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jcmhi, in my client 2.0 (mac os x, built here) I cannot press key 'T': it's catched by the menu 'Roload menu' before... is it the same for you ?11:05
cedkjcm: normally it is 'CTRL+T'11:10
cedkjcm: have you change the shortcut?11:10
jcmno, i didn't find how to do it... T is menu User > Reload menu ; ctl T is User > Show/Hide menu11:11
jcmthe 2.1 client I built three days ago acts the same way11:13
cedkjcm: ha yes reload is ALT+T11:14
cedkjcm: but of course there is no ALT on MacOS :-(11:14
jcmOption key is marked 'alt' on our keyboard11:14
jcmbut for some reason the gtk-osx package seems to ignore this11:14
cedkjcm: fast fix is to comment line 90 of tryton/gui/main.py11:15
predatellHello. Ho better to insert code in Blogger (news for website) ?11:18
cedkpredatell: do you want to submit a news?11:20
predatellcedk: yes11:21
cedkjcm: could you give the output of this in a python shell:11:23
cedkimport gtk11:23
cedkpredatell: you can send me11:24
cedkjcm: and could you fill an issue about the ALT issue11:24
predatellcedk: ok, later. on email?11:25
cedkpredatell: yes11:26
cedkpredatell: it is about what?11:26
predatellcedk: I try to translate "MongoDB Backend for Tryton fields"11:27
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cedkpredatell: in which language?11:29
cedkpredatell: ha but you have access to blogger11:30
predatellcedk: ru11:30
cedkpredatell: you can make a copy/paste of the english version11:30
cedkjcm: strange GDK_MOD1_MASK is there11:30
jcmcedk: do you want me to fill an issue even if it seems to be related to gtk-osx build ? I'm premaring a mail for dev list to discuss this with pheller.11:38
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cedkjcm: yes at least we need to make a short fix11:38
cedkjcm: because right now if I understand well the MacOSX client is not really usable11:39
jcmmaybe it could be with a proper rebuild... building gtk-osx is not simple.11:39
cedkjcm: so the fix could be to deactivate the functionnality for MacOSX until there is a fix in gtk-osx11:39
jcmseems pheller found this long ago :
jcman jrails (the gtk-osx leader) answers here:
cedkjcm: yes but it seems that we should not use ALT for shortcut on MacOS as it eats the ALT11:45
jcmusage on mac is to use the command key for all menu keys11:48
jcmsometimes adding alt or ctrl11:48
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tshepangwow, nice13:12
tshepangonce can report a bug without logging onto roundup first13:13
tshepangsorta like bugzilla automated reporting13:17
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tshepangshould I close this
tshepangok, UI is not too intuitive, but that's a different bug than what I reported13:46
cedktshepang: I think there is some validation on field there13:48
cedktshepang: so keep it open13:49
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tshepangwith roundup, is there a way to see 'Your Issues' that are closed/resolved?15:46
yangoontshepang: you can define custom queries at and save them15:56
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tshepangyangoon, not so obvious, thanks16:42
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tshepangIs there a shortcut to Switch View?17:16
bechamel`tshepang: ctrl-L17:18
tshepangbechamel`, nice, thanks17:18
tshepangis this documented somewhere?17:19
bechamel`tshepang: I don't think, with the previous version of the client there was a "form" menu in the menubar17:23
bechamel`and it was possible to see form-related shortcut in it17:24
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tshepangok, thanks17:24
bechamel`tshepang: I'm wrong, you can see them clic on the down arrow on the right of the form toolbar17:24
tshepangoh, I see17:26
yangooncedk: there are strange invalid URLs without repos path in #tryton-commit like
tshepanghow does one check for module reverse deps?17:34
bechamel`tshepang: grep MODULE_NAME modules/*/ may gives you some hint17:38
tshepangbechamel`, what hint?17:41
tshepangI see just descriptions of the modules there17:41
tshepangoh, I see, near the bottom17:42
bechamel`tshepang: the dependencies between are defineded in the fieles17:42
tshepangI was interested in the reverse deps17:43
tshepangI guess I may have to build my own query for that17:43
tshepangbut such a query must exists, since u won't be allowed to remove a module that another depends on17:44
bechamel`tshepang: it is made in modules/__init__.py17:46
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tshepangI see Uninstall button is disabled17:56
tshepanghow does one enable it?17:56
cedktshepang: by writing the uninstall code :-)17:59
tshepangalso, why promote the button if it's not functional?17:59
tshepangoh, I see there's a bug report
tshepanglooks like a hard problem18:04
tshepangquite strange18:04
tshepangI would expect this to be first-class functionality18:04
tshepanghow does OE do it?18:04
tshepangis their implementation shoddy?18:04
cedktshepang: OE does it bad and buggy :-)18:12
tshepangat least the have Beta disclaimer18:13
tshepangthought it's not prominent enough18:15
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tshepangis there a way to link an employee and a user, for example, to avoid having to fill in the same data18:46
cedktshepang: except for the name there is no much shared18:48
yangoontshepang: user can be linked to employee18:49
tshepangACTION me sees conflict18:49
tshepangyangoon, how18:50
yangoontshepang: it is done, look at tab user on user18:50
tshepangI see18:52
tshepangappears like one can have a different login user 'real name' to 'real name' attached to employee18:53
yangoontherefore it is name, not real name;)18:54
tshepangis that an ok thing to do? should there not be a constraint there?18:55
tshepangthis is understandable with user id, but this is real name we talking about18:57
tshepanguser id --> login18:59
zodmancedk: the server of hg2 and bugs (moretus). its on europe ? i ask because from my work i can trace to it. :( i think its a my isp problem.19:03
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cedkzodman: yes in France19:38
zodmanok ok19:39
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