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udonohi, do we have an example of proteus to set a property?13:44
udono... to set a property in ir.property13:48
bechameludono: not sure to understand your question, but an example is sale/tests/scenario_sale.rst which change the account_expense field on product14:04
cedkhi, someone has request speedy deletion for Tryton on wikipedia:
cedkit looks like vandalism as the user only do such things:
udonocedk: just revert it, and put a note on the talk page.14:09
cedkudono: I'm always confuse with the neutral point of view14:10
udonocedk: yes14:14
cedkI have undo14:26
udonocedk: looks good14:29
cedkcould I considered that is ok?14:29
udonobechamel: Thanks for the hint. But it is not what I am looking for. My mind was mixed with the old ir.defaults. So I have no real need for adding a property directly into
bechamelcedk: what is the situation about the description/author/website ? is it simply lost ? or we consider that the real description is in the doc ?14:36
cedkbechamel: what was in was moved to README which will be visible on pypi14:37
cedkbechamel: author should be the author of the package, which is for me Tryton as when we make a release it is on the behave of Tryton14:38
cedkbechamel: and website should be also the one of Tryton14:38
bechamelcedk: what about,, etc  ?14:41
cedkbechamel: have you ever see such files?14:42
cedkbechamel: the first thing will be to improve PyPI to support multi-language14:43
udonocedk: when I compare and we are loosing all the  explanation of the module.14:43
bechamelcedk: translation of description is important, and improving pypi is only a long term solution14:44
cedkudono: yep, indeed I move it not in README but in description of setup.py14:46
cedkbechamel: it is pointless if it is not showed14:46
bechamelcedk: this is why it was in, to show it to the user14:46
cedkbechamel: there is no more this field14:47
cedkbechamel: it is useless to show it to user at this place14:47
cedkbechamel: comes with new arguments, no need to repeat the mailing list14:47
bechamelcedk: I repeat them because I think you didn't convinced anybody with your answers :)14:48
udonocedk: I can not find it in the
cedkudono: description must be one line14:49
udonocedk: So why not use md5 ;-)14:50
cedkbechamel: nobody gives a good use case for this functionality14:50
cedkudono: I don't make the rules14:50
bechamelcedk: 1) for developper you can put the doc where you want, they will find it anyway, so no need to discuss about them14:51
bechamelcedk: 2) so the main issue is documentation for other users14:51
cedkbechamel: doc.tryton.org14:51
bechamelcedk: ok, so how to I find it from the gtk client ?14:52
cedkbechamel: you don't14:52
bechamelimo the doc should be available in the client itself, and this made me think that the module list is not available for non-admin, so it's a bad place anyway14:52
cedkbechamel: the doc must not be available in the client14:53
bechamelcedk: why is it wrong ?14:53
cedkbechamel: because it is not what the user needs14:54
bechamelcedk: so isn't needed ?14:55
cedkbechamel: I think good software doesn't need user documentation14:55
cedkbechamel: have you ever read the documentation of OpenOffice inside Ooo ?14:55
cedkbechamel: what you do is searching on google when you want to do something you don't know how14:56
cedkbechamel: and is more oriented for devs and installer, not end user14:58
udonoOn level it is ok for me that its english only. But from the contents of a pypi page I expect more Information.14:59
udonoThe contents of the actual README are IMHO not useful/informative E.G. Install--> see INSTALL does not make sense to me.14:59
udonoThe only content on this page is 'Define carriers'.14:59
bechamelcedk: ok agree about the fact that it's more natural to find doc through google, and the fact that is for dev15:00
cedkudono: agree, patch is welcome15:00
bechamelcedk: so ok for the patch15:00
cedkudono: and indeed, I think the was a false positive impression about this topic because at the end nobody was reading it15:01
cedkudono: so now, everyone see that README are not enough (because it is just copied from the first module)15:02
cedkbut I prefer to remove __tryton__ even if we miss something to force everyone to improve the right stuffs15:02
cedkmore over, I have well seen that translators have taken wrong step by improving/modifying the translation of __tryton__ for theur language without improving the main one (english)15:03
bechamelcedk: this not related as it happens for other translations15:07
cedkbechamel: don't understand15:07
bechamelcedk: the problem of "improving the translation but not the original string" is not limited to __tryton__.py15:08
cedkbechamel: it is because with po, it is really complicated15:09
cedkbechamel: by "improving" I mean adding new lines etc.15:09
cedkbechamel: for some modules, you get 1 line in english and 10 for other languages15:09
udonobechamel: but with untranslated README its gone.15:09
bechamelcedk: no, the main issue is that we start the translation too close to the release date, so we don't have the time to fix the english strings15:10
bechamelcedk: or to say the least, we don't bother to fix those string and when we translate it's too late to do it15:11
cedkbechamel: that's an other topic15:21
cedkudono: don't understand to what you are answering15:26
udonocedk: for the README translation is no longer an issue with your patch I wanted to say15:37
cedkso we have agreement on the patch?17:05
johannes_Hi, I just try to install account_invoice_discount, but get an assertion error (tryton2.5). Could someone give me an advice?22:52

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