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jcavalloI am looking for a way to display a message in a wizard without using neither raise_user_alert (because it creates an exception and terminates the wizard) nor raise_user_warning (because it only needs a 'Ok' button)10:16
cedkjcavallo: just use a StateView10:21
bechameljcavallo: iirc the vies wizard in the party module does something like that10:21
jcavallocedk: I thought about this but it does not really suits my needs, I'd like a popup10:22
jcavallobechamel: I'll have a look, thanks10:22
cedkjcavallo: a popup over what?10:22
jcavallocedk: over the wizard current StateView10:23
cedkjcavallo: ok a popup with just "Ok" button is a wrong design10:23
bechameljcavallo: actually I was also talking about a stateview10:24
jcavallocedk: I am trying to force the user to correct its form before going on10:24
bechameljcavallo: create a stateview that shows error and then bring the user back10:26
jcavallobechamel: though about this, it is my backup plan if no other solution is possible10:26
cedkjcavallo: so just raise a user error10:26
jcavallocedk: Well, I might have done something wrong, but raise_user_error just terminates the wizard10:27
bechameljcavallo: the best would be a situation where the user cannot enter wrong values, popup and warning messages are always frustrating10:28
jcavallobechamel: Unfortunately, I am in a situation where I cannot know easily enough what is good or wrong before this button is clicked (it needs to compute a lot of stuff before dsciding whether it is ok or not)10:31
jcavallocedk, bechamel: it's ok, I will just go with another StateView, Thank you anyway10:31
cedkjcavallo: raising an error from the wizard just let it stay on the previous view10:34
jcavallocedk: except if you are in the middle of a StateTransition10:35
jcavallocedk: or I missed something10:35
cedkjcavallo: I don't think so except if there is a bug10:37
cedkjcavallo: this patch restore the previous behavior:
jcavallocedk: Thank you ! time to try out hgreview11:56
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