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Panderhi all11:30
PanderI have a module that extends party and I would like to add a group, via the .xml in that module,  that can view parties and create parties. Hw do I go about that?11:33
PanderI think I have to add something similar to <record model="" but now exactly11:34
cedkPander: look how it is done for Sale group per example11:36
Panderis it in trytond_sale?11:39
cedkPander: yes11:40
cedkPander: group creation:
Panderother question: I see that current is 2.2, is there online a manual on how to upgrade from 2.0 to 2.2?11:41
Pandercedk: thanks11:42
cedkPander: model access:
cedkPander: for upgrade normally:
cedkPander: but make backup and test11:42
Pandercedk: that is regarding the database, I know that one. I mean the python modules. Do I simply remove the old ones, install the new ones, update the database and that is it?11:45
cedkPander: yes11:45
Pandercedk: ble, update results in File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond-2.2.1-py2.7.egg/trytond/", line 109, in update_etc12:06
Pander    get_port(netloc, name)) for netloc in value.split(',')]12:06
PanderAttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'split'12:06
cedkPander: you must update the configuration file12:09
Panderok, at least an old postgresql path was in there that is fixed12:11
Panderanything else that needs upgrading?12:11
Panderor simply use the newest shipped version12:12
cedkPander: make a diff12:23
Panderah, I'm reading the release notes and see the it is now jsonrpc :)12:24
Pandercedk: OK, all is upgraded, changed version of my own module and created .po files, installed it, database is upgraded. all that is fine13:12
Pandercedk: but I don't see a port opening up and client cannot connect to server13:13
Pandercedk: any thoughts?13:13
cedkPander: what is you jsonrpc paramter?13:14
Panderjsonrpc = localhost:800013:15
PanderI have also set my hostname13:16
Panderand I did nothing with jsondata_path13:16
cedkPander: so I don't see, perhaps upload the log somewhere13:18
Pandernmap does not show a port 800013:53
cedkPander: in the log: starting JSON-RPC protocol on localhost:800014:06
cedkPander: so it should have a listening socket14:06
Pandernmap is notre porting 8000 on localhost of hostname :(14:07
cedkPander: I don't know if nmpa can detect json-rpc service14:07
cedkPander: best to use netstat to see such information14:08
Pandernetstat localhost ? (I'm not familiar with this tool)14:13
bechamelPander: "netstat -pant"14:20
Pandertcp6       0      0 ::1:8000                :::*                    LISTEN      25242/python14:23
Panderfor localhost and for hostname14:24
Panderis that correct?14:24
cedkPander: yes, but it is listening on ipv614:25
cedkPander: if you are not yet ipv6 ready, you must use instead of localhost14:26
Panderah thanks, that explains teh troubles we have been having with clients from switzerland that were trying to connect on hostname. it only worked for them on ip-address14:35
cedkPander: you must jump into the 21th century and use IPv6 :-)14:38
Pandermy colocation provider is managing that part :S14:40
cedkPander: it is for all interface in IPv414:42
Panderok, I think I want that one14:43
Pandercedk: few, all is up and running again although I cannot find my custom reports. did that also change from 2.0 -> 2.2?14:48
cedkPander: don't think so14:49
cedkPander: how did you create it?14:49
cedkPander: I mean define in Tryton14:51
Panderaikidoka.xml:            <field name="report">aikidoka/emails.odt</field>14:52
Panderaikidoka.xml:            <field name="report">aikidoka/details.odt</field>14:52
Panderaikidoka.xml:            <field name="report">aikidoka/card.odt</field>14:52 *.odt14:52                + ['card.odt', 'details.odt', 'emails.odt'],14:52
cedkPander: did you create a action keyword?14:52
Pander        <record model="" id="report_card">14:53
Pander            <field name="name">Cards</field>14:53
Pander            <field name="model"></field>14:53
Pander            <field name="report_name">party.card</field>14:54
Pander            <field name="report">aikidoka/card.odt</field>14:54
Pander        </record>14:54
Pander        <record model="ir.action.keyword" id="report_card_party">14:54
Pander            <field name="keyword">form_print</field>14:54
Pander            <field name="model">,0</field>14:54
Pander            <field name="action" ref="report_card"/>14:54
Pander        </record>14:54
cedkPander: please don't copy/paste in chan14:54
cedkPander: ok, I see: now it is:,-114:55
Pandersorry, thought number of lines was acceptable, will keep it to one line14:55
Panderwhy -1?14:55
Panderto traverse up the chain of inheritence14:55
cedkPander: because 0 could be a real id14:56
Panderdoes this also apply for po files? msgctxt "field:aikidoka.aikidoka,dateofbirth:0"14:56
Panderreports are back, thanks cedk! :D14:59
cedkPander: no14:59
TelesightPander: Your experiences and setup with Thunderbird and Android and CalDAV are they written down somewhere?15:12
PanderTelesight: nope, ask pjstevens, he knows a lot more about using Tryton CalDAV, I am more into DAViCal15:14
PanderTelesight: See I use Thunderbird+SOGo and Android+CalDAV-Sync&CalDAV-Card15:16
TelesightPander: Ok thanks. I try to avoid inventing the wheel ;-)15:16
PanderTelesight: The guy that makes CalDAV-Sync is working on support for tasks too but will take some time15:19
PanderTelesight: There are some minor bugs with SOGo see
marc0scan anyone help me with this ? I don't know where to start looking at21:31
marc0sit's a fresh installed 2.0 setup, in a newly created virtualenv21:31
cedkmarc0s: strange, is the icon in share/pixmaps/tryton ?22:00
marc0scedk: tryton-preferences-system.svg22:02
marc0scedk: i don't remember when it stopped working, just coming back to work after a while.. so i can provide no much info about any change :(22:03
marc0scedk: can it be related to be using a system-wide pygtk? i haven't it in the virtualenv but in my system22:04
cedkmarc0s: perhaps22:06
cedkmarc0s: it seems that tryton doesn't find the local icons22:06
marc0scedk: yes, something like that...22:06
cedkmarc0s: perhaps you can look if PIXMAPS_DIR is correct22:06
marc0scedk: where should be this var defined?22:07
cedkmarc0s: in config.py22:07
marc0scedk: seems correct22:12
marc0scedk: this PIXMAPS_DIR = os.path.join(PREFIX, 'share', 'pixmaps', 'tryton') returns the right path22:13
marc0si'm f*cking tired today... i'm gonna sleep; will look at it tomorrow22:20
marc0sthanks for your pointers cedk :)22:20
cedkmarc0s: it is perhaps that your gtk doesn't support svg22:21
marc0scedk: uhm... it did before, maybe some update broke it...22:22
cedkmarc0s: it is linked to something like librsvg22:22
cedkmarc0s: I have a patch that doesn't fix the icon loading but prevent the exception22:28

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