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alimongood evening03:11
sharoonalimon: hi03:13
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alimonhi again04:47
sharoonalimon: do you have a question ?04:48
alimonsharoon: yes04:48
sharoonalimon: please ask!04:48
alimoni'm working of traslation for tryton to es_MX04:48
alimoni clone the repo's04:48
alimonand finish the client traslation04:49
alimonnow i'm working on the server04:49
alimonwhat is the policy for put traslations in the main repo?04:51
sharoonif you are a known contributor and you contribute translations you usually get ssh access to repositories04:52
sharoonbut before that you could submit your translations for code review (see
sharoonand also update the tryton-dev mailing list about the translation. We have other contributors also in es_MX and may be they will review04:53
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marcelaHi, how upload external modules in
marcelaHi, how upload external modules in
sharoonmarcela: you could just ask the intuxication guys to move your repo under tryton05:32
sharoonmarcela: they are at #intuxication in itself05:33
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cedkCazou: hi, did you find some ideas interresting?10:20
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pjstevnsHi all, can anyone tell me what is the best way to extend a workflow in a subclass? I'm trying to extend the invoice_activity_open workflow to call a function in the subclass.11:27
pjstevnsSimply overriding the workflow in xml doesn't seem to work...11:27
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Cazou cedk: I'm a qt user/developer but I always wanted to get to know GTK to see what all the fuss is about11:44
Cazoubut I haven't properly looked at the projects yet11:46
Cazoucame home too late yersterday and I'm in a class right now11:46
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Cazou cedk: and to answer your question, multiple ideas looked interresting :)12:02
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cedkCazou: good don't hesitate to ask questions12:35
cedkCazou: also look at the timeline for application12:35
cedkCazou: you should absolutly fill applications before the ending12:35
cedkpjstevns: it is not good to override the activity record12:36
cedkpjstevns: best will be to override the method colled12:36
pjstevnsI understand, but that eh, kind of sucks.12:36
pjstevnsWould it be possible to use triggers in stead?12:36
cedkpjstevns: There is a plan to change this for something similar to on_change12:36
cedkpjstevns: it depends of what you want to do :-)12:37
pjstevnsI described it in a mail to the list just now:12:38
pjstevnsI want to update timesheet_lines connected to invoice_lines to mark them as 'billed' when the invoice is opened.12:38
pjstevnscedk: are triggers functional in 1.8?12:39
Cazoucedk: I know, I already applied for something in KDE but I'm not fond about the application I wrote...12:39
pjstevnscedk: I managed to install a trigger through xml, but the action_function doesn't seem to get called even though 'on_write' is true.12:40
pjstevnscedk: I'll dig into the code to see what I'm missing.12:40
CazouThe client is pyGTK based is also the core pyGTK or just python ?12:41
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cedkpjstevns: yes triggers are in 1.812:59
cedkCazou: don't understand the question13:00
pjstevnscedk: great! somehow the condition field seems critical. Any example code of what it might look like? 'True' or 'False' won't do :-(13:00
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cedkpjstevns: you can look at the unittest13:03
pjstevnscedk: Ok. thanks13:03
Cazouis trytond also pyGTK dependend ?13:04
cedkCazou: no only the client13:04
Cazouand is trytond a library (or service) that is used by tryton ?13:04
cedkpjstevns: there is also the wiki blueprint but not sure if it is uptodate13:04
cedkCazou: yes Tryton is client/server architecture13:04
pjstevnscedk: I looked at it, but it doesn't include working examples.13:05
cedkCazou: client without trytond is not useful :-)13:05
pjstevnscedk: but I'm getting there. Thanks so far.13:05
cedkACTION bbl13:05
pjstevnscedk: it's working :-)13:09
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Cazoucedk: why not using CairoPlot for the different charts (pie, bars, gantt) ?15:01
cedkCazou: don't know about it. Does it work in widgets?15:06
Cazougood question, maybe it only can generate image files15:08
CazouI'm interrested in the gantt charts idea15:10
CazouSo, I'm looking on something to base my work on15:10
cedkCazou: There is this project
cedkCazou: it is in C/GTK+ and they have a Gantt widget15:12
cedkCazou: I think it could be a good model15:12
CazouCairoPlot is used to generate images for presentations apparently15:13
CazouWell, ideas can come from multiple places too15:13
cedkCazou: we adapted pycha (which looks like CairoPlot) to work inside widget15:13
Cazouyes, I looked into pyche15:14
CazouPyCha but they don't have gantt charts15:15
Cazouthe same kind of adaptation could be done for gantt then15:15
cedkCazou: no15:15
cedkCazou: but we are looking to Gantt widget which means with the display also editing15:16
Cazouthat was my next question15:16
Cazoulike editing the percentage done, the dependances between projects, adding/removing projects from inside the widget then ?15:18
Cazoumoving a project start time too15:19
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cedkCazou: exactly15:20
cedkCazou: you should take a look at Planner it is really what we are looking for as features15:20
Cazoucedk: ok, I'll do that15:24
cedkCazou: also you can start filling your application15:25
cedkCazou: the earlier you do, the more we can review it and improve it :-)15:25
cedkCazou: also you can apply for many ideas to increase the chance to be picked15:26
Cazoucedk: I started15:26
Cazoucedk: how precise should be the tentative time-line ?15:26
Cazoucedk: I'm trying to make sure I see how i'm gonna do the project before submitting the application15:28
cedkCazou: it ends next week15:28
cedkCazou: no problem that is a good way15:28
cedkCazou: if you prefer there is also #tryton-fr but we are less15:33
Cazoumy english is that bad ? :D15:35
cedkCazou: no but if it is easier for you... It is just to let you know15:37
mhiHi. "Email integration" in mentioned in the feature list of the upcoming release 2.0. There is some information available about implementation details such as using twisted, POP3, IMAP... But I wonder what features email integration will provide? What is the use case?15:43
cedkmhi: I don't think it will be in the next release15:45
cedkmhi: the user case is to store email in Tryton15:46
mhiWhy should Tryton store emails? (I just can't understand.)15:48
mhiI would like to see like trouble ticket support in Tryton (email -> ticket/todo/calendar -> ... -> invoice).15:50
mhiI'm unsure "email integration" is intended to provide this.15:51
cedkmhi: because in companies, everybody communicate with email16:08
cedkmhi: and it is bad to not being able to manage all this information in the management system16:08
cedkmhi: so of course tickets will be managed with this feature16:09
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mhiGreat. This would help keeping customer related information in a single (CRM like) system.16:13
cedkmhi: it is a non-convential idea for an ERP but we think it will be a great feature16:18
mhiI haven't found any information, plans or even thoughts on dunning. The subject never came up.16:18
sharoonmhi: email storage and email template is already implements and is in the code review process16:19
mhiI really would appreciate storing information (todos, invoices, offers and communication) about customers in a single application. (communication = emails, phone calls, letters/documents)16:20
mhiThe other way round invoices, offers and so had to be integrated into a separate CRM. But Tryton already supports some CRM functionality (sales opportunity).16:22
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