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saxawhich modules are base modules , the ones can be installed only with trytond, and do not depend on another module ?01:21
saxacountry, currency probably?01:21
saxaparty ?01:22
saxaImportError: cannot import name StateTransition01:22
saxawhich module does have this inside ?01:22
saxaI have installed account, company, country, currency and party iirc01:23
saxaall modules need to be installed ?01:28
saxaas a minimum set I mean ?01:28
cedksaxa: any01:31
saxawhy do i get that error ?01:35
saxai'm trying the trunk modules from hg01:35
saxawith the 2.3.0 trytond01:35
saxais there a secific order they must be installed ?01:36
saxaheh, without any extra module installed my trytond runs and waits for connections.01:51
saxawill try installing the modules one by one01:51
saxaprobably the first one should be company, correct ?01:51
saxahuh, company, needs party, party , needs country and currency.01:53
saxainstalling all of them I get again the StateTransition error01:54
saxaany hints +01:54
saxado I need to install the modules with the tryton cliente interface ?01:55
saxaok I got installed country and currency02:11
saxawill try others one by one02:11
saxain any case and documentation on module dependencies would be really nice02:11
cedksaxa: trytond is not uptodate02:14
cedksaxa: run # hg pull -u on all repo02:14
cedksaxa: when using the development version, you must always be uptodate02:15
saxaoh ok02:16
saxawill rebuild the package of trytond02:17
cedksaxa: or run release02:17
saxahg pull should be enought to make it up to date correct ?02:21
saxathx pilou02:29
saxai just recloned it again and rebuilt the package02:29
saxabut probably I will create one big build script, which will update and create packages of the updated code.02:29
alimon /quit03:04
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sisalpsaxa: about updating a package you can get uptodate archives on http://download.sisalp.net10:53
sisalpthey are called tryton-server-X.X-.uptodate.tar.gz10:54
sisalpI think they are useless to you since you can easily make the same with hg10:54
sisalpbut I maintain them because I need them for my automated hosting10:55
sisalp(when X.X is not there it is the development version.)10:56
cedkdo you think I can push the session patch:
cedkpilou: was it an answer for session patch?13:49
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cedkI got the new windows client 2.2.1:16:58
cedkthx for testing16:58
jcmhi, I get a 'ascii' codec can't decode 0xcb byte error in my custom invoice report. What's the recommended way to debug report errors ? relatorio or genshi don't say where in the odt the error occurs18:31
cedkjcm: I think normally you must have the line number in the XML18:49
udonocedk: I am fighting with the trivial problems in
udonocedk: where I can find the states definition of the buttons?19:17
cedkudono: in the view for now19:17
udonocedk: I can not see them in ?19:19
udonocedk: do you know where the states readonly/invisible definition for the buttons is exactly?19:35
udonocedk: thanks.20:06
udonocedk: Shouldn't it be moved into ir/module/module.xml?20:07
cedkudono: not possible20:11
udonocedk: so I need to set the states for the tree view in the same way in ir.xml?20:12
cedkudono: yes20:13
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marc0swhere can i see an example of a search function? i want to be able to search on a model by fields of its related entities (i.e. a field on a many2one field)20:57
cedkmarc0s: just use dot notation21:00
marc0scedk: but i want to be able to search on this fields from the client21:02
marc0scedk: i imagine i have to create a function field on my model so it provides the content of the field i want to search by right?21:02
marc0s(i probably explained myself badly in first instance :)21:03
cedkmarc0s: yes21:04
marc0scedk: thanks21:11
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