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cedkudono: is there any codereview for the POS?10:31
udonocedk: just an older one, with less community participation: Maybe reichlich will upload again?10:37
cedkudono: it is because I just had a look at what he does and I get some remarks10:42
cedkudono: it is a pity that he did not communicate more10:43
udonocedk: ?10:43
cedkudono: last stuff I saw was an old codereview10:45
cedkudono: now I see he wrote a pos_sale module, a pos in QT etc.10:46
udonocedk: pos_sale module is new to me.10:47
cedkudono: I did not see any talk on mailing list about that10:47
udonocedk: reichlich writes his blog he has a repository from the beginning
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cedkudono: perhaps but I have the feeling he worked out of the community10:49
udonocedk: Yes maybe, but with me, his mentor, he is in communication.10:58
cedkudono: blog post is not a good communication way for a community10:58
cedkudono: there was some design choice that should have been discussed10:58
udonocedk: yes maybe. We all have now an opinion what GSoC means and how to handle a project, mentor a student, etc. We maybe should collect some guidelines for the next time.11:00
cedkudono: for now, it is far from being "includable" in main11:00
cedkudono: for sure11:02
udonocedk: I can understand it was hard for him, because of the steady changing base. There where many changes in the tryton client last months impossible to plan and develop a POS mode based on it. Removing NETRPC protocol => Rewrite of the synchonization module, etc.11:03
cedkudono: that's false, changing the protocol should be transparent if the software is well designed11:06
udonocedk: That's true, but I can not see your notes on this:
cedkudono: I did on an other one11:08
cedkudono: I'm not sure I received an email for this one (perhaps the old bug that was not sending to mailing list)11:09
udonocedk: I think we mentors have not be strong enough in the beginning, to shrink the project to something which is solvable in the given time. But for me reichlich did a good choice with producing a functional showcase. I am sure he will work on this topic after the End of GSoC.11:13
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cedkudono: that's not the point of my remarks, for sure he has worked11:15
udonocedk: what is your Point?11:15
cedkudono: communication and community participation11:16
bechamelI agree with udono that for the next gsoc we must have more discusion of the implementation at the beginning11:16
bechamelthis will be more clear for us and for the student11:17
bechamelto better evaluate what as been done, to better know who is doing what, to anticipate problems and coordinate works11:18
cedkbechamel: for sure, I realize that students are not ready to work out-of-the-box :-)11:18
bechamelcedk: yes and the fact that the period is finally quite short so it doesn't let us a lot of time to discuss and thing of everything11:19
cedkI thought we could talk with students about implementation design but it doesn't seem to be really doable11:19
bechamelcedk: it's already diffcult between us ;)11:20
bechamelwe are learning every day :)11:21
cedkbechamel: yes but I think they will be more proactive11:22
udonocedk: agree11:22
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cedknext year, I think we should reduce the number of students11:25
udonocedk: ... but I learned that we Trytonians try to follow a very special culture. The aspects and unwritten rules are not obvious for new people coming to the project, even when they have not worked in OS communities.11:25
cedkudono: I don't understand, which rules?11:27
udonocedk: ... at least all your expectations you told us in the last hour.11:31
cedkudono: it is part of the rules of the GSoc11:31
cedkudono: I think it is obvious that students must talk on mailing list and irc chan11:31
cedkudono: and we repeat that many times11:32
udonocedk: yes, but reichlich_ did talk to you and to me when he needs help. If he has something to announce he uses his blog.11:35
cedkbechamel, udono: I also discover that most of the students was working on their own and have difficulty to work in community11:35
bechamelcedk: OTOH, must of the discussion about fodt was on the french irc or by private mail11:35
cedkudono: yes exactly the issue, the GSoC is not about working alone and just have mentor for help but it is about being part of the community11:36
udonocedk: True. And that's the failure of all mentors. We did not include them into the project.11:36
cedkbechamel: yes the student doesn't want to speak english here and indeed it was difficult to communicate with him11:36
