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grasbauerACTION why renaming payment_term to customer_payment_term?00:04
cedkgrasbauer: the behavior of numerical has changed but it was always required (in the today meaning)00:56
cedkgrasbauer: it was rename because it is a better name00:56
grasbauercedk: ok - i missed the announce for it - so one of my modules needs changes00:57
cedkgrasbauer: for your account_revenue issue, it is probably that you don't set the company in the context00:57
grasbauercedk: yes - I found it.00:57
grasbauercedk: but I dont know, if always a list_price is required . there are goods, which are only consumed in the company and never sold00:59
cedkgrasbauer: put 000:59
grasbauercedk: on click more for our customers ;)01:00
cedkgrasbauer: no, it is one more thing that he will not forget01:05
grasbauercedk: by the way - I think we should rethink the way for code reviews. Most of the time I don't know the internals of the touched modul - but there are implementations for the daily work of the implementers. reading code without having an idea what is the claim of the change is hard.01:07
grasbauercedk: and thats why I dont review  - but I know taht more people should review new ideas01:08
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sharoonthomascedk: ping10:11
sharoonthomascedk: what is the status of the expense module ? is it final ? are we planning to have it on triton core mdoules10:11
grasbauersharoonthomas: I saw you had the problem with and shutdown_request(handler.request) - what to do? I tried finish_request and close_request - but it results in strange behavior10:16
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: don't remember the issue, any bug number ?10:16
grasbauersharoonthomas: - no issue filed.10:17
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: I don't use SimpleThreadedJSONRPCServer anymore10:18
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: probably why I never saw the issue again10:19
grasbauersharoonthomas: ok10:19
grasbauersharoonthomas: what you are using instead and how?10:21
cedksharoonthomas: no11:31
cedksharoonthomas: as I put in the codereview the design became to complex to be good11:59
grasbaueranybody tryton 2.4 open and timesheet installed? I get an error on opening timesheet lines ...13:20
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: i use the wsgi handler14:09
grasbauersharoonthomas: I dont know this handler14:15
grasbauersharoonthomas: thanks a lot - will give it a try14:16
sisalphi, I need to install proteus 2.2 with pip. I try pip install proteus=2.2 but it doesn't agree. What is the exact syntaxe ?15:06
cedksisalp: proteus==2.215:07
cedksisalp: it is Python syntax15:08
sisalpinstalled proteus 2.4, installed pip install trytond, 2.4, then try a first time15:42
sisalpconfig = config.set_trytond('test_%' % int(time.time()))15:42
sisalpwhich is the best way to get "NameError: name 'config' is not defined", think I'm missing a piece15:43
sisalpChecked the demo example, it doesn't strictly follow the proteus documentation15:57
sisalpI guess the truth is in the example if it works for creating tryton demo15:58
cedksisalp: I guess you did not import proteus.config16:22
sisalpcedk: true, progressing slowly, imported as pconfig in the example, I guess because of a name conflict16:29
sisalpnow investigating Exception: product_kit unmet dependencies: ['product']16:30
sisalpjust did this : config = set_config(toto, tata) for that . Does it mean proteus is pre-populating the databes with modules ?16:31
cedksisalp: no16:32
cedksisalp: I run the doctest in README, there is just a small issue with it16:42
sisalpok will check it16:43
sisalpthank you16:43
cedksisalp: pushed, it will be backported to 2.4 in 1 week16:44
sharoonthomascedk: again about the expense module16:58
sharoonthomascedk: do you have some suggestions for how it should go or do you want to abandon ?16:59
cedksharoonthomas: we have to keep it for customer but I don't want it in the base17:00
sharoonthomascedk: is there a 2.4 version of expense module ?17:10
cedksharoonthomas: the codereview is on 2.417:17
sharoonthomascedk: says 2.2.017:18
sharoonthomascedk: i am testing on 24 now17:18
sharoonthomascedk: and the code seems 2.4 style17:18
cedksharoonthomas: as I already said I no more interrested in this module17:19
sharoonthomascedk: so you wouldn't mind if I push this to a repository and maintain it as long as I can ?17:19
cedksharoonthomas: don'T care but one day there will be a good module17:20
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grasbauercedk: ping21:48
cedkgrasbauer: pong21:52
grasbauercedk: I was playing around with sharoons and your wsgi protocols. I stuck in an error - sometimes the wsgi.input is gzip compressed - do you know what is causing the gzip-compression?21:55
cedkgrasbauer: the size21:56
grasbauercedk: ah - ok - simply if the body is bigger than XXX it is compressed.21:57
cedkgrasbauer: yes21:58
cedkgrasbauer: but you can send an header to prevent gzip compression21:59
grasbauercedk: but in i dont see handling of gzip-compression21:59
cedkgrasbauer: I guess it is your wsgi server22:01
grasbauercedk: wsgiref.simple_server22:02
grasbauercedk: I have implemented the gzip handling - but I was confused, why yours and sharoons script don't handle this - could be because my trees are so overloaded :>22:05
cedkgrasbauer: I don't use the wsgi yet because it is not finished22:06
grasbauercedk: I use it only because I don't have a solution with the reload in 2.4 until now22:07
grasbauercedk: only while I'm converting our modules to 2.422:09
grasbauercedk: I don't know where the reload is handled - but in my case it doasn't work22:09
cedkgrasbauer: if you don't fill an issue, it will never be fixed22:11
grasbauercedk: I'm trying to resolve it - but I can fill an issue22:11
cedkgrasbauer: always fill an issue and if you work on it assign it to you22:12
grasbauercedk: I need help - because no one of my solutions works :'(22:19
cedkgrasbauer: which version of Python?22:28
cedkgrasbauer: could you also put the traceback22:30
grasbauercedk: 2.6.5 - for traceback I need to reverse my changes22:31
grasbauercedk: done22:34
grasbauercedk: I tried close_request and finish_request - the server starts, but is not responding22:35
grasbauercedk: YES!23:14
grasbauercedk: because you did the patch so fast I don't hate you for rewriting all wizards in our modules ;) - but the new design is better - only hard job to rewrite everyhing23:19

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