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gavinfI have recently upgraded to 2.0 and when I try to save a new invoice I get the error 'Invalid Form' and cannot save. Any tips?16:09
yangoongavinf: some required field is missing16:17
yangoongavinf: did you update the database16:18
gavinfyes I ran the database update and did the module updates in the client16:18
gavinfand I completed all required fields that I can see (mauve colour)16:19
gavinfwhere does tryton log these days? my /var/log/trytond.log hasn't been written to for 6 months16:20
cedkgavinf: it is configured in trytond.conf16:30
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sharooncedk: doing some experiments here on mptt20:29
cedksharoon: well20:31
sharooncedk: an interesting result is that RECURSIVE search is orders of magnitude faster than MPTT in both read and write20:31
sharooncedk: s/RECURSIVE search/RECURSIVE CTE query
cedksharoon: don'T understand20:31
cedksharoon: that is not possible20:32
sharooncedk: i got the idea from here:
sharooncedk: let me paste what i did onto a pastie20:33
sharooncedk: it is almost a replica of what i did, some model changes etc to anonymise20:37
cedksharoon: what is the depth of the tree?20:39
sharooncedk: and the result is 9.5997259616851807 s for t1 (MPTT) and 2.6397891044616699 for Recursive20:39
sharooncedk: the depth is 9 and descendant count is 58020:39
cedksharoon: have you index on parent_left and parent_right?20:40
cedksharoon: could you try:
sharooncedk: trying20:43
cedksharoon: also with the search you have the overload of the rules, the prefetching20:46
sharooncedk: its the ir.rules :(20:49
cedksharoon: ???20:49
sharooncedk: the result is 2.9281599521636963 and 2.735212802886962920:49
yangooncedk: I get 500 Server Error on, but I can view the issue20:49
sharooncedk: MPTT and Recursive respectively20:50
cedkyangoon: it works here20:50
cedksharoon: with my version?20:50
sharooncedk: yes20:50
cedksharoon: now you should try with bigger depth20:51
sharooncedk: ok20:52
cedksharoon: but I'm pretty sure that recursive SQL query will be slower20:54
cedksharoon: MTTP must be O(1) on the depth20:55
cedksharoon: and Recursive SQL should be O(n)20:56
sharooncedk: yes, it is O(1) and recursive is O(n)20:56
cedksharoon: but of course Recursive SQL is fast because pg is well developed :-)20:56
sharooncedk: i checked the raw speeds to bypass ordering and ir rules and domain construction and its faster than recursion20:57
sharooncedk: yeh, I am amazed by the speed of recursive query20:57
cedksharoon: by the way, in ModelSQL the child_of search use SQL query directly and not a search20:57
cedksharoon: I guess with the amount of data you got, the row are in memory20:58
sharooncedk: any suggestion on how to optimise a query if categories are hierarchial like now, but products has a m2m relation to category ?20:59
cedksharoon: what is really bad with child_of without MPTT is all the data tranfered between pg and trytond20:59
cedksharoon: but what do you want to query?21:00
sharooncedk: products under a category (including all its descendants)21:01
cedksharoon: SQL query with a join and MPTT where clause21:02
sharooncedk: ok21:03
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cedksharoon: something like
cedkACTION happy MPTT is still faster21:06
cedksharoon: but will you still try to improve the MPTT update?21:07
sharooncedk: but write on MPTT still sucks!! you saw the problem with concurrent tree update21:07
sharooncedk: yes, since nothing beats MPTT in read, I will be working on improving MPTT write21:07
cedksharoon: you make a lot much more search on tree than write/create21:08
sharooncedk: yes21:09
cedksharoon: perhaps have a look at
cedksharoon: but github seems down right now21:13
cedksharoon: in django-mptt there is a big SQL query that seems to do the job21:18
cedksharoon: it is in
sharooncedk: reading21:19
cedkACTION bbl21:20
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yangooncedk: I get the 500, when 'Send mail' is activated on Publish + Mail Draft Comments21:38
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sharooncedk: we already have this feature right ?
cedksharoon: yes23:52
cedksharoon: you should have a look at23:54

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