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hoRnGood evening22:55
hoRnstill playing around with the posibilities of pricelists. For a upcoming project we need a pricelist for customer groups - extending the party.category isn't possible, because it ist not unique. should we introduce a second 'category' for this?22:59
cedkhoRn: why the price list field on party is not enough?23:00
hoRncedk: the functions are good - but we need to assign pricelist automaticly to new clients depending on some attributes23:02
hoRncedk: in our shop we had a design like this: a product can have a lot of prices - the group of the client says, which price he get23:04
cedkhoRn: but assigned a group or a pricelist is the same23:05
hoRncedk: thats true - so we need to find a way to autoasign the pricelist to the client depending on attributes of the cleint23:06
cedkhoRn: you can perhaps do it with on_change?23:11
cedkhoRn: or on the create method if the field is empty23:11
hoRncedk: need to think about it again - pricelist isn't the right pattern for the problem: the price isn't lower because of the quantity - it's lower because the client is member of a group with some privileges23:12
cedkhoRn: price list is not necessary based on quantities, it can be based on any kind of fields23:13
hoRncedk: yes - but it looks that we should write a new module for our task: different prices for different client groups discriminated by different countries of origin :-/23:16
hoRncedk: but I think this is a common problem of onlinestores23:17
hoRncedk: something like pricing concepts on international markets23:22
hoRnfriday night - I go downstairs fo a beer ... see you23:41

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