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jcmcedk: in fact, seems carrier_weight module has no effect, despite I installed it through the client too.01:21
sisalphello, someone tells me that project management is not mentionned as included in Tryton.org13:04
sisalpimho, it should be13:04
bechamelsisalp: I agree13:08
cedksisalp: issue is that everybody is waiting the new website13:15
melodiebonjour, hello14:55
cedkmelodie: hi14:59
melodiehi cedk15:00
melodieI try to install tryton, and it's not obvious15:00
melodiefirst I posted here:15:00
melodiethen now I uninstalled that old version and try to install the depends to install the latest stable tryton from sources15:01
melodiebut it looks like some depends are not in our repos15:01
melodieare you used to install tryton ?15:02
cedkmelodie: could you clearly define what is the problem15:13
melodiecedk, I defined it in the above post15:14
melodieelse, I am about to try to install from sources15:14
melodieie : I get an error while installing some depends, just posted here:15:14
melodieand I don't know if it is an error which will hurt the install of tryton latest from sources, but anyhow I posted at the forum15:15
melodiewe have an outdated tryton and outdated postgresql : if I try to use tryton latest with sqlite : can it work ?15:15
melodiethis is a question for which maybe you have the answer15:16
melodieI'll request a newer package...15:23
cedkmelodie: I don't know if it will be a problem15:27
cedkmelodie: but simply try to run the server and the client15:27
cedkmelodie: otherwise, if you just want to try Tryton you can install neso which is an all-in-one for single user15:29
melodiecedk, good idea. I look for neso15:32
melodiefound the link15:33
melodiedo someone know if sqlite can be used with tryton 2.2, or if a specific  version of postgresql is needed ?15:38
melodieI am writing a package request...15:38
cedkmelodie: sqlite is a light replacement of postgresql15:39
melodiewe mostly all have sqlite installed in the systems, but then how does tryton find the database, or how do we create it ?15:40
melodieDepending on your system you may also need:15:41
melodie    openoffice-headless15:41
melodieare libreoffice components compliant as well ?15:41
melodie(many questions, isn't it ? :) )15:41
udonomelodie: hi, libreoffice works as well15:43
melodiehi udono. thanks15:43
melodieudono, do you use tryton in windows or in linux ?15:44
udonomelodie: linux and windows15:44
udonoserver always linux15:44
melodieand client in both ?15:45
udonomelodie: yes15:45
melodieI'd like to do a first successful run15:45
melodiejust single user in linux15:45
melodiedo you use sqlite or postgresql ?15:45
udonomelodie: so just try out neso.15:46
melodie   python install15:46
udonomelodie: We suggest postgresql for real business use. But sqlite is good for testing.15:47
melodiethen how should I do the first database ? Is neso creating it for me ?15:47
melodieI got errors : I am going to pastebin to show you15:48
udonomelodie: ... and there is no easy way to migrate your data from sqlite to postgres. This means when you want to change, you need to setup tryton on postres again.15:48
udonoNeso gives you a button to create15:48
melodiewell the install command failed and I don't know what this bytecode disabled means and how I can fix it.15:49
cedkmelodie: are you on Mandriva?15:52
melodiecedk, <melodie>,100428.0.html15:52
melodiebut I'll retry with their solution ! immediatly. :)15:53
melodieit seems to work15:54
melodieFinished processing dependencies for neso==2.2.015:54
cedkmelodie: so just run: neso15:55
melodiefails with errors, I pastebin again15:56
cedkmelodie: the file doesn't exist?15:58
melodie$ ls /usr/share/pixmaps/tryton15:58
melodieLICENSE  tryton.icns  tryton.ico  tryton-undo.svg15:58
melodieI seek for it15:58
melodieyes, but it's not in the path15:59
melodie# locate tryton-icon.png15:59
melodieI copy it to there15:59
cedkmelodie: very strange15:59
melodieI had done former tries and have a tryton-2.0.1 directory on my desktop16:01
melodiedoesn't it mean the neso program has not downlaoded all which is necessary ?16:01
cedkmelodie: if you already installed tryton, it will not install it again16:02
melodieI said I did tries, but I didn't install it. I did a run from within the directory16:03
melodiewhich is confirmed by the fact that the /usr/share/pixmaps/tryton directory contains very few files, whereas the one on my desktop contains many16:04
melodieI have copied them all to the system, and will now retry "neso" command16:06
melodienew error messages16:06
melodie"ImportError: No module named exceptions" : what do I miss ?16:07
melodieI have one more question : when doing bills and quotes, is it possible to insert logos and headers in the document ?16:08
cedkmelodie: I think you don't have the right version of tryton installed16:08
melodieha ha16:09
cedkmelodie: uninstall it and reinstall it16:09
melodieOk, I'll uninstall it all and retry. I'll be back for a next try. Have to run now.16:09
melodiedo you have an answer about the former question I asked ? logos and headers in quotes and bills ?16:09
cedkmelodie: don't see the question16:10
udonomelodie: looks like there are some remains of older installation tries in your system16:11
melodieudono, how to uninstall neso ? find and rm ?16:13
udonomelodie: and I guess you are a pioneer for PCLinuxOS distribution16:13
melodienot sure, but the former version is outdated anyhow, so for this one it would be the case16:14
melodiedo I use find and rm or are there tools ?16:14
cedkmelodie: pip uninstall neso16:14
udonomelodie: what is in your /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ directory?16:14
melodieudono, lots of crap. do you want me to pastebin it ?16:16
udonomelodie: yes, would be good.Maybe there are older Tryton packages inside.16:17
udonomelodie: you have an old tryton-2.0.1-py2.6.egg inside which is not good. But better not use rm do remove it. Try pip uninstall tryton16:18
melodievery nice ! One more section where I never went and can seek for files not belonging to any packages. good for the remasters I do too !16:19
melodieok pip16:19
melodiepip : command not found16:19
melodieI think rm will be the solution.16:20
udonomelodie: no, better not16:20
melodiewhy ?16:20
udonomelodie: try easy_install pip16:20
udonomelodie: because the files are named in another file to reference.16:21
melodiethere are 2 : one simple one named 2.616:21
melodiewhich one of the 2 easy_install ?16:21
udonomelodie: could you paste the contents of /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/easy-install.pth16:21
udonomelodie: use easy_install2.616:24
melodietoo late16:24
melodieI was after the bytecode stuff16:24
udonomelodie: looks good.16:26
melodiethis is what I get, looks good too, no ?16:26
melodiehow come the demo online for 2.2 can't be used ?16:26
melodienot ready ?16:26
udonomelodie: now try pip-2.6 install neso16:27
udonomelodie: and better paste the output16:28
melodieseems to have worked fine16:29
udonomelodie: /usr/bin/neso does it start?16:29
melodieas user ?16:30
melodieor as root ?16:30
udonomelodie: user16:30
melodieyes, it starts16:30
melodieI get a window suggesting to create a database. I'll proceed16:30
melodieI get an error once I click "ok"16:32
melodieI stop for today. thanks. and will be back soon. :)16:33
udonomelodie: see you16:34
melodieI have a gift for all who have children around them... wait a sec...16:34
melodiehere !16:34

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