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oxcarI need help for upload es_CO translation in 2.405:20
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jcavalloHi, question here : how is it possible that tryton finds a module whose file has been deleted (renamed) ?14:47
jcavalloand installs it14:48
bechameljcavallo: maybe the module is available at two different place on your system ?14:48
jcavallothought about that, but I am working in a virtual env. I changed files in the folder where the __tryton__ file was and changes where taken into account14:50
jcavallobechamel: thx for answering by the way14:50
jcavallobechamel : my goal was to add a new .xml file in my module. I added it to the tryton file, but it would not load. So I supposed the tryton file was not read properly and renamed it to confirm.14:52
cedkjcavallo: I guess you install the module and so it is in your site-packages directory14:53
bechameljcavallo: and updating/installing  a module without should raise an exception14:54
jcavallocedk : I'll check that14:54
jcavallobechamel : it does not, that's my problem...14:54
jcavallocedk : That was it, I do not remember installing but it was indeed in site-packages. My mistake... Thank you !14:56
jcavalloIs there any documentation regarding the use of StateAction ?17:52
jcavalloThank you again17:54
jfihi, I have a working form in my view (helloworld) but the col="x" attribute won't work. I change the xml and start the server with the argument -u module. But the view is not changed. Is there a client cache I have to delete? ore something obvious mistake?23:03
cedkjfi: normally the client cache is reset if you update the server23:04
jfi <form string="person" col="6" > is what I use, but only one column is displayed in the client. No error is mentioned during the upgrade. Any hint on how to debug that?23:06
cedkjfi: what are the fields inside?23:08
jfihave a look here:
cedkjfi: perhaps you have activated the PDA mode23:19
jfioh, sometimes solutions are so easy. Yes that was exactly what happened, thanks very much. Is there already a pda client available? I haven't seen one on the website to download.23:24
cedkjfi: just this mode in the client23:26

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