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PanderHi all10:20
PanderDoes anybody know how to create a user that can *only* add parties?11:15
cedkPander: you must use the Model Access11:16
Pandercedk: as is explained here?
cedkPander: yes11:27
cedkanyone knows how to convert float into int that will raise an error if float doesn't represent an integer?11:54
cedkI will use: float.is_integer12:00
navishello, I have an error when trying to use hg review12:50
navisit abandons with "No module named scmutil"12:50
cedknavis: which version of mercurial are you using?12:52
naviscedk: 1.6.4 from debian stable12:53
cedknavis: this is old12:55
cedknavis: I think you at least need 1.812:56
naviscedk: damn, I'll upgrade the development machine to sid12:56
naviscedk: shouldn't pip complain in such a case ?12:56
cedknavis: yes but define 1.5 as minimal12:58
cedknavis: indeed I have a patch for it
naviscedk: ok, will look how to test that...13:02
navisis it possible to use hgreview without installing it ?13:22
navisI mean I checked it out of bitbucket, but would like to use that version without completely installing it13:23
navisnormally I would use hgreview = /path/to/ in hgrc13:24
navisbut there is no :-)13:24
cedknavis: directory of hgreview13:25
naviscedk: damn, o13:33
naviscedk: damn, worked :-)13:34
cedknavis: you must create an issue13:43
cedknavis: follow
naviscedk: issue already created and just uptated13:46
cedkhey, some interresting stats:16:28
cedkTryton is the only one to remove code in the last Month :-)16:29
naviswhat would it take to be able to manage prices "tax included" in tryton ?16:31
navisb2c businesses must sell "all tax included", which is source of problems with tryton right now16:33
cedknavis: it is the same as implementing a POS16:35
navisI have tried to use vat included prices in the products combined with a price/1,21 formula in price list16:35
navisbut rounding makes it wrong16:35
naviscedk: not really, a pos needs vat included, but a retail web site doesn't need a pos16:36
cedknavis: it is the same16:37
naviscedk: a pos needs a different workflow16:38
naviscedk: but take someone like amazon, they sell taxes included, without pos workflow16:38
grasbauernavis: we did it like this in a onlineshop: wie added a field sale_price to the products (and diffrent prices for client-groups as well) and doing than the tax-calculation depending of country of the client16:39
cedknavis: for me, it is the same workflow16:40
grasbauercedk: you mean, that you sale the net_price + taxes in the POS?16:41
navisgrasbauer: so you modified the way taxes are calculated and displayed in the sales module ?16:42
cedkgrasbauer: I mean it has the same requirement, collecting sales with price tax include, and generate the right account move16:43
grasbauercedk: yes - we recalculate the prices to netprices when commiting the order to the shop - less taxes more cash for the salesman ;)16:44
grasbauerthat was to navis16:44
naviscedk: pos has more differences from sales than that, the normal sales process could also benefit from a «tax included» possibility16:46
grasbauernavis: we are sending the field sale_price to the shopfrontend. when someone makes a order and we know the taxgroup of the client, we are recalculating the sale_price to a net_price andwriting the lines in the sale16:47
navisgrasbauer: if I understand correctly, you store prices tax included in the product, and modified sales to recompute net prices from that16:47
navisgrasbauer: ok16:48
grasbauernanavis: yes16:48
grasbauernavis: yes, because the sale_price needs to be styled like 9,95 - it's better to do it that way16:49
cedkgrasbauer: I don't understand how you can make that correctly16:50
cedkgrasbauer: tax could not be recomputed with the net price16:50
grasbauercedk: tax is recomputed with the sale_price. sale_price is 9,95 and we recalculate the tax which is included in this price16:51
grasbauercedk: so the list_price isn't than important for customers, we use it only for wholesale16:52
cedkgrasbauer: so it is not always the same tax included amount16:52
