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zxq9Is the HelloWorld Module turorial up to date? I am getting an error from the hello.xml06:13
zxq9NM, found the problem. The 'select="1"' part of the CDATA xml lines has to be removed in v2.006:18
zxq9Is there a way to declare a field as an array instead of a single item? PostgreSQL supports this but I don't understand how to do it in a Tryton module.09:08
zxq9Hi cedk. Is there a way to make an array in a field?10:03
cedkzxq9: it is a one2many10:15
cedkzxq9: indeed what is your requirements10:45
zxq9cedk: I need a way to make 3 spellings for the same name searchable as the same name. (In Japanese a name can be kanji, kana or roman letters and all three are correct)11:29
zxq9If this were just in psql I would make a name column an array, and pick [1] to be the display name, and any [1+n] searched with the same weight as [1]11:30
cedkzxq9: I don't see how you can display that in the GUI11:32
cedkzxq9: it is an interesting problem :-)11:32
cedkzxq9: I guess multi-language doesn't solve the issue?11:33
zxq9I was thinking of just leaving the "display name" as the only one normally shown, and have an expansion box to add further spellings.11:33
zxq9Not quite, though it is very close.11:33
zxq9Multilanguage searches don't work the way I need them to.11:34
zxq9Imagine your name, your nickname and your login name all being equally valid, but your real name being the only field necessary to display.11:34
zxq9So fields really only *must* be shown when creating a record, not really when pulling one or listing them.11:35
cedkzxq9: but in Japan, don't you take some kind of agreement to use for the software always the same set of characters?11:37
zxq9No. If some people do that they are making life hard for themselves.11:38
zxq9When you do things like register at the city office for taxes (or business ownership) you write down your kanji name (like 夜神 岩男), then above it the kana spelling (やがみ いわお or ヤガミ イワオ) and for some uses also write the Roman version ("Iwao Yagami" and here the names are reversed, family name last, but sometimes people write this "YAGAMI Iwao" instead)11:40
cedkACTION discover that my policy doesn't display kana nor kanji :-)11:41
zxq9In searches kana is the most common, because they are impossible to screw up -- but you can't print a business letter to someone like that, its rude.11:41
bechamelcedk: s/policy/font/ :)11:42
zxq9you mean in IRC or in Tryton? :-)11:43
cedkzxq9: I think it should be possible to customize the multi-language behavior to allow searching on many language at once11:43
zxq9And that leaves one problem. Kanji, katakana, hiragana and romaji are all one language, not many. So multiple spellings within a single language also must exist.11:44
zxq9This problem also exists for Korean and Chinese, by the way.11:44
zxq9(very similar, anyway -- not everybody has four alphabets)11:45
cedkzxq9: I think in common software there is a different language for each set of characters11:45
cedkja_JP.SJIS, ja_JP.ct, ja_JP.ISO2022-JP etc.11:46
zxq9No, Shift-JIS has all four available.11:47
zxq9So I can write Japan - > 日本 -> にほん -> ニホン all in the same line in any Japanese character set.11:48
zxq9*in any single encoding.11:49
cedkzxq9: is it possible to convert from one sets to an other?11:52
zxq9There are libraries to handle this.11:52
zxq9But not from kanji11:52
zxq9There are many possible pronounciations for each kanji, especially with family names, so the normal way to do it is always provide two fields, one for kana and one for kanji11:53
zxq9There are a few ways to romanize the sounds as well (chyuuo/chyu/chuo/etc or kombanwa/konbanha/etc) so this is also impractical. It gets really crazy when foreign names written in kana. You should see how they say "McDonald's" here!11:55
zxq9But katakana <--> hirgana is no problem.11:56
cedkzxq9: I don't see why having two languages will be an issue if we allow to search on both at once11:57
zxq9Because that is still only 2 fields, I need three or four.11:57
zxq9"katakana" is not a language, it is just one of four correct ways to spell.11:58
cedkzxq9: ok 4 languages11:59
zxq9That doesn't make sense. We would have to create 3 new language positions just to represent Japanese. And then what, create 2 and 3 more each for Cantonese, Taiwanese, Korean, Mandarin, etc.? This gets ridiculous very fast.12:00
cedkzxq9: I don't find12:01
cedkzxq9: it is the same as what you propose except that I propose to reuse something that already exists12:02
zxq9Isn't that a lot more field duplication than just making a few fields possible arrays?12:02
cedkzxq9: no12:04
cedkzxq9: but it will only works on translatable fields12:07
cedkthere is the @modifier that could be used12:14
zxq9If I make 4 languages to represent Japanese, it will only make copies of certain fields, but not entire tables?12:17
zxq9Anyway, one of the great things about how Tryton is structured is that experimenting both ways is easy.12:19
