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PanderHi all12:02
PanderCould somebody add details for Tryton on CalDAV and CardDAV support at
pilouPander: see
Panderpilou: Thanks, but better to have some do it that knows exactly which RFCs are supported.12:10
Panderrefernce has been added to the article12:11
cedkPander: it is always difficult to be sure to respect a RFC12:21
Pandercedk: well approximately is also fine. if someone discovers certain hiats, it will be clear by then12:29
cedkPander: done12:39
Pandercedk: super! thanks12:51
PanderPS for those who use Thunderbird and Android: syncing of calendars and contacts works great with CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync and SOGo Connector with your own CalDAV/CardDAV server such as DAViCal/Tryton/etc. :)12:52
cedkPander: there is somewhere a google spreadsheet with this kind of information12:55
-!- Pander( has left #tryton13:03

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