grasbauercedk: no16:55
grasbauercedk: but that isn't a problem I think, because a wholesaler has mostly a diffrent price than a final customer16:56
naviscedk: is it possible to increase the number of decimals used in the net price ?16:57
cedknavis: yes, it must be done by extending the Model and change the digits value16:58
naviscedk: a fast solution would be to use high precision during calculations16:59
naviscedk: that way tax included prices would be right for retail16:59
cedknavis: possible but there will be perhaps cases it doesn't work17:01
cedknavis: when you have a non decimal17:04
naviscedk: yes it's only an approximation, solving most but not all cases17:05
grasbauerbtw: anybody from spain here? I read, that the VAT in spain depends of the area of the client (islas canarias for exampel) . So: the price of a bottle of milk is different in Barcelona and Las Palmas  presumed the same net_price?17:05
naviscedk: a proper solution would base calculations on tax included prices17:06
grasbauernavis: thats why we choosed this way17:06
navisgrasbauer: damn, your website is in german :-)17:10
grasbauernavis: it's because of my horrible english ;)17:11
grasbauercarlos: ping17:14
marc0sgrasbauer: Canarias have different vat yes17:14
marc0sgrasbauer: the name in the peninsula is IVA and in Canarias is named IGIC i think17:15
grasbauermarc0s: so the price differs by region? or by origin of the client? or nobody is paying taxes?17:15
marc0sgrasbauer: i would say it is different by region17:17
marc0sgrasbauer: when people from canary islands come to the peninsula they pay IVA, not IGIC17:18
grasbauermarc0s: ok - so the tax depends on the location of the company17:18
marc0sgrasbauer: yes17:19
grasbauermarc0s: ok17:21
grasbauermarc0s: ok - got it: Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla are handled like not EU-Regions with an own taxrate.17:27
marc0sgrasbauer: :)17:28
marc0suhm... have modules for 2.0.0 disappeared from pypi?17:37
carlosgrasbauer, hi17:40
carlosgrasbauer, yes, taxes are different in some places17:40
cedkmarc0s: I check17:41
carlosthey don't have VAT in some cases but other specific taxes for that area17:41
grasbauercarlos: ok17:42
cedkmarc0s: have you an example?17:42
grasbauercarlos: I was confused, how a onlineshop handle this. I guess, there are different prices for this areas ...17:43
marc0scedk: i tried to install tryton_company==2.0.0 and it tried to install party==2.217:44
marc0scedk: ouch, i went to the wrong url when checking for them at the pypi... Actually the are online at pypi... sorry for the alarm17:45
marc0scedk: that's the log (before i ctrl+c) when tried to install trytond_company==2.0.0
marc0scedk: i suppose i should have tell it to install ==2.0.1, maybe?17:46
carlosgrasbauer, well, most onlineshops restrict their operations with those areas17:47
carlosbecause those are islands, and they pay an extra charge to ship there17:47
carlosso they just avoid the "problem"17:47
carlosothers... just handle it like you may handle it for a different country17:47
cedkmarc0s: just running the same cmd here and it fetch 2.0*17:51
cedkmarc0s: perhaps you have a wrongly named module in cwd17:51
marc0scedk: let me check with a fresh virtualenv if it reproduces17:52
marc0scedk: it runs fine in a new virtualenv... so problem on my side :)17:53
grasbauercarlos: thanks for explanation. so we will implement it as a 'own' country with a different shipping rate.17:58
carlosgrasbauer, I'm not sure whether that would affect to ecommerce outside Spain17:59
grasbauercarlos: we are planning a solution for a customer in spain. he asked me, how the software handles the issue with diffrent taxes in spain. I think it was a test, if we are able to investigate ;)18:02
cedkgrasbauer: is ok for you?18:14
udonoWhich is the email adress for security related issues? I can not find it on
udonoI found it
cedkudono: fill a bug with security type20:07
udonocedk: will it be undisclosed?20:10
cedkudono: no20:30
cedkudono: I still don't see your issue21:01

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