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wahzenHi, trying to install dev version following the wiki instructions on this page02:49
wahzenthere is one link to the init scripts for init.d but then there are two files to copy02:49
wahzencp trytond /etc/init.d/trytond02:49
wahzenalso --- cp trytond_default /usr/local/etc/default/trytond02:50
wahzenif the first file to copy is the init script that I download then what is trytond_default?02:51
pilouwahzen: documentation seems outdated. tryton-server.default file (available in debian directory ) is sourced by /etc/init.d/trytond / tryton-server.init03:14
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wahzenpilou: Thanks, but I am a little confused.  I currently have tryton files  in ~/workspace/...  Do I need to move them to /usr/local or is that outdated.  Could you help me by listing the steps I now need to do to enable start/stop from /etc/init.d04:04
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pilouwahzen: debian stuff are not really needed. You can fetch the code, modify "etc/trytond.conf" and start trytond with "bin/trytond"06:25
wahzenpilou: thanks for your help06:45
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