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grasbauerpilou: hi - yes - and many thanks08:49
grasbauercedk: ping08:53
cedkgrasbauer: pong14:40
grasbauercedk: found a possible bottleneck for the long creation process in project - but dont know, if i'm right14:41
grasbauercedk: reset_leveling should ask in if leveling_delay and back_leveling_delay > 014:45
cedkbechamel: it is your code14:46
grasbauercedk: ah - ok14:46
grasbauerbechamel: ping14:47
bechamelgrasbauer: yes, I'm re-reading the code :)14:48
grasbauerbechamel: if have a possible patch - i will create an issue for this14:48
cedkgrasbauer: no, create an issue in any way14:49
bechamelgrasbauer: first try to comment the code and see if stuffs are quicker14:49
grasbauerbechamel: if parent_id is None, sibling_ids result in all records without parent14:49
cedkindeed I think reset_leveling should be adapted to work with list of ids instead of just one id14:49
grasbauercedk: already done - from 14s to 0.4s14:50
bechamelgrasbauer: maybe we should skip completly leveling for task that are not in a project14:52
grasbauercedk: other short question - i saw in account_invoice that the report_cache sometimes is set on tehe parse of the report. I tried to adapt this usecase for one of my modules - but it fails, because the transaction is read-only.14:52
cedkgrasbauer: that's why the InvoiceReport is not readonly14:53
grasbauerbechamel: i extended the search-domain with leveling_delay > 014:54
grasbauercedk: am I dumb - where is it set?14:58
grasbauercedk: ok - self._rpc['execute'] = True15:00
grasbauercedk: thats a bit magic15:00
cedkgrasbauer: it is in the doc:
bechamelgrasbauer: another way to improve the search is to also filter on common successor and predecessor15:06
cedkfor reset_leveling, I think search must filter on {,back_}leveling_delay != 0 and on predecessors and successors15:07
grasbauercedk: I know _rpc :) - but setting the transaction to read with 'execute'  I missed15:08
grasbauerbechamel: cedk: I solved it with 'OR', [('leveling_delay', '>', 0)], [('back_leveling_delay', '>', 0)]15:08
cedkgrasbauer: why not != 015:11
grasbauercedk: ok15:15
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__efx__hi, where in the administration menu of the python tryton client can I change the date format ?17:37
__efx__Is it possible to change the format of the date when accessing it through proteus ?17:39
cedk__efx__: for the client it is on the language18:02
cedk__efx__: for proteus no because it is a python datetime object18:02
__efx__cedk: thank you, but for the client do you mean on the Adiminstration -> Localization -> Languages ?18:06
cedk__efx__: yes18:10
__efx__cedk: thanks a lot18:12
cjbarnes18ced: ping22:24

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