bechamelme and dfamorato did communicate a lot on irc11:38
bechamelbut a bit late in the process imo11:38
bechamelnext year rule: the mentor and the student must not share the same langage (except english) !11:39
cedkbechamel: or at least, don't allow to speak on other chan11:40
cedkudono: perhaps but also of the students, I think being part of OS community is a personal engagement11:41
cedkI personnaly send frequently email to my student to get news, asking about irc communication etc. but I did not get many answers11:43
cedkalso I was expecting from students to know a little bit about VCS and being able to use codereview but it seems to be too much asking11:44
cedkone difficulty is perhaps because we want high quality11:45
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cedkudono: your patches don't apply12:38
cedkudono: I guess it is because you use the git diff format12:38
cedkudono: indeed it is because you edited the patch instead of generating a new one with the right commit12:41
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udonocedk: ups. Ok, I generate new ones, sorry. I tested it local and it works, when editing the patch.12:43
cedkudono: I apply the patches with --exact options otherwise you will have your local repository diverging12:45
udonocedk: so I make new patches?12:45
cedkudono: yes12:48
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cedkmeanmicio: hi, is the LRU patch improved the memory usage?19:17
meanmiciocedk: hi, I haven't tried yet. I'm finishing the Spanish translation. Hopefully tonight I will finish :-)19:19
cedkmeanmicio: ok19:20
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meanmiciocedk: I'm going to create a new DB now to check some translations. In 2.0.1, which file was the one to patch in 2.0.1 ? I can check the memory issue now19:50
dfamorato_cedk: ping19:52
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cedkdfamorato: pong19:53
dfamoratocedk: Hi... I saw the review about my latest patch19:53
dfamoratocedk: by your comment here ( ) I understood that you don't want me to stream to stdio19:54
cedkdfamorato: yes I want to be able to call the method through the any rpc protocol19:56
cedkdfamorato: like that you can use proteus19:57
dfamoratocedk: the problem with the same is when you have too many records, storing in memory will make it run out of memory19:59
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cedkdfamorato: so paging20:02
dfamoratocedk: yes.. i dit write a todo for that20:02
dfamoratocedk: but here is my question, can you please give an example of when this would be required ?20:03
dfamoratocedk: I am trying very hard to try finding a use case20:04
dfamoratocedk: but could not come up with one still20:04
cedkdfamorato: If I put the sphinx server on an other hosts20:05
dfamoratocedk: well, you could run tryon from that server too (without daemon) but yes i understand. But even then proteus would not work in an iterative way20:06
dfamoratocedk: Because then we have to handle pagination, network conectivity errors and so on20:07
cedkdfamorato: indeed it is simple to do pagination20:09
cedkdfamorato: you just have to process records ordered by date20:09
cedkdfamorato: and store as last_updated the date of the last record processed20:09
cedkdfamorato: and you put a limit on the search20:10
dfamoratocedk: ok then, i will see what can i come up with and push to code review20:11
cedkdfamorato: is sphinx consume on the fly the XML?20:12
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meanmiciocedk : had some issues with the patch for 2.0.1, I just copied the whole revision for the server20:20
meanmiciocedk : but it looks that I also need to update the client now20:21
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meanmiciocedk : I'm going to use the latest hg revision20:33
cedkmeanmicio: becareful that it will require some update of the code, like the Pool etc.20:46
cedkmeanmicio: normally you should be able to apply the patch or at least redo it in 2.020:46
meanmiciocedk : some portions of the patch were rejected.... at least we can check the load of the DB now... then I drop it back20:47
meanmiciois loading it now...20:49
dfamorat_cedk: ping20:50
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ndn_pitI have a problem21:05
ndn_pitwith states={'readonly': Bool(Eval('active_id'))}21:05
ndn_pitis it right?21:07
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ndn_pitplease help me21:30
cedkdfamorato: pong21:34
cedkndn_pit: it depends on what you use this statement21:34
ndn_pitwhat I want?21:34
ndn_pitI want: my field was readonly only on edit form, but not in create form21:36
ndn_pitsomeone told me that I can use readonly states with id21:37
