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cedkby the way, I'm reading
cedkgreat to think about those things00:00
grasbauer1cedk: ok - i wasn't thinking in the usecase to create a record in the resulting view - but to know that creating a new record in the resulting view will create a related record is to much advanced for the most users00:01
cedkI don't like when people think users are not smart00:02
grasbauer1cedk: I never think that users are not smart. I think there are users not interested in software ...00:04
cedkgrasbauer1: if he needs it, he will find it and use it00:06
grasbauer1cedk: but I'm impressed every day about the issues I have to solve at the phone. Tryton is not working - and it has killed the internet as well - because a cannot see a webpage ...00:08
grasbauer1cedk: thats a daily discussion with my customers: if you want tu use the advantages of software, you have to know something - else take paper and pencil00:09
cedkgrasbauer1: so you see that user doesn't trust the software00:10
grasbauer1cedk: yes - but in that case I don't agree00:10
grasbauer1cedk: today i saw people using the relate button to investigate the condition of relations00:12
grasbauer1cedk: but you are right - there are other ways to show that to the client - states for example00:13
grasbauer1cedk: its a big country talking about usability - but interesting00:15
grasbauer1cedk: i'll go to update the server to 2.4 now - everybody is sleeping now00:16
pilougrasbauer1: i have build a tryton client with pygtk 2.24.2: i can do some tests if needed00:54
grasbauer1pilou: we had some trouble on windows with copy and paste - 2.42,2 seems to fix it00:56
grasbauer1pilou: did you test it with different windows boxes?01:32
piloudifferent windows versions ?01:34
grasbauer1pilou: yes01:34
pilouyep: builed and tested on windows vista, tested on windows XP SP301:35
grasbauer1pilou: ok01:35
grasbauer1pilou: because don't know what is the result if i build a client on windows 7 64bit - that's the only windows version i have handy01:37
piloubuild and tests systems are 32bits01:37
grasbauer1pilou: our client has all windows since 1973 in use - so I'm a bit afraid to rollout it tommorrow with my 64bit build. don't know if it could end in trouble ....01:40
grasbauer1but i have installed only 32bit versions of all the packages - but no idea about the internals - even don't know what bit means :-D01:42
grasbauer1pilou: can you provide a link with your build?01:44
pilougrasbauer1: yep, in few minutes02:29
grasbauer1pilou: thanks02:29
pilougrasbauer1: uploaded here:
grasbauer1pilou: many thanks!03:18
pilougrasbauer1: c runtime dll are not included, you need to install
grasbauer1pilou: thanks - i know - i have already this dlls03:21
grasbauer1i was setting the missing cost_price and list_prices yesterday with proteus - today theay are all gone. what happens here?08:37
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SISalp1cedk: set_xml( http://username:password@myhost:port) gives invalid syntax error on ":"10:32
SISalp1cedk: added quotes and reach the server10:43
SISalp1ok so far10:43
cedkSISalp1: it must be a string10:46
SISalp1and where is database name ?10:55
SISalp1if it already exists ?10:55
SISalp1cedk: I mean username and password are related to a database aren't they ?10:59
cedkSISalp1: yes11:03
cedkSISalp1: be careful to correctly escape it11:03
SISalp1I created a database from the client, then try to set xmlrpc to it11:04
SISalp1and get connection refused11:06
cedkSISalp1: is it listening for xmlrpc?11:12
SISalp1it is supposed to be : port 822911:13
cedkSISalp1: at least there is a http server running on it :-)11:15
cedkSISalp1: oops, you miss the database in the url11:16
SISalp1good, we agree11:17
SISalp1but no idea where to put it11:18
SISalp1hostname:port/db_name  !!! got it11:19
SISalp1our first stone to the pyramid, thank you for your help11:21
grasbauer1ACTION 2.4 seems to be slower in many parts12:11
cedkgrasbauer1: could you be more precise?12:16
grasbauer1cedk: no - until now its only a feeling. using a wizard for example seems more slow - i have to check if it is caused by bad design in our modules ....12:18
cedkgrasbauer: perhaps the session storage?13:23
grasbauercedk: don't know about the internals - what is stored in the session. I have clocked a simple wizard that writes 3 records to another model - it takes 19s14:58
grasbauercedk: I create a - could be that the creation of this model causes the problem. are there checks on creation?15:03
grasbauercedk: yes - creating 1 teakes 19s15:06
grasbauercedk: i think nobody is using than excessive - we hav 5894 projects already done15:07
bechamelgrasbauer: you have only the project module or there is another one that extend it ?15:11
grasbauerbechamel: one moment - its a complex system15:12
cedkgrasbauer: I don't see why creating a work takes so long15:33
grasbauercedk: i have an idea - i have a relation to sale and the sale.shipment_state - this can be the reason15:35
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corroMy development cycle got a bit messed up with 2.4: now I have to restart my neso instance in order to reload my code. Before 2.4 it was reloaded automatically. Does someone has an advice on how to revert to the old behavior?16:48
corroI checked the auto_reload property btw, it's set to True16:49
cedkcorro: you can not16:49
corrocedk: too bad, saved me hours before16:50
cedkcorro: use client/server16:50
corrocedk: ok, will do. thx.16:51
cedkcorro: by the way, the previous autoreload did not work correctly and was broken on 2.716:51
pilougrasbauer: could i remove the tryton-win32.tar.bz2 file ?19:57
lukiois there any way to add a logo to the company? and the use it in the header's report?19:59
bechamellukio: just edit the header report and add the logo20:02
lukiobechamel: but i don't see how can add the logo. i don't see the field in configuraction->company.20:05
bechamellukio: I talk about modules/company/header_A4.odt20:07
lukiobechamel: of course!20:09
lukiobechamel: do u know how can i add the party name in sale report?22:21
lukiono problem. i add the line < >22:23
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