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pepeucedk, I create other db and it's work00:03
pepeucedk, thanks00:03
pepeucedk, sorry, but no work. i have same error00:04
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yangooncedk: ping11:42
yangoonlinks for new modules are missing for hgnested, google_translate is a dead link11:42
yangoonshould I clean this up?11:43
cedkyangoon: don't understand11:51
cedkyangoon: ha ok, I think I understand11:58
cedkyangoon: yes you can but I don't know if you have access11:58
yangooncedk: on tycho the links in trytond/trytond/modules must be updated11:59
yangooncedk: I think I have, I will try11:59
cedkyangoon: tycho is readonly11:59
cedkyangoon: all is on moretus11:59
yangooncedk: correct:)12:00
yangooncedk: fixed12:29
cedkyangoon: thx12:29
yangooncedk: so hg on tycho is a backup from moretus?12:29
cedkyangoon: yes12:29
yangooncedk: ok, thx12:30
yangoonnicoe: ping12:35
yangoonnicoe: migration for po file for carrier and sale_shipment is missing12:37
yangoonnicoe: I suggest you did do it with script12:37
yangooncould you repeat it for those two new candidates?12:38
nicoeyangoon: I'll take a look12:43
ndn_pitmy windows tryton-client can not connect to tryton-server... versions: 2.0.213:12
ndn_pitclient says: version incompatible13:13
ndn_pitwhat can i do for that?13:13
cedkndn_pit: use a compatible version13:13
cedkndn_pit: same two first version number13:14
ndn_pitit's same13:14
cedkndn_pit: it is not otherwise you will not have this message13:15
ndn_pitit worked for tryton-server 2.0.1, but when I reinstalled server it appeared13:16
ndn_pitI'am shure server and client versions is same13:17
ndn_pitmay be i should upgrade db version?13:18
cedkndn_pit: no it is the client and server version that are incompatbible like the error message says13:19
udonondn_pit: this error appears sometimes to me, when the port is wrong.13:19
ndn_pitthen why my client in linux works with that server normally?13:19
ndn_pitcan i give you server address to test?13:20
udonondn_pit: yes13:22
udonondn_pit: have the same message :-(13:24
udonondn_pit: try to restart client and server and try again. This usually works for me.13:25
ndn_pit# trytond --version13:25
udonondn_pit: my client is: 2.0.313:25
ndn_pitthen your message is not wrong13:26
ndn_pitor not?13:26
udonondn_pit: 2.0.2 server and 2.0.3 client should work, because they are in the same branch 2.013:27
udonoso the message is wrong, too13:27
udonondn_pit: be sure there is no tryton/openerp process in the backround running on the same port...13:28
udonondn_pit: I just recognize when getting this error, that it sometimes better should mean: Can not connect.13:30
ndn_pitwhen i trying connect locally - it works :)... but when through dyndns - "version wrong"13:30
udonondn_pit: so it seems a wrong error message13:32
ndn_pitthen i think it my port forwarding problem... thank you13:32
udonoFYI: The wrong error message is just in 2.0 and seems to be fixed in 2.113:36
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