zxq9Hrm... looking at the rest of my localization list, and the nature of this particular problem, I wonder if JP-specific extensions to some modules isn't better.12:24
zxq9Anyway, its easy to play around with ideas inside Tryton, so I'll see what happens.12:25
zxq9Thanks for the help. I'm sure I'll be back with a question or two again soon.12:26
ch_larsenGood evening from Afghanistan - a quick question, if I may: I seem to be unable to change the defaut server password (admin), even though the configuation file trytond.conf is read and used. I am using python2.6 and the latest stable tryton version on FreeBSD. Thanks a lot in advance!16:08
cedk_ch_larsen: look at the server output to see which configuration file it uses16:09
ch_larseni have, no worries. it does follow my configuration file's instructions otherwise, e.g. SSL connection, certificates, activation of webdav, etc16:10
ch_larsenso, this is a wee bit strange, as the config file IS read...16:10
cedk_ch_larsen: it looks strange16:14
ch_larsentrue (and thanks for your help!) .... If I enter a different password into trytond.conf, I cannot use any database management facilties, as the server password is declared as invalid. password "admin",  however, works16:15
cedk_ch_larsen: I'm pretty sure you don't update the right configuration file16:16
ch_larsenbut how come trytond recognises webdav activation via trytond.conf (disabled by default), for instance. plus ssl and certificate location? and complains, if i change the name of the certificate path mentioned inside trytond.conf...?16:18
cedk_ch_larsen: I tested here and it works16:22
ch_larsenit works on my linux mint (debian-based) notebook to, but not on my freebsd server. any ideas re. architecture-specific issues?16:23
cedk_ch_larsen: i don't think16:24
ch_larsenfreebsd jail issues?16:27
ch_larsen(no logs observed along that line, though...)16:28
cedk_ch_larsen: you must look at the logging of the server, at the starting it show you which configuration file it is using16:29
ch_larsenlet me catch that one... :-)16:31
ch_larsen[Wed Oct 19 20:01:39 2011] INFO:server:using /usr/local/etc/trytond.conf as configuration file [Wed Oct 19 20:01:39 2011] INFO:server:initialising distributed objects services [Wed Oct 19 20:01:40 2011] INFO:modules:ir:registering classes [Wed Oct 19 20:01:40 2011] INFO:modules:res:registering classes [Wed Oct 19 20:01:40 2011] INFO:modules:test:registering classes [Wed Oct 19 20:01:40 2011] INFO:modules:webdav:registering classes16:33
ch_larsenthis is the correc file16:33
udonoch_larsen: hi, did you have any special characters in the password? try with only alphanum.16:36
ch_larsenmy current password is test16:40
ch_larsenis it sufficient to comment out the default password?16:41
ch_larsen#admin_password admin (CR) admin_password test16:41
ch_larsensorry, with the "=" in betwen16:42
cedk_ch_larsen: yes17:00
ch_larsenam a bit at a loss here...17:07
ch_larsenoops, just noted sth: the modified password is correctly mentioned in trytond.conf on the server. HOWEVER, on the client side, we have ~.config/tryton/tryton.conf, and the password there is admin. Do I have to delete the client-side config file when changing the server password?17:12
cedk_ch_larsen: no17:15
ch_larseni have un-set the client-side password and databse, let me see now whether i can log in using the bespoke password17:15
cedk_ch_larsen: admin_password is not about login but database manipulation17:18
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ch_larsendeleting client-side settings does not float, either17:18
ch_larsenit is still "admin"17:18
cedk_ch_larsen: are not you mixing admin_password and the password of the user admin?17:19
ch_larsenno prob with the instance (using plone speak) user admin and his/her password17:21
ch_larsenthe only prob i have is with the tryotin SERVER passwd, the one you stick into trytond.conf17:21
ch_larsenbtw, if you are cedric, best regards from the gnusolidario (luis) and bika labs (crew)... guess you are in the picture how we (i am part oof the team) are trying to use the tryton platfrom for a comprehensive hospital and laboratory management information platform for resource-poor countries17:22
cedk_ch_larsen: I'm17:24
ch_larsengreat!!! i am sure you are aware of this effort, and I am glad we "found" you after he got immensely fed-up by the machiavellian Tiny exploit17:25
ch_larseni also feel that tryton is hugely more stable17:25
ch_larsenthanks a bucket for that!17:25
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cedk_ch_larsen: you can put print statement in the file to understand what is readed from the config file17:36
ch_larsenthanks a lot, will try!17:37
ch_larsenCedric, some tiny (diagnostic) progress: If I hardcode the password into, it is accepted.21:21
yangooncb_larsen oh, yet away21:33
yangoonjust in case, the param is *admin_passwd*21:33

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