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vukhi everibody10:57
vukmay i ask a question about trytond 2.2?10:58
udonovuk: hi, just ask.10:58
vukthnks. i just installed 2.2, created a new db, logged through client. everything ok so far except that i don't have anymore the record delete icon, in every view (groups, users, countries...). any idea?11:00
bechamelvuk: the delte action is now part of the menu (with the tools icon)11:02
vukmmm...i don't see any tools icon...AAAHHHH...THAT tool icon!11:03
vukok found11:04
vuka new world opens11:04
vukthanls bechamel11:04
vuksince we're here, are you interested in the core modules + client italian translation?11:05
bechamelvuk: yes why not, as long as you are ready to maintain it11:06
vukand returning to the delete affair, is there a way to add an action from the tool menu as an icon to the toolbar?11:07
vukfor the translation: ok, i'm working on my first real tryton project, i'm expectiong to work on more in the future, so i'm going to refine the current translation and will be in touch11:10
bechamelvuk: for the tool menu: no11:18
bechamelvuk: we had a guy from Italy who started the translation, but he stopped pretty quickly11:19
vukdamn italians! I'll try to keep up the national flag (even if it's not easy these times for italy...). Just one last question and I'll leave you quiet: is 2.3 realease stable enough for production purpose or is it better to stay on 2.2?11:24
bechamelvuk: 2.3 == 2.2 at the moment11:27
udonovuk: when you wanted to start production phase?11:27
bechamelwhen we freeze the trunk, we do not create a new branch, the new trunk is created after the stabilization and the release is made11:28
vukon january it must be up and running11:28
bechamelso 2.3 is pretty stable now, but will be less stable in january :)11:29
udonovuk: so it will be too early to go 2.3 and wait for 2.4. I would suggest: use stable 2.2.11:29
udonobechamel: :-)11:29
vukooookay, got the message!11:29
vukthanks folks11:29
vukyou're doing a great job, hope to be useful someway as soon as possible11:30
bechamelvuk: thx11:30
sisalpI wish to clone with tortoisehg11:45
nicoesisalp: you can not clone a codereview11:45
sisalpwherever I use the diff or the directory, it fails11:45
nicoehow does it fail ?11:45
sisalp' does not appear to be an hg repository11:45
nicoewe should implement this feature in hgreview11:46
nicoeWhy does not the diff work ?11:46
cedksisalp: you must do: hg import --no-commit
sisalpthe command succeeds, I will use it instead of tortoise11:49
sisalpthank you11:49
cedkany way, I'm thinking about creating a staging repositories for all those modules that take time to finalize11:50
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hoRnI wanna use the concept of product.template for a simple product variant (only one unimportant field is different between variants). delete() in the main module product.product don't let me delete a product. so i decided overwrite delete with a direct action in sql. could this may have serious consequences for other products?15:14
hoRnnot other product - other modules - stock for example15:15
cedkhoRn: what is the problem with delete?15:16
hoRncedk: delete in product.product delete the templates as well - but I wan't to delete the product only15:18
cedkhoRn: only if there is no more product linked to it15:19
hoRncedk: ok - now I got it. I had only one product related to the template and tried to delete the product from the templates view  ;)15:23
cedkhoRn: perhaps this behavior should be optional15:24
cedkhoRn: when you want to work with templates15:24
hoRncedk: perhaps. need to think about it. do we need a template without any product connected to it ....15:26
cedkhoRn: otherwise you need to prevent to delete all the product from the template15:36
cedkhoRn: because you will have an error message when the client will try to reload the template15:37
hoRncedk: yes - I did it right now.15:37
hoRncedk: Mission impossible - we need at least one Product connected to the template15:38
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meanmiciocedk : ping21:08
meanmicioJust released GNU Health 1.4.0 stable for Tryton 2.221:09
hoRncan anybody give me a hint what is the pattern for a grep, if i need aMany2One  sortable by drag'n drop? like in invoice.line?22:20
cedkhoRn: invoice.line are one a One2Many22:24
cedkhoRn: you can look at the adresses on party22:24
hoRncedk: black out again - don't know what makes a tree sortable :( - will take a look tomorrow22:36
cedkhoRn: it is the sequence attribute in the tree view22:41
hoRnok  - supposed this.22:42
hoRncedk:thanks - in my first live I was graduate of humanities - after more than 5 hours starring to a screen with code a kind of stupidity always hits me ...22:47
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