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SISalp1Hello, made a progress yesterday thanks to udono09:23
SISalp1I moved tryton modules to /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond/modules09:24
SISalp1then ru tryton-demo.py09:24
SISalp1module stock_supply not found09:24
SISalp1but I see this module and itin __init.py__ line 15909:28
cedkSISalp1: why did you move it and not install it?09:33
SISalp1cedk: because I didn't find an all-modules-in-one package09:43
SISalp1cedk: can it be a problem with the module I moved (from source)09:48
cedkSISalp1: only if you installed them09:48
SISalp1i think I cannot run proteus if I don't install trytond09:49
SISalp1so I pip installed trytond09:49
SISalp1then moved modules from my source copy09:50
SISalp1Do I have to start trytond for proteus ?10:01
udonoSISalp: How do you connect?.10:02
SISalp1I don't connect10:03
SISalp1I just try to run tryton-demo.py10:03
udonoSISalp: You use like Luminos741 yesterday?10:06
SISalp1we fail together10:06
udonoSISalp: this tryton demoscript semms not to be api compatible to tryton 2.4. In is Module.button_install used, which works afaik for tryton<=2.2...10:09
Luminos741udono: We thought this script were ok because of the date. Seems to be compatible...10:11
Luminos741udono: But if not, I could explain the error we have10:11
SISalp1cedk: if I run trytond from sources, can I use proteus ?10:13
cedkSISalp1: as far as trytond is importable10:14
udonoLuminos741: You can try to fix the script according to the proteus documentation:
udonoSISalp: start your venv python and try import trytond; from proteus import config, Model, Wizard10:18
SISalp1cedk: but how can I import something which is located in a particular directory ?10:21
cedkSISalp1: PYTHONPATH10:22
SISalp1if I have both trytond installed and a source copy, how can I chosse with PYTHONPATH10:24
cedkSISalp1: you should take a look to virtualenv10:39
SISalp1cedk: do you combine virtualenv and hg ?10:53
udonoSISalp: Yes, it is possible. See the scenario which should work on 2.4.10:56
SISalp1cedk: is the we use compatible 2.4 ?11:04
cedkSISalp1: don't know11:10
SISalp1cedk: how do generate the official demo of ?11:11
SISalp1cedk: do you use this script for that demo ?11:12
cedkSISalp1: not the last one, I think nicoe get issue with it11:15
nicoeSISalp1: Indeed there was an issue but I don't remerber which one it was11:15
SISalp1nicoe: maybe we are not able to get it working then11:16
cedkI guess it was
SISalp1cedk: if you say so ;-)11:24
SISalp1cedk: next step is to reconsider the way I install trytond. what is the right way to install modules ?11:46
SISalp1do I have to pip install every module ?11:47
cedkSISalp1: yes11:50
SISalp1ok will do it11:50
cedksharoonthomas: hi, I just get a look at nereid17:16
sharoonthomascedk: hi17:16
cedksharoonthomas: could you explain to me what is the advantage to have the routes in the database?17:16
sharoonthomascedk: because the routes in our case depends not on the modules present in the python path but on the modules installed in a database17:17
sharoonthomascedk: just like our ir submodules like views, menus etc17:18
sharoonthomascedk: so modules like nereid-catalog, nereid-cms etc add the routes when the module is installed for a specific DB17:19
cedksharoonthomas: ok17:19
cedksharoonthomas: where are the templates?17:19
sharoonthomascedk: template language is jinja (just like flask), template stores can be tryton itself (database - which we use only for test cases) or file system17:20
cedksharoonthomas: did you try to generate a Form object via the Tryton Model definition?17:21
sharoonthomascedk: nope, thats something I always wanted to do :), i have some code lying somewhere which builds a wtform looking at the fields in a model instance17:22
sharoonthomascedk: should be nice to have feature :)17:22
sharoonthomascedk: the work i did was to have an API similar to django's ModelForm17:23
cedksharoonthomas: with a inheritage of templates like for view, it will be a flexible framework17:24
sharoonthomascedk: yep, but the TrytonTemplateLoader is mainly used in testing and if someone wants to release a ready-to-use app like a portal17:25
grasbauersharoonthomas: so the templates are rendered on the tryton-server and the response is done by tryton?17:29
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: everything is done on tryton side, an example here:
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: i don't know if i understand what you meant by tryton-server17:31
sharoonthomasACTION dinner time, be back later17:32
grasbauersharoonthomas: because we have decided to request only jsonobjects from tryton, memcaching them and all the rendering of products etc. is done by a webserver ...17:32
grasbauersharoonthomas: will take a look in your approach17:32
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: feel free to ping me if you have any questions, sending you a link to our nereid-catalog module which does the simple catalog display etc17:33
grasbauersharoonthomas: ok - we have a custom solution, because we are rendering objects from tryton in a external cms, which has a lot of functions, that we don't want in tryton.17:34
grasbauersharoonthomas: thanks - could be that we can get inspired by your solution ;)17:35
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: we had used the same approach of yours long back, but we like to work directly on browse records :)17:36
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: we get all the beauty/flexibility of tryton for free since even the rendering takes place inside a method on a model17:37
grasbauersharoonthomas: ok - but I don't know how tryton handels a lot of requests - so we decided to memcache the jsonobjects and let the cms rendering the views17:38
grasbauersharoonthomas: anyway - thanks for the link - will take a deeper look ...17:39
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: there is built-in memcache support in nereid.17:39
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: sure, let me know if you have questions17:39
grasbauersharoonthomas: ok - Bon App├ętit!17:40
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: thnx17:40
grasbauercedk: do you think anybody is interested in the modul to merge invoices? i could upload a review ...17:47
cedkgrasbauer: don't know18:02
grasbauercedk: Me neither ;)18:03
cedkgrasbauer: personally, I find it as a bad practice18:58
grasbauercedk: sorry - need to leave the office - doors are closing. But I'm interested in your thoughts ...19:00
grasbauercedk: back19:09
grasbauercedk: why do find it a bad practice?19:13
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