg. FO output, I could definitly be one of your es/en/fr community men.14:22
caravelAs per the erp itself, not quite :)14:22
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caravelIf I encourage the retail bizz which brings me here, to follow the Tryton route, no doubt they'll need service soon or later (in essence, as soon as they can afford it), but they're not fluent in English or French. So, the lack of a Spanish support option, would be simply a show stopper :( Is it really asleep at this point ?14:22
bechamelcedk: this button is useful everywhere imo14:23
cedkbechamel: yes and I think it better to have the same behavior everywhere14:26
cedkcaravel: did you ping guys on #tryton-es ?14:26
cedkcaravel: or sent email to the mailing list?14:26
caravelcedk: yes I did ping (2 users and 1 bot, zero activity in the past days irc logs), and no, I didn't send an email14:28
caraveldo you guys integrate much SPanish translations from anyone, or not any more for long, maybe ?14:28
caravelACTION will look at Tryton commits and get that answer alone14:29
cedkcaravel: did not see Spanish translation since sometimes14:29
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caravelACTION can't find any spanish thingy in hg since 2008, besides splitting locale for Columbian ? (ouch)14:40
caravelACTION pings nicoe14:56
nicoecaravel: Yep14:57
caravelnicoe: achieved to meet anyone in Barça last Feb ? ^^14:57
nicoecaravel: I am afraid my spanish is not that good, because you did not understand me14:58
nicoecaravel: I will go to Barcelona in may14:58
caravelyou're spanish is just fine, I just read your email way too fast (sincere apology)14:58
nicoecaravel: It has been a long time since I did not spoke spanish14:59
nicoeSo I am really rusted on that level14:59
caravelnicoe: so, had any feedback by pm, as yet, or just a big silence ?15:00
nicoecaravel: a big silence I am afraid :(15:00
caravelACTION is trying to assess whether there remain just *anyone* on the service side in Spain, but it just look like it is some desert now :/ will let you now and keep an eye on the lists !15:01
caravelbye all, thanks/merci, un plaisir15:02
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nicoecaravel: did you try to write to p+ directly ?15:06
caravelnicoe: I thought I would even call them, but now, it seems to me quite clear, that they're not really involved w/Tryton anymore (searched any sign of activity anywhere, no luck)15:08
caravelnicoe: I mean, how could they have not updated the account module ? or would they have given up to contribute back ?15:10
caravel*the plan, I mean15:10
nicoeI don't know, maybe they are busy or something. The safest way to go is probably to call them and see what they say15:13
caravelI will. Thanks again for your comments, folks. Have a nice day15:13
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nicoeHave a nice day15:24
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caravelACTION is only guessing, but this seems to say it all (PE.MA.S)
sharooncaravel: Hi, are you interested in the magento project ?15:46
caravelsharoon: I would be, yes (see my comments and questions above)15:51
sharooncaravel: regarding the tryton magento project - its still active15:56
sharoonwe developed the python module to easily talk with magento15:56
sharoonwe have put the foundations for the tryton module as well15:56
sharoonwe were/are troubled by the EAV design pattern. For small stores like yours with < 2000 products ots not a problem, but we have customers with over 30000 products (surprise: they use magento)15:57
sharoonso the last design idea to experiment was NOSQL (Not only SQL) schemaless database and we have successfully integrated tryton with mongo db yesterday15:58
sharoonof course this introduces issues including management of transaction and atomicity and hence is not good enough to be merged with Tryton mainstream - but could always exist as a separate entity15:59
sharoonanyway - thats the update from dev15:59
caravelsharoon: that sounds great (learned a bit about NOSQL concepts a few months ago). Does the project sets on the links I posted above, and would you say it could be functional, yet, to attempt a real life implementation ?16:00
sharoonopenlabs_magento is the repository where the python module resides.16:01
sharoonthe other repo holds the magento module16:01
sharoonthe mongodb backend is a different module - yet to be pushed16:01
sharoonplease be warned that the mongodb design introduces a lot of risks/problems - which we can live with in the case of magento - because the primary source of attributes is not Tryton but Magento16:02
sharoonand it will be better for you to read the IRC logs a couple of days back - where me and cedk discussed the NOSQL design - he has several arguments against NOSQL and all are true - except that we dont have a "practical" alternative16:04
caravelsharoon: I see, let me read thanks16:05
caravelACTION tried, by the way, to call PEMAS : no answer as I was guessing, looks like a one-man/family venture cf. Has any of the larger OpenERP Spanish partner, ever looked into tryton so far ?16:05
yangooncedk: bechamel nicoe et al: (14:01:51) for cedk: what do you think about having 3 buttons in the dialog for Cancel, Ok&Close, Ok&New16:11
yangoonabsolutely +516:11
yangoonI am missing this since the beginning and already said it long ago16:12
nicoecaravel: The guy behind the twitter account @neopolus is spanish and have tested tryton. I guess you can push it to test it even further and do some stuff with you16:12
yangoontogether with shortcut F10 for Save&Ok, F9 Save&New16:13
sharoon3 buttons in the dialog is a "honking great idea -- lets do more of those" ?16:13
cedkyangoon: I prefer: CTRL+Enter and CTRL+SHIFT+Enter which is standard16:14
caravelACTION will parasite a bit more : F* should be avoided as dialogue exit codes, please show some love to the poor users :) +1 for cedk16:16
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zodmanits down ?20:26
hegzodman: hg2.tryton.org20:34
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jcmhi, trying to set a category parent but cat2.parent = cat1 is erroneous as well as cat2.parent = ; should I use One2Many to set a parent ?22:08
plantianThe first one seems to work for me.22:17
plantianWhere are you doing the modification ?22:18
jcmI'm trying this in python console with proteus22:18
plantianDid you call save on both categories?22:18
plantianI'm not 100% sure of the usage but that's an idea.22:20
jcmI get all categs : cats = Category.find() then cats[0].name = 'Publications' and cats[0].save22:21
jcmthen cats[1].name = 'Livres' and cats[1].parent = cats[0] shows assert > 0 and not value._changed22:22
jcmtried cats[1].parent = cats[0].id and got assert isinstance(value, (Model, NoneType))22:24
plantianLooks like you might need to save them before hooking them together.22:29
plantianWhich seems really weird to me.22:30
plantian jcm:  Does this work?
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jcmright, it works22:38
jcmworks too without the cats[1].save line :/ strange.22:41
jcmin the gtk client, why do I have two 'name' columns in categories? the second one should be 'parent name' I guess23:08
jcmis it possible to configure somewhere what fields are to be showed in such lists (in the client, not in the server code)23:09
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plantianjcm: I don't think so.  Are you using some builtin category or making your own?23:32
jcmI'm trying to import some data with a script using proteus, so I test to see the result in the client23:49
plantianjcm: Yeah I wasn't sure which category showed two names, doesn't seem like product category or party category.23:56

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