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grek324can someone say me why this is working in tryton 2.4 but not in tryton 2.0:08:56
grek324    def default_purchasable(self):08:56
grek324        return 108:56
grek324it in class Template, and other things in this class are working... in 2.4 this is working perfect...09:01
grek324but productiv is still 2.0 so I need to def this in there09:03
mikygeei'm really new with tryton09:28
mikygeeI tried to find documentation but i'm a bit lost09:28
mikygeehello okko10:00
grek324changed the way of define default in tryton betweent 2.0 and 2.4?10:29
grek324def default_purchasable in class Template only work in Tryton 2.410:29
grek324    def default_purchasable(self):10:30
grek324       return 110:30
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