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sampacjcm: Hi jcm, I'm interested in your script did you publish it somewhere finally ?08:49
jcmsampac: not yet, I need to clean it a bit more09:41
oxcarHi, boys12:49
oxcarI have a doubt. Why some fields in export wizard doesn't  saved and others yes?13:10
cedkoxcar: some are function fields I guess without set method13:14
oxcarcedk: Maybe, but don't all, for example from model Customer Shipments, field "Customer/City",  field "Moves/Product/Name"13:20
oxcarsorry "Customer/Addresess/City"13:21
yangooncedk: hi13:40
yangooncedk: we have problems those last days with hg npull via http13:40
yangoonthe scenario happens only, when pulling not constantly from (i.e. hgwebdir.fcgi is restarted on the server)13:42
yangoonexample: pull account from, pull 10 repos from other source, pull account_invoice from tryton.org13:43
yangoonthrows meanwhile very often HTTP Error 404: Not Found13:44
yangooncedk: is there perhaps some timeout, that could be changed on hgwebdir.fcgi? I didn't find a settting for mercurial on pulling13:45
yangoonNB: pulling repos via http in one row is very fast, it is related to the intermittent pull of other repos in between13:46
cedkyangoon: no there is no timeout14:12
cedkoxcar: don't understand, it is many2one field you are talking so you can not change their values14:13
oxcarcedk: When I saved a export of  Customer Shipment, that contains this fields for example "Customer/Addresess/City" and "Moves/Product/Name", I can view this fields in csv file right, but when after I try to load the same saved export, this fields disappears it and it doesn't show it in treelist.14:21
cedkoxcar: export is not supposed to be imported14:22
cedkoxcar: at least not all export14:22
oxcarcedk: I am not importing the export, I am telling about predef export saved14:25
oxcarand "Fields to export" saved option14:25
cedkoxcar: strange, fill a bug14:26
oxcarSome fields saved in "Fields to export" on wizard, after restart wizard and it triyng load predef exports some fields it doesn't appear14:26
oxcarcedk: Yes I will fill a bug14:27
cedkoxcar: also I must that the export/import feature is more a toy than a tool14:28
oxcarcedk: ok, I understand, maybe I try fix it (I am no sure if I can), and send codereview14:32
cedkoxcar: you could start by looking at ir.export to see if the lines are ok14:35
cedkoxcar: also look at tryton/gui/window/ line 35914:37
oxcarcedk: yes I thought the same14:38
oxcarI want to know, if it is necessary to realize vacuum to a database tryton, for example from pgAdmin?15:37
udonooxcar: In my experience it is good to do it some times, bigger benefits I recognized after migration.15:48
oxcarudono: Thanks15:54
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