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sisalphello, can someone who doen't know python use proteus from another language ?11:42
cedksisalp: I don't think so11:43
sisalpok, so if he is reluctant to python,  I guess he can use json-rpc to feed data from csv ?11:45
cedksisalp: yes, he can rewrite a proteus in his favorite language11:46
cedksisalp: what is his favorite language?12:02
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jcmcedk, sisalp : I've quite improved the import script I've received. I could publish it somewhere with csv examples. Could help in importing16:08
jcmsisalp: I didn't know Python before, but it's not so hard to corect this script once the base is there. Faster imho than importing by any other way :-)16:10
jcmcedk: is there a reason why the original Cash journal cannot be renamed ?16:10
cedkjcm: because it comes from XML16:12
cedkjcm: but I think we should allow it16:13
jcmcedk: sure, if I decide to create a journal for a bank account and that I never deal with cash, I won't need it...16:27
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