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craigbass1976What are the system hardware requirements for servers and clients?  And a server that's going to double as a client02:57
craigbass1976forget it, I found them02:58
Lo-lan-doHi all :-)10:27
Lo-lan-doUnsurprisingly, I'm trying to close 2011 and start on 2012, but Tryton doesn't seem to want to let me reuse the same sequences for invoices and stuff.10:28
Lo-lan-doDoes that mean I actually need to create a set of sequences, with a manually-set initial offset, every year?10:29
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pjstevnsLo-lan-do: yes you need new sequences each new year. You can use dynamic sequences though, so no need for off-sets. Here in the Netherlands I can use ${year} prefix on incremental sequences, or I could use ${year}${month} prefixes.10:35
Lo-lan-doI do use a ${year} prefix, but the next part does not roll over to zero each year…10:36
cedkLo-lan-do: try to avoid to use ${year} in the accounting sequence10:40
cedkLo-lan-do: it is very strange to not reset the sequence because you can still make accounting move for the previous year and having already accounting move for the current10:41
Lo-lan-doActually, I only use this scheme for invoices and sales.  Others can roll over to whatever, I don't really care.10:46
Lo-lan-doBut still… what's the need for new sequences?10:46
cedkLo-lan-do: as I said, you can still use the one of the previous year when you already start to use for the new year10:47
Lo-lan-doHm, okay.  Is there a reason the new sequences aren't created automatically then?10:49
cedkLo-lan-do: because we don't know what you want10:50
Lo-lan-doFair enough :-)10:52
Lo-lan-doAnother question: I have a few cancelled invoices; they have no invoicing date, so they aren't caught by the filter on that criterion, and they always appear in my invoice list.11:39
Lo-lan-do…but I can't seem to be able to edit this date since that would need to switch them back to drafts, and apparently I can't do that because the invoices come from sales.11:40
Lo-lan-doAny way I could fix that?11:40
bechamelLo-lan-do: remove it ?11:47
Lo-lan-do"Vous ne pouvez pas supprimer une facture qui provient d'une vente"11:55
cedkLo-lan-do: perhaps we should have a default filter to not show cancelled12:22
Lo-lan-docedk: That could be an option, yes.13:17
Lo-lan-doLast one for today (I hope): I can't seem to find how to set default values anymore…13:17
Lo-lan-doI used to right-click on some fields to set them, so that starting an invoice and filling the client's name would be enough to fill the other fields with default values, but it seems to have been changed.13:19
Lo-lan-doSince that's very useful (I have a number of clients for whom the invoices are basically identical each time), is there a way to get that back?13:19
nicoeLo-lan-do: This has been removed. You can probably use an on_change for this13:21
Lo-lan-doI guess that involves writing a module?13:23
cedkLo-lan-do: why not duplicate a previous invoice?13:29
Lo-lan-doYes, that can be done too.  But that duplicates the whole invoice.13:31
cedkLo-lan-do: what was the fields prefilled?13:32
Lo-lan-doSummary, payment conditions, and sometimes the actual lines13:33
cedkLo-lan-do: payment terms are set on party13:34
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oxcarhi, Why Is the response of sale  view tree very slow?22:42
pokolicedk, ping23:56
cedkpokoli: pong23:56
pokolicedk, i was talking about the order of a list23:57
pokolicedk, for example when you are in the parties list and order it by NIF23:57
pokolicedk, this order is stored in the database, to be able to show the list in the same order when you reopen it23:58
pokolicedk, like the behaviour of column width23:58
cedkpokoli: there is no such functionality right now23:59

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