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cedkudono: about issue2328, I'm a little bit lost about it?10:09
udonocedk: hi, we are lost too. yangoon1 and timitos tries to catch it. Just let it open, and we will see from where it comes, if they have better results.10:15
cedkudono: for me, it is sure that the patch is wrong10:20
udonocedk: yes, Iam not so happy with the patch, too.10:24
yangooncedk: about search_read: should the method only be used in the client? or the other way round: does it any harm to use the method in modules?10:50
cedkyangoon: it is better to use browse10:59
yangooncedk: I thought to remember you said that, thx for confirming11:00
cedkyangoon: read and search_read are just convenience for the client11:02
udonoyangoon, cedk: isn't search_read and read more rapid the browse?11:15
cedkudono: no11:19
udonocedk: ok, thanks for Info11:26
jcmcedk: shouldn't the carrier_weight come with a new value 'weight' in cost_method of carrier? how can I add this value in the carrier cost_method list?23:17

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