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grasbauerBlackhole in my head: I'm setting with onchange some records to a many2many. If I save the record an inspect write, there are no values in the dict - I think it was working before ...12:36
cedkgrasbauer: is it filled in the client?13:00
grasbauercedk: yes13:01
grasbauercedk: i see the values in the client according to what is set in the onchange-method. if i click save, there is no key for this field in the dict13:02
cedkgrasbauer: probably: 1676434b13b213:06
grasbauercedk: what?13:12
cedkgrasbauer: probably the guilty changeset13:14
grasbauercedk: ah - ok13:30
cedkgrasbauer: fill an issue13:47
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grasbauercedk: if I revert to the changeset: ImportError: No module named tdp14:07
grasbauercedk: issue filed and possible patch attached14:33
cedkgrasbauer: I submitted a better patch14:58
grasbauercedk: works better - but there there should be also a hook to unlink all, if an empty list is in the on_change-dict15:05
cedkgrasbauer: it does15:07
grasbauercedk: I'll try again15:07
grasbauerwrite {'coating_layer': [['add', [166, 151, 221]]]}15:10
grasbaueron_change {'priority': 4, 'coating_layer': [], 'coating_layerset': None}15:10
grasbauercedk: I pasted accidently15:10
grasbauercedk: if I set the many2many = [] in the onchange - in write I can see that a empty list is passed - but after the former records are there. is this append ;)15:13
cedkgrasbauer: after what?15:13
cedkgrasbauer: it seems there is an other bug15:15
grasbauercedk: I think it should not be 'add' - it should be 'set' in case of manipulation in on_change15:24
cedkgrasbauer: I try on sale and it works as expected15:26
grasbauercedk: ok15:26
grasbauercedk: whre in sale is such a case?15:27
cedkgrasbauer: taxes on sale line15:28
cedkalbertca: did you test the required patch?15:28
grasbauercedk: how you test it? there is no onchange which sets the taxes to [] - if taxes are set, they are not deleted ...15:34
cedkgrasbauer: I select a product with taxes and after that I change the product for one without taxes15:36
grasbauercedk: ok - so everything is done witch your patch ...15:37
grasbauerafk - family needs a to be complete15:38
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cjbarnes18Hi all,  How does record locking / save conflict resolution work in Tryton?19:31
cjbarnes18excellent, thank you.19:35
smarrocedk: ping19:42
cedksmarro: pong20:09
smarrocedk: hi, can you tell me if the changeset 2787:140087fedf85 was backported?20:09
cedksmarro: from which repo20:11
smarrocedk: from trunk to 2.420:11
smarrocedk: trytond20:11
cedksmarro: I'm pretty sure20:13
smarrocedk: where i can see the backport? In
smarrocedk: i ask because it is last modified on 2012-Apr-24 19:41:3420:14
cedksmarro: you can't20:14
smarrocedk: sorry, i don't understand how the backports work...20:15
cedksmarro: it is in the repo20:16
smarrocedk: if i do pip install trytond, the changeset is included on that installation?20:17
cedksmarro: no20:18
smarrocedk: but will be, once you release trytond-2.4.2 on june?20:19
cedksmarro: it will be in 2.4.2 but don't know when20:20
smarrocedk: ok20:20
smarrocedk: the 2.4 repository is public? can someone get a copy from
smarrocedk: thanks20:26
cjbarnes18ced: started seeing an init error for sale module.21:05
cedkcjbarnes18: fill an issue22:57
cjbarnes18cedk: ok23:01
cedkcjbarnes18: it is always: fill an issue23:02
cjbarnes18cedk: tob23:03

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