IRC logs of #tryton for Saturday, 2012-06-02 #tryton log beginning Sat Jun 2 00:00:01 CEST 2012
sharoonthomascedk: what is the best way since 2.4 to update the modules list in a tryton database ?12:41
cedksharoonthomas: update database12:53
sharoonthomascedk: but the update requires you to specify all or at least one module and its going to do that right ?12:54
cedksharoonthomas: yes12:54
sharoonthomascedk: i think we need an option just to update the module list/graph and nothing more12:55
sharoonthomascedk: what do you think ?12:55
cedksharoonthomas: why not12:55
sharoonthomascedk: what would you call such an option on the command line ?12:55
sharoonthomascedk: -m/--update-modules-list12:57
cedksharoonthomas: why not12:59
sharoonthomascedk: nice, will try to do and send a patch13:00
cedksharoonthomas: ok13:11
cedksharoonthomas: perhaps it is better to create an issue to get status on this13:14
sharoonthomascedk: sure13:16
rhubnercedk: ping17:47
cedkrhubner: pong17:52
rhubnercedk: I have a doubt as to inform the client that there are history tables...17:55
rhubnercedk: Nicolas sad me that I have to change the fields_view_get method17:56
rhubnercedk: But I think that I didn't understand how to do the comunication17:57
rhubnercedk: It is hard to me understand how to work the fields_view_get17:58
cedkrhubner: it will be just a new keyword of fields_view_get17:58
rhubnercedk: but how do I set this new keyword? I have to change this method in the
cedkrhubner: yes18:06
rhubnercedk: I don't understand how to work this method...18:08
cedkrhubner: what do you mean?18:09
rhubnercedk: I don't know what I have to change in the method fields_view_get. And also what are some other points that I must know...18:11
cedkrhubner: I don't know, make a proposal18:15
rhubnercedk: I will elaborate an email with my doubts... Meanwhile I finished the prototype with time-line... Show that you are sure what I'm doing about the GUI!18:29
rhubnercedk: ok?18:29
cedkrhubner: yes18:30
cjbarnes18is it possible to use proteus to provide a multi (Tryton) user web interface?23:51

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