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Ivan_37SUP everyone!11:30
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grasbauerhi all13:07
cedkgrasbauer: hi13:08
cedkgrasbauer: did you make progress on the website?13:15
grasbauercedk: I'ts in progress - but we don't have a final result which design is the prefered one13:18
grasbauercedk: there was a lot of discussion without any result13:18
grasbauercedk: or I missed the result13:19
cedkgrasbauer: for me, it is the choise of who is implementing it13:19
cedkgrasbauer: so you do the job, you make decision13:21
grasbauercedk: phuuu - hard decision13:21
cedkgrasbauer: after that, others could still submit patches to improve it13:22
grasbauercedk: Ok - so I will do a upload of my stuff next week - this week I'm loaded with work13:24
cedkgrasbauer: great13:25
grasbauerbtw: little question to inventory: it seems that the espected_quality is only generated, if I complete all lines? because customer has done 3 inventories with a single product (because he miscounted the stock). There was no epected_quantity before and finally he has 3 Moves. The stock is the sum of the 3 inventories ....13:28
cedkgrasbauer: yes, I think it is design to be only used with the wizard13:30
cedkbechamel: could you confirm?13:30
grasbauercedk: ok - client missed the wizzard ;)  - but should we prevent this?13:32
cedkgrasbauer: it will be a good improvement, but I don't know how13:33
nicoegrasbauer: great the ear that the website is going well13:33
grasbauercedk: complete_lines should have a parameter fill=True - so we can do complete_lines in the write method?13:37
grasbauercedk: without computing all the espected_quantity in warehouse for all products ...13:37
cedkgrasbauer: why not13:38
grasbauercedk: ok - I'll go for patch. Hope I remember all the upload procedure ;)13:40
bechamelcedk, grasbauer: I confirm, and yes good idea13:47
grasbauerbechamel: done13:52
emma_hi everyone14:25
grasbaueremma_: hi14:26
emma_I was wondering if the payment_term was used in tryton to generate something (maybe a request or something) when an open invoice is overdue? I looked around but couldn't find anything14:27
bechamelemma_: iirc the payment_term term only generates account moves when the invoice is opened14:30
emma_and it isn't anywhere else either?14:32
emma_(overdue invoices management I mean)14:33
emma_bechamel: thanks14:36
hedayatI'd like to do something in tryton15:05
hedayatwhich I'm almost sure that I did before15:05
hedayatBut I can't firgure it out now!15:05
hedayatConsider that I have a user and a group15:06
hedayatwhich has access to the "Configuration" submenu of "Party"15:06
hedayatAnd doesn't see other menu items15:07
hedayatTherefore, he sees only "Party" in the menu, with only one submenu "Configuration"15:07
hedayatwhich has some menu entires15:07
hedayatNow, I'd like the user to not see "Party" and "Configuration" submenus and only see the contents of "Configuration" submenu15:08
hedayatin the menu15:08
hedayatIs it possible? And how?15:08
hedayat(at least, I don't want the user to see "Party". and only see "Configuration" and it's entries in the menu)15:08
cedkhedayat: not possible, menu visibility is inherited from the parent15:10
hedayatcedk: Oh... I wonder why I thought that I did it before! :P15:12
hedayatcedk: Thanks anyway15:12
hedayatcedk: at least, it is good to know that it is impossible15:12
cedkhedayat: you can create a new menu entry15:13
hedayatcedk: looks like to be the only remaining solution. I didn't like to have probably many duplicated menu entries. but seems to be mandatory. thanks.15:15
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grasbaueranybody has account_invoice_standalone in use? seems like a issue there: removing a line from a invoice should add the party to the line - else you get an error 'Party required' - can someone confirm it?15:49
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marc0si have a model A which has a related field and a function field that returns a fields.Char of the related object. I'm trying to search over this function field with a search function that just returns the clause19:33
marc0sis this a correct way to do it? i suppose not, because my cpu's go 100% and it enters into a kind of loop (maybe the search function is called recursively?)19:34
marc0show i'm supposed to do it? :)19:34
marc0ss/related/reference/ sorry19:36
marc0sthat's the relevant part of the code
marc0sobviously there was a mistake on how to plan the problem... i changed it to return a domain like ('id', 'in', ...) so no recursion appears19:57
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cjbarnes18Hi all o/ I al looking at updateing the google translate module for 2.2, but I dont quite understand how Action keywords are supposed to work.  Could someone direct me to an appropriate resource on this?23:52

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