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sisalphello, what is the name of trytond modules for pip install ?12:19
sisalptryton-modules-module_name is not ok12:20
sisalpneither trytond-modules-module_name , any mention in tryton documentation ?12:25
sisalpthe names are trytond_module_name, one can find them with pip search tryton12:37
sisalpwhen I pip install I get a very limited subset of trytond in my_dir/lib/python2.7/site-packages/trytond12:55
sisalpit only contains modules12:56
sisalpI give up for now12:56
jcmsisalp: why don't you use hg clone?12:58
sisalpproteus+trytond is still a nightmare for me after several day loss :-(12:58
sisalpjcm: I use hg clone for all production environments, but I want to add proteus on them12:59
sisalpand after many tries, I figured out I have to use environments to deal with different trytond s13:01
sisalpmain problem is that everything is to be guessed, and I cannot write documentation until I reach something which looks like a success ;-)13:02
jcmI didn't have such pb, I simply cloned proteus and trytond in two dirs13:02
sisalpjcm : then you setup trytond in the system ? and therefore I don't know how to use all other parameters13:03
sisalpjcm: can you get several versions of proteus and trytond s ?13:05
jcmI have tryton2.2/ tryton2.2/proteus tryton2.2/trytond and $PYTHONPATH has these two last paths13:05
jcmI think you need to change PYTHONPATH if you change your proteus and tryton version13:06
sisalpjcm: it would break all trytons working on the same system, wouldn't it ?13:07
jcmyou want many versions running with the same user ? but different ports ?13:07
sisalpthey run under no-login users13:08
sisalpbut on different ports, yes13:08
jcmeach user can have its own PYTHONPATH13:08
jcmyou could even set the PYTHONPATH when calling your command I think13:09
jcmsry I have to go, will be connected this evening13:09
sisalpjcm: I think this suggests a way to dig in. trytond has to run under the user I'm logged in, iiuc13:10
sisalpjcm: thank you13:11
jcmyes and set the PYTHONPATH in its .bashrc13:11
jcmsee you later13:11
sisalpso I will not use proteus inside my production hostings13:11
sisalpsee you13:11
udonoSISalp: Hi, are you using a single virtualenv for each tryton server, or do you try to put all servers you have into one virtualenv?13:32
sisalpudono: each trytond has its copy of the code, its own virtualenv, its own postgresql role abd its own linux user13:45
sisalpudono: the try I made this morning was to pip install trytond, but I miss something and it doesn't install properly13:46
udonoSISalp: I guess you miss the extra requires of trytond. pip is not able to install them automatically.13:47
udonoSISalp: Which error you get?13:47
sisalpI get no error, just that trytond is not installed inside the virtualenv, but probably inherited from the system13:48
udonoSISalp: Do you have deactivated the site-packages in the virtualenv?13:49
sisalpI expected to get a bin/tryton and trytond directory at virtualenv root  and I don't13:49
udonoSISalp: Do you have deactivated the site-packages in the virtualenv?13:50
sisalpno I didn't desactivated it13:50
udonoSISalp: Do you have a trytond installed in the system?13:50
sisalpI don't dare, because it may miss some other packages13:50
sisalpyes trytond was also installed in this server yesterday13:51
udonoSISalp: The problem could be that pip does not install trytond since it is already installed in the system site packages.13:51
sisalpcorrect, will remove it a see what happens13:52
udonoSISalp: I recommend to not use the system site packages for the virtual env. aptitude python-dev and try to install trytond again in the venv.13:53
udonoSISalp: Just create a venv with no system site packages activated...13:53
sisalpwhat is python-dev ?13:53
udonoSISalp: The developer headers for python. This is needed to build stuff like psycopg2 and lxml.13:55
sisalpI don't install that so far13:55
sisalpshould I ?13:56
udonoSISalp: These packages must be builded by pip sice the system site packages are not avail.13:56
udonoSISalp: You need some other dependencies, I take a look...13:56
sisalpprobably the reason why I had problems with some packages if I disable site-packages13:57
udonoSISalp: I needed the following devel header files:     python-dev13:58
udono    libpq-dev13:58
udono    libldap2-dev13:58
udono    libsasl2-dev13:58
udono    libxml2-dev13:58
udono    libxslt-dev13:58
udonoSISalp: Yes, exactly.13:58
sisalpThank you for this help. I will give another chance in this direction this evening14:00
sisalpuntil this is stable and I'm able to document,  I'll dedicate servers to run proteus14:02
udonoSISalp: With this setup you will be able to serve different versions of trytond with differerent module setups. Each setup has the proteus included it needs.14:05
udonoSISalp: For me it is the recommeded setup for tryton development, too.14:06
sisalpudono: you are right, but I cannot use something I don't fully understand, and I 'm really far from it today14:07
udonoSISalp: I need a longer time too, to understand the *new* technologies: virtualenv, pip, virtualenvwrapper, ...14:09
sisalpudono: you are far more advanced than I am, and production requires proven and documented solutions14:12
sisalpudono: running trytond from source using system dependencies has always worked.14:14
sisalpudono: using virtualenv was half a success since I had to keep site-packages14:15
sisalpudono: I first used virtualenv to solve problems with openerp versions, tryton is much smoother14:17
udonoSISalp: Yes, in the short term when you are on tryton versions 2.2 and 2.4 you have no bigger problems using system site packages. But in the evolution of tryton we had different requirements of system packages for different versions of trytond. To be as save as possible I can only recommend to use venv environments isolated from system python or to use strong virtualisation which has a big overhead.14:19
sisalpudono:  I pip uninstalled trytond, then pip installed it again in the virtualenv and now lib/python2.7/site-packages/trytond seems correctly populated14:28
sisalpudono: I get also bin/trytond at the root, as expected.14:29
udonoSISalp: Sounds good!14:30
sisalpregarding virtualisation, I do use it, but on each virtual server I have to run several trytonds, for example, production, training and test trytonds14:31
sisalpudono: yes brings me hope again ;-), will add proteus in the virtual env and restart my tests later14:32
udonoSISalp: Good!14:32
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sisalpudono: but I lost doc and etc directories, and don't know where to get trytond.conf model14:41
sisalpudono: is also lost somewhere14:45
udonoSISalp: You will find them in the venv site packages. You should consider to clone trytond with mercurial into a project path and install it with pip -e trytond/ With this you have everything in place. It feels like a tryton-from-source but has the benefit of a real installation.14:46
sisalpudono: failure at start :  File "/home/erp_user/openerp/test/server/bin/trytond", line 13, in <module>15:00
sisalp    import trytond15:00
sisalpImportError: No module named trytond15:00
udonoSISalp: I use something like: /path/to/venv/bin/python /path/to/venv/bin/trytond which works fine. The trytond startup file seems not to be compatible with venv?!15:09
sisalpudono: I use the same paths, if it works for you, I made a mistake15:28
udonoSISalp: what is the content of your /path/to/venv/bin/trytond ?15:37
sisalpudono: found and solved a first mistake. I have now to adapt the way I manage certificates for  ssl15:37
sisalpudono: I think the main points are solved, now I have some side effects on my scripts to solve, but sounds good15:40
sisalpudono: turning ssl off, trytond starts ok. I will fix my certs problem later. Thank you very much for your help.15:49
udono1SISalp: Welcome16:10
sisalpudono: a (last) point : do you succeed in installing cdecimal with pip ?16:16
udono1SISalp: Have not try it. But I guess you need some debian dev header package for this.16:19
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