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ndn_pithi! how can I download all tryton modules? is it possible to get it in one bash command?12:27
udonondn_pit: try hgnested12:49
udonondn_pit: if installed and configured, you can do hg nclone to get trytond version 2.2 and all upstream modules for this version.12:50
ndn_pitudono: "hg clone" it gets only tryton-server, and there is nothing in "modules" folder12:59
udonondn_pit: read more exactly...12:59
ndn_pitudono: "hg: unknown command 'nclone'", I only installed mercurial...13:02
udonondn_pit: ;-)13:02
udonondn_pit: when you installed hgnested, you need to put13:08
udonoin section [extensions] in your ~/.hgrc.13:08
ndn_pitudono: I installed mercurial-nested, is it hgnested?13:10
udonondn_pit: yes13:10
ndn_pitudono: but there is not ".hgrc" in my home folder13:13
udonondn_pit: just create one with the contents:13:14
udonohgnested =13:15
ndn_pitudono: thank you!13:19
udonondn_pit: welcome13:19
udonodoes it work?13:19
ndn_pitudono: yes13:20
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sampacHi! I want to be able to launch a bulk treatment on an object, so my understanding is I need to define an action... all I want is to launch a function so should I create a wizard with just one state of type "action" ? Or is there a type of action that directly launches a function ?16:11
cedksampac: for now, only wizard16:16
sampacOk thanks! (And yeah I saw the new design for wizards... very excited! Any release estimation ?)16:17
cedksampac: 16 April16:21
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jcmcedk: shouldn't the carrier_weight come with a new value 'weight' in cost_method of carrier?23:35

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