IRC logs of #tryton for Monday, 2012-01-02 #tryton log beginning Mon Jan 2 00:00:01 CET 2012
oxcarI need help, I changed tryton 2.0 for 2.217:00
oxcarAnd I restore ok old database and run in localhost in a server fine, but the remote client, can not connect17:02
oxcarI put the Ip 192.168.1.XX to server and Port 8000, but I can not connect it17:03
bechameloxcar: the client is updated ?17:07
oxcaryes is new version 2.2.117:08
oxcarI get this in verbose mode: INFO:rpc.request:common.server.version(None, None)17:08
bechameloxcar: is there a firewall ?17:10
oxcarI installed 2.2 about on 2.0 (I do not delete 2.0 version) in dist-packages from tryton17:11
oxcarThere is not  firewall17:11
oxcarthe last week works without problems with remote client in ver 2.017:12
bechameloxcar: you can connect to the demo server with the client ?17:13
oxcarbechamel: Demo does not connect17:16
bechameloxcar: and no messages in the client console ?17:18
oxcarINFO:rpc.request:common.server.version(None, None) and INFO:rpc.request:common.server.version(None, None)17:21
oxcarBut from pgAdmin I can connect from remote client17:22
bechameloxcar: ?17:23
oxcarbechamel: this is message:  INFO:rpc.request:common.server.version(None, None)17:32
bechameloxcar: I mean, I don't understand why you talk about pgadmin17:32
oxcarSorry, I tried to connect to my database TRYTON from pgAdmin in other pc (no server) for to check connection, and works good17:35
oxcarI think maybe is for a new port 8000 in my network,17:36
oxcarHow can  I changed default 8000 to 8070 port in trytond server17:37
bechameloxcar: edit the config file trytond.conf17:41
bechameloxcar: the server tells which config file is used on the first line of the logs17:42
jcmoxcar: seems to me protocol changed from net rpc to json between 2.0 and 2.217:43
oxcarjcm: Yes, I know but json is installed17:45
oxcarWhy the default config JSONRPC don't listen all IPs in *:8000, how NETRPC in 2.0 *:807019:53
oxcarWhy default JSONRPC config use localhost:8000, when it don't let to connect remote clients19:56

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