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pokoliHI, there is any problem with the code review tool? I can't not publish one issue12:57
bechamelpokoli: it seems to work12:58
pokolibechamel, i'm getting error 500 while tryint to publish + mail draft comments13:00
pokolibechamel, i registered today, could be user permisions?13:00
cedkpokoli: some google account doesn't work13:02
cedkpokoli: I will invite you to the application13:03
pokolicedk, thanks it worked ;)13:05
cedkpokoli: we really need to move out of GAE13:13
pokolicedk, i'm sure of it13:14
pokolibut why you don't have a VPS? thera are really cheap ones13:14
pokolicedk, take a look
cedkpokoli: we already got servers13:16
cedkpokoli: it is not the issue13:16
cedkpokoli: it is to run rietveld out of GAE13:16
cedkpokoli: also I don't like virtualisation13:18
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pokolicedk, is not possible to deploy it on your own server? I don't understand your problem13:21
cedkpokoli: it is possible but need some work13:23
cedkpokoli: see:
pokolicedk, is there any problem on migrating the data from Google?13:23
cedkpokoli: read:
pokolicedk, sorry i was reading the entire post13:42
pokolicedk, what objects must be exported? Only the rietvield info?13:43
pokolicedk, can i see the exported database?13:44
cedkpokoli: all the standard data of rietveld13:44
pokolicedk, i will give it some time and i'm going to nitify you if I find something usefull.13:53
cedkpokoli: ok13:55
cedkpokoli: the goals will be to link authentication with roundup13:56
pokolicedk, roundup is on your custom server or GAE also?13:57
cedkpokoli: own server13:58
cedkpokoli: you can look how did13:58
cedkpokoli: please remove the mailing list from the CC of review 21400314:26
cedkpokoli: done14:27
pokolicedk, sorry was not here14:31
pokolithe mail is sended automatically to the mailing list?14:31
cedkpokoli: yes14:34
cedkpokoli: on the creation14:34
cedkpokoli: you can look at
scrapperhello trytonics, is there a chance to switch from minimal_account_type chart to account_de_SKR03. The company is already created with minimal_account_chart. some sales are already done... but no invoices where created right now.14:53
cedksmarro: if there is no accounting move, you should be able to delete the account chart and create a new one14:54
scrapperin truth I want to switch to account_at_SKR07 but as this package is inofficial my question is account_de_module related. If it works there it should work for account_at as well.14:54
scrappercedk: I think the answers was targeting my question. thank you... will try that now.14:56
cedkscrapper: yes wrong completion14:57
scrappercedk: thanks14:57
udonoscrapper: hi, anyway, better make a backup of your database before.15:03
udonocedk: hi, do you know ?15:05
scrapperudono: sure backups done 10times daily ;-)15:05
udonoscrapper: +115:06
smarrocedk: ?  :-)15:06
cedksmarro: wrong completion, sorry15:13
cedkudono: I don't want to change the software which is more complicated, it is just changing the hosting15:13
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coepsHello everybody, while i was looking for a app-framework (preferably in python ) i stumbled upon tryton. I am impressed... Now I would like to develop some modules for testing and studied the tutorial on and the eth-site one. After that I had a look at the small modules party and country to get a better idea. I read the docu etc. What i was not able to find was a kind of complete doc about how the details work or maybe just an api for19:52
coepsmethod parameter. Can someone point me to more docu or point me to the right place to do some further reading?19:52
udonocoeps: Hello, unfortunately this kind of developer overview documentation is missing. But we have an aged draft document under you know this?20:26
coepsThank you, but i already know that one. If there isn't any docu of that kind, i will probably just have to look at the sources.20:39
coepsone more question, whats the best way of developing. I not where to place the files ../modules/... But is it sufficient to restart the server? And is it enough for removing to delete the module files and restore a backup of the clean database?20:57
cedkcoeps: yes most of the time or it will require a database update21:02

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