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sisalphello, are client profiles managed in .tryton ?11:26
sisalpdoes proteus need .tryton file to find the server ?11:27
cedksisalp: it is in .config/tryton/x.y/11:30
cedksisalp: proteus doesn't need anything from the client11:30
jcavalloHello, is there a way to 'unfetch' a code review with hgreview ?11:47
cedkjcavallo: hg revert11:47
jcavalloWell, what I am trying to do is uploading a code review, but hg review says that I 'do not own the current review', which is a review I fetched some time ago. The only modified file is the one I want to submit, so reverting is no good.11:51
cedkjcavallo: the review id is stored in .hg/review_id11:55
jcavallocedk : is it safe to remove it ?11:55
jcavallocedk : Ok, removed it and it worked, but the username is not the one associated to the email address I provided, another cache somewhere ?12:20
cedkjcavallo: just change it12:34
jcavallocedk : Where ? I mean, the username that's been used is neither the one in the .hgrc nor the one I provided when asked (hg review -m 'foo' => 'Email (login for uploading)')12:37
cedkjcavallo: just type it12:38
jcavallocedk : Well I think I did. I won't try right now to avoid polluting codereview but I'll make sure U do next time.12:38
jcavallocedk : thank you anyway12:39
sisalpcedk: where does proteus get the server ip and port , if not in .config/tryton ?12:43
cedksisalp: from your code12:46
sisalpok, so on the line which creates the database I have to use paramaters for that. Question is how can I discover the available options ?12:47
cedksisalp: help(proteus.config)12:54
sisalpcedk: I get this set_trytond(database_name=None, user='admin', database_type=None, language='en_US', password='', config_file=None)12:58
sisalpnext step is to add my parameters in config_file12:59
sisalphow can I find the syntax of this file ?12:59
cedksisalp: it is the trytond config file13:00
sisalpcedk: I find this in trytond.conf : jsonrpc = localhost:800013:04
sisalpcedk: I guess it is the way to indicate it is remote, or is it the xml-rpc line which is to adapt ?13:05
cedksisalp: no, for xmlrpc you must use proteus.config.set_xmlrpc13:06
sisalpcedk: to be sure, jsonrpc is the default ?13:07
cedksisalp: no, there is no jsonrpc13:09
sisalp2cedk: so I can use only local or xmlrpc and the script is different in either case. Is it correct ?13:11
cedksisalp2: the script is the same, it is just the call to config.set_xxx13:13
sisalp2cedk: so we code that it uses xmlrpc : help(proteus.config.set_xmlrpc)13:15
sisalp2    Set XML-RPC as backend13:15
sisalp2which port is used ? the one there is in trytond config or another one like url:port ?13:16
sisalp2url ":" port13:16
cedksisalp2: don't understand13:18
sisalp2cedk: I need to connect to my trytond server, is this correct : set_xmlrpc( ?13:19
cedksisalp2: missing: http://username:password@myhost:896713:21
sisalp2cedk: thank you for your patience, I think I'm all set.13:24
sisalp2I plan to write an introduction for noobs when work will be achieved.13:25
sisalpis production available on tryton projct demo ?15:49
cedksisalp: no16:09
sisalpok. Its name will be "production"16:10
cedksisalp: yes16:10
grasbauer1only for having it said: the values vor view_ids in the xml should be stripped to have the posibility to write them line by line (account_invoice_cash_discount.cash_discount_line_view_tree,account_invoice_cash_discount.cash_discount_line_view_form)20:43
grasbauer1migration done (sweat)20:49
grasbauer1cedk: ping (sorry)22:39
cedkgrasbauer1: pong22:41
grasbauer1cedk: I just packed the clent with the new pygtk . because of issues with copy and past - its seems to work22:42
grasbauer1cedk: meanwhile i was thinkíng about the errorhandling of the client22:43
grasbauer1cedk: because we are implemneting a lot of stuff, mostly the errors are not related to the core22:44
cedkgrasbauer1: which version of pygtk?22:45
grasbauer1cedk: in the conf is a setting to smtp - a small class handling the formatting of an errormessage and a setting in systemsetting, where to send the message would simplyfy the reporting of errors22:46
cedkgrasbauer1: using smtp is bad because it is often block22:46
cedkgrasbauer1: and there is already the xmlrpc configuration22:47
grasbauer1cedk: yes - but every company using tryton has to setup a xml-rpc-compatible issue tracker22:48
grasbauer1cedk: and has to pack a own client i think22:49
cedkgrasbauer1: there is one that exist roundup22:49
cedkgrasbauer1: no need to pack, just adapt config22:49
grasbauer1cedk: yes - true22:50
grasbauer1cedk: pygtk 2.24.222:52
cedkgrasbauer1: downloaded from ?22:52
cedkgrasbauer1: ok, I will update the windows host for the next build22:53
grasbauer1cedk: and i have set the rule for alternating rows in windows - it looks a bit like linux ;)22:54
grasbauer1cedk: so much ideas for improvements - but stressed with keeping the productive systems running. checking in form_relate if the domain results in something would be nice ...23:02
cedkgrasbauer1: no sure to understand23:40
grasbauer1cedk: form_relate has a domain - if the doamin results in records to show - show them. if not, break the action and do not open a new tab23:42
cedkgrasbauer1: I don't think it is good design23:43
grasbauer1cedk: why?23:43
cedkgrasbauer1: action must give feedback even if it is empty23:43
cedkgrasbauer1: if you are interrested in relate see:
cedkgrasbauer1: or the button should be deactivated but this will cost too much23:45
grasbauer1cedk: yes - deactivating with 1000 records will slow down the client - so I think the user expect, that a relation has a result in records. if there are no records and the action results in nothing, he know, that on the other model is nothing related23:47
grasbauer1cedk: that is a clear feedback - no relation results in nothing23:48
grasbauer1ACTION one wizard left for migration23:49
cedkgrasbauer1: no, the user will simply think that something doesn't work23:49
grasbauer1cedk: i dont think so - he espect that everything works  - so no result is an information that there are no related objects23:51
grasbauer1cedk: we have a simple usecase for this23:52
cedkgrasbauer1: so he will click one or two times more and after that he will think that the button doesn't always work23:52
cedkgrasbauer1: sorry but no, user doesn't expect everything works23:52
grasbauer1cedk: if it is a core module - yes, if it is one of ours - no :-D23:53
grasbauer1cedk: but I think that a button who says "Show relations" can result in nothing, if there are no relations23:54
cedkgrasbauer1: no, user are always septic23:54
grasbauer1ACTION 37 Persons online - let's make a poll23:55
grasbauer1cedk: raise_user_warning is a bit to much ...23:55
grasbauer1cedk: so we need a show_user_info23:56
grasbauer1cedk: like the annoying infos appearing in windows and the latest ubuntu-releases23:57
cedkgrasbauer1: more over, user could want to create record there23:57
cedkgrasbauer1: it is just like if when you click on Parties menu entry nothing happens if there is no parties23:58

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