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serpent213cedk: re: webdav socket.settimeout issue13:46
serpent213i believe it's caused by
serpent213not sure what the workaround should look like, though13:46
cedkserpent213: perhaps call settimeout on socket receive after accept13:51
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serpent213cedk: is trytond supposed to work under python 2.7?16:05
cedkserpent213: normally  but never tested16:05
serpent213getting strange errors and many deprecation warnings...16:06
serpent213will go back to 2.6 for now16:08
cedkserpent213: you should report issue on bugtracker16:36
serpent213cedk: tried it this way:
serpent213still does not work17:10
serpent213also played around with setblocking(), but it resets the timeout17:10
serpent213would you accept a patch disabling settimeout() for MacOS & BSD?17:10
cedkserpent213: no17:12
serpent213any other idea?17:13
cedkserpent213: timeout is important otherwise it doesn't stop17:14
cedkserpent213: by the way, I have no issue with OpenBSD17:14
serpent213it would work for Python >= 2.6, as self.timeout is respected17:15
cedkserpent213: yes, I will accept a patch that doesn't call setimeout for Python >=2.617:16
cedkserpent213: as explain in the comment17:16
serpent213i guess that's the best compromise -- can't spend more time on this issue...17:17
cedkserpent213: it works for you without the settimeout call and with Python >=2.617:19
cedkserpent213: ?17:19
serpent213== 2.6 -- had trouble with 2.7.117:20
cedkserpent213: ok indeed I got the issue on OpenBSD17:20
cedkserpent213: so I'm ok for a patch with if Python < 2.6: settimeout17:21
serpent213alright, will do that17:22
cedkserpent213: see the wiki for contribution17:22
serpent213cedk: is sys.hexversion ok to use?17:30
cedkserpent213: you could make like in with sys.version_info17:32
cedkserpent213: it will make the code more readable17:33
cedkpersonnaly I don't read well hex :-)17:33
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serpent213matter of practice...  ,)17:42
serpent213cedk: assigned to: ced, status: unread?17:48
cedkserpent213: yes17:49
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cedkserpent213: could you put the number of the issue in the commit message17:51
cedkserpent213: and I think you can say for BSD (not only FreeBSD)17:52
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sharooncedk: did u see there are two proposals submitted for tryton at GSOC?17:53
cedksharoon: yes17:53
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cedksharoon: waiting for other students submit also their application17:56
serpent213cedk: better?17:56
cedkserpent213: normally it is: "Fix ... for issue12354"17:58
cedkserpent213: as explain in the wiki17:58
serpent213sry  ,)17:58
serpent213cedk: like that?18:01
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cedkserpent213: I'm punctilious but there is some stuff that I don't like:18:06
cedkserpent213: better to have commit comment on ~80cols18:06
cedkserpent213: the "(work around ...)" could be explain as second line (with an empty line above)18:07
cedkserpent213: I will not add the comment in the code as it is already in hg and also it is already in the above comment18:08
cedkserpent213: I will not make the difference between MacOS and BSD it is the same familly18:08
cedkACTION need to go18:09
cedkACTION bbl18:09
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Cazouhello !19:06
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cedkCazou: hi19:08
yangoon cedk hi19:10
yangoonare you open for a patch putting a "<group colspan="2" col="20" id="checkboxes">" for label + field active for better extensibilty?19:11
yangoonin module party19:12
yangoonlike in address and contact_mechanism19:12
cedkyangoon: where?19:12
CazouI see you are participating in GSoC with Python19:13
sharoonCazou: welcome to Tryton project19:13
cedkCazou: yes we are under the umbrella of PSF19:13
CazouAnd today, a teacher showed us an email from you apparently about that participation19:13
cedkCazou: possible it was from nicoe19:14
cedkCazou: are you interested in GSoC?19:15
CazouIt was in french, don't now from who :)19:15
Cazouyes I am, actually19:15
Cazoubut I'm not familiar with tryton19:15
cedkCazou: did you read our ideas page
Cazouand I really don't know what it's missing19:15
Cazouthat's what i needed !19:16
CazouI'll go check it out19:16
yangooncedk: here like here
cedkyangoon: why not19:18
cedkCazou: got nicoe beside me, he is asking which teacher ? :-)19:19
yangooncedk: ok, I will prepare the patches for party, company, ....?19:19
cedkyangoon: just party19:19
cedkCazou: could you send me your email, we will send you some informations19:20
yangooncedk: company inherits with expr="/form/group/field[@name=&quot;active&quot;]"19:20
yangoonthat's actually my problem19:20
cedkyangoon: ha pk19:20
CazouPascal Gribomont from the university of Li├Ęge19:24
Cazounot sure it was actually sent to him19:24
cedkCazou: yes nicoe send him19:24
cedkCazou: do you know Python?19:25
Cazoucedk: not a lot of experience but I read lots of code and can write some and used the Python C API a lot19:25
CazouI have to go now, i'll be back tonight19:29
cedkCazou: ok seems to be enough19:30
cedkCazou: me too :-)19:30
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