ndn_pitbut it is not work21:37
cedkndn_pit: active_id is not define21:38
ndn_pitbut id is not work too21:38
ndn_pitas active_id21:38
cedkndn_pit: you must use something like: Bool(Greater(Eval('id', -1), 0))21:38
cedkndn_pit: record has always an id, but it is negative if not saved21:38
ndn_pitthank you21:39
ndn_pitvery mach21:39
ndn_pitsecond problem^21:39
ndn_pitI create model21:39
ndn_pitwith 2 fields: Char and Selection (both of them required=True), when I try to change view mode tryton always says me that data was changed, "do you want save them before?"21:41
ndn_pitI had not ever seen this problem21:42
cedkndn_pit: are you displaying create_date or write_date?21:43
cedkndn_pit: is you default value for Selection fields correct?21:43
ndn_pitmy fields are: name, month... if it helps21:44
ndn_pitmodel has not default value21:44
cedkndn_pit: but is your Selection fields has a value for False?21:45
ndn_pitcan i show my code for this model?21:46
cedkmeanmicio: good keep me in touch21:46
cedkndn_pit: use a copy/paste service like pastebin21:46
ndn_pitfrom trytond.model import ModelView, ModelSQL, fields21:46
ndn_pitfrom trytond.pyson import Not, Bool, Eval, Equal21:46
ndn_pitclass TabelMonth(ModelView, ModelSQL):21:46
ndn_pit    'Tabel Mounth'21:46
cedkndn_pit: don't copy/paste in the chan21:47
ndn_pit    _name = ''21:47
ndn_pit    _description = __doc__21:47
ndn_pit    21:47
ndn_pit    name = fields.Char('Name', required=True)21:47
ndn_pit    mnth = fields.Selection([21:47
ndn_pit        (1, 'January'),21:47
ndn_pit        (2, 'February'),21:47
ndn_pit        (3, 'March'),21:47
ndn_pit    ], 'Month', sort=False, required=True)21:47
meanmicioced: 800 MB21:47
cedkndn_pit: the issue is that you don't have a default value for mnth21:48
cedkmeanmicio: and before?21:48
meanmiciocedk : pretty much the same21:48
ndn_pitis it required? why should I have to have default value?21:49
cedkndn_pit: because the field can have only 3 value, so the client will set one then it considere that the value of the field has changed21:50
cedkmeanmicio: what is the size of the XML21:50
ndn_pitand I don't understand how to copy/paste?21:51
ndn_pitfrom trytond.model import ModelView, ModelSQL, fields21:52
ndn_pitfrom trytond.pyson import Not, Bool, Eval, Equal21:52
ndn_pit 21:52
ndn_pitclass TabelMonth(ModelView, ModelSQL):21:52
ndn_pit    'Tabel Mounth'21:52
ndn_pit    _name = ''21:52
ndn_pit    _description = __doc__21:52
ndn_pit   21:52
ndn_pit    name = fields.Char('Name', required=True)21:52
ndn_pit    mnth = fields.Selection([21:52
ndn_pit        (1, 'January'),21:52
ndn_pit        (2, 'February'),21:53
ndn_pit        (3, 'March'),21:53
ndn_pit    ], 'Month', sort=False, required=True)21:53
ndn_pit 21:53
ndn_pitresult is same sorry for flood21:53
meanmiciocedk : 3 files, each 5 MB. 72589 records21:53
dfamoratocedk: My questions is about Average Cost: Is average cost on products purchase orders or on the supplier invoices?21:53
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cedkdfamorato: it is on shipment22:00
dfamoratocedk:  on incoming shipment ?22:01
cedkdfamorato: yes22:01
dfamoratocedk: you mean as soon as it's received, it computes the average cost to update the product ?22:01
dfamoratoACTION learned something new !22:01
cedkdfamorato: yes that why you have the purchase price in incoming shipment22:04
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ndn_pitcedk: I set default value but result is same... (22:20
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ndn_pitcan you list - what widgets can I use in form view?22:23
ndn_pitand in what timezone you are? when I should chat in there?22:28
ndn_pitare you here?22:36
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meanmiciocedk: ping23:08
cedkmeanmicio: pong23:08
meanmiciocedk : I'm loading again the db load with the 2.0.1 server. Will send you the exact mem consumption, so we can compare23:09
cedkmeanmicio: ok23:10
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sharooncedk: is it your birthday today ?23:19
cedksharoon: yes23:19
sharooncedk: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!23:19
cedksharoon: thanks :-)23:19
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meanmiciocedk : Today is also my son's 8th birthdate. I knew Cedric was a cool guy ! Now I know why :-)23:33
dfamoratocedk: Happy Birthday !!23:34
dfamoratoACTION wishes cedk Happy Birthday !23:34
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cedkthanks everybody23:42
meanmiciocedk : I got the exact same results (memory-wise) in the run on 2.0.1 and in the latest hg revision. (799 MB)23:43
cedkmeanmicio: ok so we need to investigate further23:46
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