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cedkI got a macbundle for 2.2.1:
cedkthanks for testing12:24
floxcedk: seems ok here13:40
cedkflox: what is ok?13:59
floxthe mac client works fine14:00
cedkflox: ok thanks14:00
jcmcedk: hi, the mac client works, seaminlgly the same way as the one I compiled. There is still a second (empty) apple menu on the left of the menu bar.14:52
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jcmcedk: not possible to save translations in list view from mac client, but works from form view16:11
udonocedk: nicoe: do you need some help for the pygtk3?16:24
coepshello everybody,19:13
coepsI am still having a problem with the helloworld example. I tried to change the label and as far as I understand the documentation this should work. Can someone please have a look and correct this stuff. When I try to run tryton -u ... I get a "Invalid xml" error. thank you for any help19:17
udonocoeps: hi, can you paste the full traceback? Which Tryton version you use?19:21
coepsfull traceback , version 2.2 downloaded about 1 week ago from the website19:26
udonocoeps: sorry, can not see a problem. Did you try with a new database?19:38
udonoACTION afk19:38
coepsudono: thanks for the check, I get the same error when I  try to install the module into a new db. I will no try to rewrite the file, but I only edited that on one single linux-system so there should not be any corruption due to system-swap. :( . When I change the line back to the original <label name = fieldname/> everything works fine. So it seems to be a local error at this line.19:49
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coepswhatever I try with my I cannot use string. I can add more references of greeting, a <newline/>... but no string as I was told to change a label (or just display a string in a form).21:40
coepsIs the correct rnc the one in ..trytond/ir/ui/form.rnc?21:41
cedkcoeps: you must add an id attribute22:12
coepscedk: where? only the <string = "greetingxg"/> is the problem22:15
cedkcoeps: <label string="greetinxg" id="greetinxg"/>22:15
coepsYeaaaaaaah!! Thank you! Please give me a hint, where can I take that information from. I just found (after you told me yesterday) that string is a common attribute in  a form (docu). Why then does label name= "fieldname" does not need an ID=?22:21
cedkcoeps: name is like id22:22
cedkcoeps: the description is in trytond/ir/ui/form.rnc22:23
coepscedk: thank you , the next step then is to learn reading .rnc files. I was going nuts with this simple problem. However, as far as I can see yet, tryton is a wonderful peace of software. congratulations to everybody involved.22:25
cedkcoeps: you can also read
coepscedk: ok now i do understand the description of the att. "id" better. I didn't understand it as a must have when no name is around.22:31
cedkcoeps: it is a constraint to allow easy override later22:34
cedkcoeps: because id can be used easily with xpath query22:34
cedkjcm: I try to save translation in list view with the Mac client and it works here22:35
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jcmcedk: in fact I thought it didn't save because the save button is never active ; seems translations are nevertheless saved23:09
cedkjcm: it is related to an already fixed issue but not yet backported23:10
jcmall words I added (for instance in the footer of my invoice) were grabbed in the words to be translated. Is there a way to tell tryton to ignore them ?23:10
cedkjcm: no23:12
cedkjcm: just leave them empty23:12
jcmcedk: on the opposite, some translations are not used. I wanted for instance to correct Total into Total T.T.C. But maybe this is already translated in invoice, and so my module translation is ignored ?23:16
udonojcm: hi, is this the behavior you have with unsaved changes:

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